tad is in jail

tad went to jail yesterday.

Friends and supporters met to give tad hugs before he went in to the humboldt county “correctional” facility in eureka to begin his 35-day sentence. Tad started fasting on October 20 at the board of county supervisors meeting, and so is today on the sixth day of his hunger strike.

Tad was arrested at a board of county supervisors meeting on january 27 after speaking for 39 seconds past the 3-minute limit, and charged with disturbing a public meeting and resisting arrest. The video of tad’s public comment and subsequent off-screen arrest can be found on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XN_J4WXGZeE

The public comment of the next speaker is included in the video so that it can be seen that he spoke for more than five minutes, and was not arrested.
In the video, you can hear the politicians (i don’t know who they are, I’m just a ghostblogger) continually interrupt tad as he tries to make his case against the county supporting the “Bar-O Boys Ranch,” a juvenile detention facility in Del Norte county that uses locked up youth to do labor that they don’t get paid for, in a bootcamp setting. In 2000, a youth died there during compulsory morning exercises, resulting in a wrongful death lawsuit against the Bar-O Boys Ranch, Del Norte County, and Bar-O Boys Ranch director Allan Smith.
For tad’s account of what happened at the arrest see: https://theplazoid.wordpress.com/2009/10/18/tads-apology/
To hear an interview that an independent journalist did with tad before he turned himself in, see: indybay north coast
Tad is only allowed one visitation per day, and only on certain days at certain times. If you would like to coordinate with others that want to visit him or want to send messages to him with those that will visit him, you can call the Peoples Project office at: 707-442-7645
Tad’s new address, for those who wish to write to him:
Theodore Robinson
Humboldt County “Correctional” Facility
826 4th Street
Eureka, Ca. 95501

One Response to “tad is in jail”

  1. Tom Sebourn Says:

    So, we’re paying for you to be in jail because you went over the three minute comment thing at a meeting? And this is costing all of us how much money to keep you there so that you won’t show up at more meetings and give your opinion?
    I can’t wait till you have access to a computer again.

    And they took out the toilet seat, so you wouldn’t hit yourself over the head and drown and they took out the toilet paper so you wouldn’t bend the bars, roll the paper out the window, slide down the roll and have an escape.
    I suppose they took your belt so there wouldn’t be any hangings?
    Is all of this really necessary

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