You Know Your Jailhouse Bound, 30 Days in the Hole

Peace be with you

I got 30 days for talking 30 seconds too long, and not backing down, at the January 27 Board of Stupid-visors. I was dumb founded! Fuck if I had known that it was only a month I would of really disrupted the shit out of that meeting. In fact I have some good ideas now on how to lock down in the courthouse.

Expect to hear about my up coming hunger-strike. I always hunger-strike in jail. Why? Two reasons: first I am allergic to jail food (it takes me three days of fig eating to shit after eating jail food), and second I’m a raw foodist and they don’t serve those kind of meals.

The bad news about all this is that everyone of you know that if a public official does not like what you said, then they can call the cops and play three-cop-monty with you too.

At the hearing today, I asked for a lawyer, but was refused by the judge (appealing). I also asked for a court reporter, again was refused (trying to work it out with the DA(I have about 50 witnesses)). And, I requested a continuance in my sentencing to allow me time to file a motion for a new trial, but was refused (maybe appealing).

I did file a motion for a new trial though. My motion was lacking many other reasons why I deserved a new trial, but I managed to get in a few reason why it is necessary. The reason I believe I deserve a new trial is because I received an e-mail from a friend that indicated he witnessed two of my witness being coached to lie by who we believe is a DA and definitely a County Counsel. That coaching is why Jimmy Smith couldn’t show the jury where he has sat for the last eight years on a map of the Supervisor’s chamber. That coaching is why I couldn’t get a truthful answer out of any of the county witness.

Again I say it is bullshit convicting someone by deception. If the DA has to resort to dirty tricks to get a conviction then the person probably shouldn’t be tried. “Justice for all” was Gallgos’ campaign slogan, but it is all about the conviction. If you can’t convict someone on what they did, then a “justice for all” DA wouldn’t try them in the first place. But our’s thinks you can have what the defendant did suppressed, his witnesses lie, and his employees coach those witnesses in their lies, and it can be called justice for all. Bullshit Paul!

I will however tomorrow petition the court for a public appointed appeals lawyer. I am also starting the civil side of this costly county expenditure. A bunch of things came out in the trial that I didn’t know, and which I am pretty sure are illegal. I still have one little gap in the chain of events I haven’t worked out – where was Crandall for the 2 minutes I was talking?, after he an Smith stopped conspiring. The cool thing is that if the DA coached witnesses to convict me unlawfully, then he too is a conspirator. One more good-ol’-boy to shoot out of his saddle.

I am working on the full, start to finish, story of what happened. It is pretty easy to figure out what happened by just watching the video. Jimmy Smith didn’t like what I said, so he started a chain of lies and deception that involved half our elected department heads. I hope all you don’t want your potholes fixed, ’cause that money is earmarked for fighting tad.

Anyone who thinks this is a bullshit waist of money, and totally wrong, feel free to call Jimmy Smith (476-2396), Gary Phelps (445-7251), and Paul Gallegos (445-7411), and tell them your not voting for them again. Or just say fuck-you and hang up, what the hell do I care at this point.

The judge threatened me with a year. I diffused that bullshit when I just smiled, shrugged, and said “okay, well you are after all the sentencing judge.” Power can not handle those who speak truth to it. I believe judge Johnson sentenced me to 30 days because I wouldn’t take probation. He might of tried sentencing me to more, but after seeing how the bailiffs (one was ex-code enforcer/sheriff Desadier) didn’t even try to control the booing crowd, I knew I had more balls then he did.

Again I repeat – no regrets, and I’d do it agian! Thanks everyone, I so love my many friends and supporters. Ya’ll fucking rock.

“Get that hair cut, boy. Your gonna get thirty days boy.” Viva la revolution!

love eternal


18 Responses to “You Know Your Jailhouse Bound, 30 Days in the Hole”

  1. stan Says:

    Dear Tad:

    Keep up the good fight in the face of this obvious farce and mockery of our court system. You should feel proud for keeping the beacon of justice and the voice of freedom shining upon Humboldt County’s hot bed of governmental corruption.

    Let’s hope some day the people of Humboldt County will see these criminals masquerading as elected representatives and appointed cronies for just what they are; revolting against them with fervent controlled rage.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh come now- Desadier can’t control anything.

