Ani DiFranco help us!

Peace be with you

Andrew, an antagonizer, pointed out to me that Ani DiFranco’s show at the Arcata community center is being put on by a group who has a “full time employee,” Micheal Moore, who is also a DJ on KHUM, and runs several blogs, including one profiling houseless people. I wrote about it here in a post I titled Boycott KHUM. During the discussion a “tiny fish” pointed out Micheal Moore was a full time employee of Center Arts. I don’t particularly blame Center Arts, or know squat about them for that matter. Nor do I necessarily want people to boycott Ani DiFranco, but I bet she’d play in the parking lot if we did. I do really feel however that Micheal Moore’s hate blog is a bigoted attempt to incite hate, and possibly harm, towards those forced outdoors. And when it comes between entertainment and community, sorry Ani.

Moore’s latest post is trying to label houseles people, whom he demeans by calling “transients, and plazoids,” as people who lure Co-Op clerks blocks from their stores because of some “unruly or inappropriately” behavior, and then get the clerk to produce a weapon and stab the “transient.” When I first heard this story I assumed the chased pinched an apple, or something to that effect, but shit they were being chased for being unruleable. It was after all the clerk who had the knife. A lot more really needs to be said about this Co-Op incident, and many others involving the Co-Op’s overreaction to community member’s eccentricities. If this mention of the boycott KHUM is anything like the last, then I’m sure I will.

I titled this post as I did in hopes of delivering a message to Ani DfFranco. I’m not so much the “starstruck” type that I would have a clue on how to contact her. I do believe she is most likely contactable. So I’m throwing it out there with full belief that the universe, aided by my brothers and sisters, will manifest as it should be:

Peace be with you Ani,

Hi, or as we sometimes say here in the redwoods,” high? ” (it pretty much sounds the same), I’m tad. I am asking you to take a look at Micheal Moore’s blog here. I happen to know the person who lives in the “white whale.” He is a local houseless man with deep roots in the community (loved). He is currently recovering from a stay in the hospital. Though the hospitablization was not directly related to the “whale” publicity, the constant police harassment, en-couraged no doubt by the deeds of mister Moore’s blog, has not helped his uncertain conditions.  His name is Soul, though that may be just how you pronounce it. Could help us stop this un-humboltian type of bigotry, and convince mister Moore that shutting down his blog is in everyone’s best interest.

Also Ani, if you would give a shout out about our upcoming Days of Action Against Police Brutality, Reppression, and Criminalization of a Peoples!, it would be really cool.  You can get me here at the e-ddress in the upper corner of this blog, or you can get hold of Redwood Curtain Cop Watch at 707-633-4493.  Thanks for all you do – it helps.

love eternal


2 Responses to “Ani DiFranco help us!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ani’s words “generally my generation wouldn’t be caught dead working for the man and generally i agree with them, trouble is you gotta have yourself an alternate plan”. (from not a pretty girl)

    Sorry Tad, I don’t think Ani would agree with you.

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you again anonymous

    Perhaps your right that Ani wouldn’t agree with us. After all she is a rich rock star and we’re just houseless people trying to survive with a boot on our heads. But just like people belittled Susan Anthony, and Rosa Parks, we have to expect a learning curve too. I won’t be there so enjoy the show, because even if she doesn’t support us, she sure as hell has a lot of better one liners than the one you chose.

    “If you’re not angry. You’re just stupid, or you don’t care. How else can you react when you know something’s so unfair.” Ani DeFranco

    love eternal

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