Preparing for Jail

Peace be with you

As I’m sure you’ve heard I recently was sentenced to 30 days, plus 5 more for fees, for resisting!. As I’m also sure your are aware, I will be on a hunger strike during this lock down. This is actually an unusual trip to jail. Since I don’t plan when to stand up, or more accurately when cops will violate my Mother Earth, or her Children, so normally I’m just thrown in jail, and have no time to prepare for a hunger strike. This time however I am doing it the way I always said I would do it if I had time to prepare.

I am starting my strike on the 20th of October, at 1:30. I am striking in solidarity with our movement, Days of Action to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and Criminalization. I am striking against what happened to me and all prisoners who have been railroaded by corrupt politations, violent cops, dishonest DAs, and good ol’ boy courts. I’m striking against police budgets that consume over half every city’s budgets, while help for the poor is cut again and again. I am striking against the militarization of what hypocrites call ‘peace officers.” I am striking against the cops carrying tazers, and using them in place of the baton, instead of the gun as they claimed they would. I am striking against the police tactics used against the homeless, the special people (I don’t believe in mental “illness”), children, the elderly, disabled, protesters, immigrants, gays, sisters, peoples of color, activists, pot growers, and everybody else who was not hurting anyone and was hurt by the cops.

Hurt might seem vague, but I mean it in the most liberal view. Assuming you harmed no one, and if you had to spend money because you weren’t “behaving” the way the cops wanted you to, then count in yourself in my cause.

America once was described as “the land of liberties.” I always viewed it as a land struggling for liberties, but it is liberty that is the definitive thing we’re striving for. Once we obtain liberty then it truely becomes a free market. With the freedom to protest the G-20, or the RNC, they will quickly capitulate to the demands of the people. Though I really think those who threw the tea in the Harbor at Boston shouldn’t have dressed as Original Americans, I see their actions as those of people denied liberty. Patrick Henry said, “I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

The answer to this problem is community. Those with money have a community, though in reality their community is very dysfunctional, yet very hierarchical. We have mutual interest. Maybe I don’t enjoy the activities you do, but I am just as upset about the kids getting jacked up by the cops on my street. With the hierarchical crowd you have to stay for the full monty, but with our community you just have to get involved when it is in your best interest.

Come join me and many others who are mutually cooperating for the betterment of our community, at the Days of action October 22 and 23. If you were always “going to do it someday,” then what are you waiting for. I love my community, and would love to have you joins us.

love eternal


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