  3. Terry Says:

    Thank god, too bad the jail can’t afford you a raw food menu, I mean they really should, but for real not having you around for a month will be fine, we’ll get by ok, and with a little luck someone will stab you, oh and as all the court costs mount up, there will still be hot home less chicks that ill lure home w grilled cheese and promises of a better 12 hours

  4. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Stan

    Thanks. How you been bro? Have a nice summer? I’m really glad to hear from you.

    Most people know we’re governed by criminals. The problem is most people are too afraid of jail to do something about it. They say, “jump,” and everyone jumps – except for me and my friends of course.

    love eternal

  5. Terry Says:

    Most people are not you and most people revel in the idea of you behind bars not eating raw almonds while others toil away paying taxes that keep you where you belong, so hats off to you tad, you are a tabloid, and maybe have become everything you so vehemetly oppose. And as I bask in accosting those you try to defend know that your in my thougts, you true pioneer of plight.

  6. Terry Says:

    Take the plaza back 09 get ready Tadpole

  7. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Terry

    “[A]s I bask in accosting those you try to defend.”

    At least I am not like you.

    love eternal

  8. Robert Norse Says:

    Thanks, Tod, for this detailed description of the court denouement. We have similar blackrobe bullshit in Santa Cruz.

    Let us know how we can write you in jail, whether we have to sign up for a correspondence list in advance, etc. plus when you actually begin serving your term.

    I’ll be happy to pass on any reports from behind bars that you send out.

    For those interested in hearing an interview with Tad and attorney Tracy Herrin go to , download, and fast forward to about half way through the tape .
    It covers more general topics such as Tracy’s past cases against the Sleeping Ban and the successful Santa Cruz defense of vandweller Sharon Paight by local attorney Ed Frey. Still, check it out.

  9. transient Says:

    Can you post the video of the meetig here? I would like to be able to direct people to it so that everyone can see how outrageous your conviction is. I really do hope that you appeal this and win.

  10. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Robert

    I would be glad to put you on my list. I am beginning a hunger strike on October 22 (NATIONAL DAY OF PROTEST TO STOP POLICE BRUTALITY, REPRESSION, AND THE CRIMINALIZATION OF A GENERATION).

    I hope your planning some kind of action against police brutality in Santa Cruz.

    love eternal

  11. theplazoid Says:

    Peace transient

    I don’t have web space to put it on. Can anyone help?

    love eternal

  12. Terry Says:

    No for real, you are going to jail for thirty days, you have to be excited, I’m sure they will treat you with the respect, you so deserve

  13. Anon Says:

    Tad, have you found anyone yet to take care of your beautiful dog? I can’t do it myself, but I think about him often and hope you’ve found a good caretaker.

  14. Terry Says:

    Is your dog showing the signs yet, has its eyes began to yellow has his senses heightend, if so good luck tadpole, you got a weredog on ur hands or I guess whosever hands watches him while ur in prision, u could always tie him up outside a place of business considering that most dogs tied up there will be similar in disposition, I mean thirty days isn’t that long truly, and I got a few friends on the inside and they are making preperations for your arrival, they have a whole slew of delictable raw treats for u so u don’t have to miss out on this oh so costly cuisine, maybe while ur lounging behind bars u can read up on civility and furthermore how to really get a point across rather than trying to empower the powerless

  15. Jeff Muskrat Says:

    It’s a good thing not to even give Terry the time of day.

    I’ll miss you much Tad. Make the next six weeks count. You can come up and stay with us if you need a break from the city. I hope you find a suitable caretaker for your companion.

    You are a true hero for speaking up and speaking out.

  16. Black Flag Says:

    GOD be with you, and may HE destroy your enemies and those who would steal through government and taxation. The enemy can now be seen for what it is, and fears the words that speak of it’s evil ways.

    When the devil tempted Jesus he offered all the kingdoms of the world if he would bow to him- how could the devil offer government if it wasn’t his to offer?

    I pray for your safety in the hands of evil doers and their camps, I pray they will reap 1000 times the pain they have inflicted on you.

    I salute you for being part of the resistance, may your enemies wither on their fruitless vines, for fearing the Truth.

  17. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Black

    My Father is with me. In fact Father is with everyone, even those who are blind. It my Mother that I am cut off from in jail.

    love eternal

  18. Terry Says:

    Ur father is a werebear

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