Boycott KHUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace be with you

Heraldo over at The Humboldt Herald alerted us to a bigot working for KHUM, who is attempting to spread hate. It appears that one of KHUMs DJs is trying to agitate more hostility towards those who have lost their housing. Michael Moore, Jr. has started a blog in order to post pictures of houseless people he believes you should hate.

He titled his blog “Arcata Can Be Better.” His posts to date are titled “Drinking Near The Co-Op,” “Someone was Sleeping in the Speed Wash Parking Lot,” “The Great White Whale parts 1-4,” and “Homeless Man Sleeping In Arcata.” I believe Mr. Moore’s blog is self evident, but for those who can’t quite see the connection, imagine if he started a blog to run down any other class of people. Would his blog be acceptable if it was about brown people? No, you would run him off the air with a pitch fork.

This spineless person has created a blog to rial up hate against people who have no choice but to sleep. Come on people would you want you to do nothing if it was you who was being belittled by Moore? Find your heart before we become the gated Arcata Michael Moore Jr. wants.

I will hold Michael Moore, and KHUM responsible if anyone gets hurt because of his crusade. How did Arcate go from one of the most progressive citys in the country, to a bastion for right wing hate mongers? Maybe Moore is dating Hoover.

Call KHUM and tell them you don’t approve of their nazi-blog DJ. Tell them either he goes or you go. 707-786-5104

love eternal


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  1. transient Says:

    googling the interenets finds this “boycott!!!!” post al over the place! – everywhere that MMjr. and KHUM shows up! good work tad.

  2. bum Says:

    (this one)

  3. Yuppie Avenger Says:

    Mike’s doing the community a favor. It would be wonderful to see Arcata cleaned up, and Eureka as well. I myself would love to be able to the Arcata Plaza free from the drugs, and homeless filth that inhabit it daily. I would love to be able to see families, and young couples enjoying the plaza rather than all the human garbage that constantly asks for change and defecates in alleyways. It would not be too difficult to get rid of the homeless in Arcata, ship them all to Eureka. Hell, all it would take is a small group of vigilantes with a few cars to start abducting homeless and taking them out into the woods to be dealt with. Fortunately for your kind no one wants their car trunk to smell like booze and feces. I will be writing a letter shortly to the Arcata city council and teh City Manager asking that that the city become more vigilant in its attempt to wipe out this plaugue of sub-human filth from our streets.

  4. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Yuppie

    [H]omeless filth,” “human garbage,” “small group of vigilantes with a few cars to start abducting homeless and taking them out into the woods to be dealt with,” and “[plague] of sub-human filth,” says a lot about you as a human being. Its really hard to believe you studied theology. I will contact someone about your attempts at trying to incite violence towards others though.

    Humboldt county is famous for lynch mobs. We are also famous for red neck crack pots. As far as I know is Nick Bravo’s e-mail address. The two “yuppie avenger,” along with the libelous use of “Harmony Groves'” name a few posts back appear to be connected to everything Bravo.

    love eternal

  5. Michael Moore, jr. Says:

    Tad, for the record while I appreciate that you’d stand up for my fellow brown person (being as how I am African-American) you should note that you are reading a lot into the blog that was never written.

    • moviedad Says:

      Yeah, I could have almost guessed that. One of the tactics of the media, use a black man to say all the racist, class-ist things the white owners could never say. Oh, but it’s not: “Racist”

  6. Yuppie Avenger Says:

    Its pretty easy to fake a web address, but hey if you wanna believe I’m Barfo….

  7. Yuppie Avenger Says:

    yep, we niggas and gotz ta stik tugetha!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Michael,

    Being black doesn’t give you a free pass on hating poor people. Do you think Dr. King would be proud of “attacking the least among us” or would he be in solidarity with them?


    Anti-racist activist who thinks you’re disgusting.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    This is fascinating because the blog is just pictures of the things we Arcata citizens see daily. There is nothing hateful written. Tad needs a reality check, these traveling homeless kids are not unfortunate people who have fallen on hard times. They are homeless by choice!! They are able bodied, and have chosen this life style. Unfortunately they also have a real lack of respect for our community. Evidenced by the amount of trash, damage to our parks and open spaces, aggressive and violent attitudes towards citizens, loose aggressive dogs etc. They also take services away from homeless people who really have fallen on hard times. They need to learn to take responsibility for themselves. They ARE NOT the least among us. They ARE NOT victims. Its time for Arcata citizens to take back our town.

  10. Yuppie Avenger Says:

    Homelss people cannot be allowed to steal the mantle of “most oppresssed Americans” from blacks. The homeless will be put into FEMA camps and exterminated, it is the only way that we African-americans can get a piece of the pie.

    did ya like that last line? I stole it from george jefferson.

  11. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    I want everyone to know that I am pretty certain that “yuppie avenger,” and “jailhouse joe” are Nick Bravo. They both come from the same IP address, and the e-mail links back to Bravo. For those who don’t know Bravo, he is a little shit who used to live here. He is not a person of color, he is only being insulting.

    love eternal

    • Anonymous Says:

      Instead of responding to posts that are obviously outrageous why don’t you respond to my above post. As a Arcata resident I am calling you out. We have transit problem and boycotting khum is a stupid idea. Michael’s blog is just pictures of things taking place around Arcata. Issues that need to be addressed.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    How do you know that bus doesn’t belong to a homeless vet? What’s the metrics you use to determine which homeless people are “NOT victims” and which ones “really have fallen on hard times” (even though it’s obvious to any of us with 100+ IQ that anyone who is homeless has fallen on hard times)…

    …are you at all aware of the economic depression this country is in? How tent cities and parking lot cities of ex-yuppies turned homeless have been popping up across California and the nation? Will your hatred against “some” homeless people actually apply to them all, since you have no real way of knowing which they are unless you actually step off your arrogance pedestal and actually TALK to them like they’re human beings?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Is suggesting people take responsibility for themselves hatred? What makes you think I haven’t talked to them? I have no problem with people who want to travel around on the cheap, or not join the work force. BUT they have no right to ask us to support them. They also have no right to trash our environment. Have you been up in the community forest lately? Have you seen the people drinking on the swing set? Have you seen all the trash and human waste in the forest? A person can be homeless and not be disrespectful. I want to take my kids to our open spaces and have a positive experience.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You said in your own blog posting Michael Jr. that you were afraid to get too close to a group of homeless-LOOKING people who were drinking to photograph them with your cell phone camera. If you can’t even get near them, how would you have talked to them?

      Oh, and I’ve seen students and rednecks and plenty of other socioeconomic “groups” drinking in public in Arcata before. It’s only the sight of poor people enjoying the smallest of pleasures available to them that seems to rile you up.

      • Anonymous Says:

        hmmm so Michael’s posts are listed as Michael Moore jr. I am not him. Which means all your reply’s don’t make much sense to me. Oh, I get it you thought you were on to something. I can only think of one thing to say to you. Don’t hate, congratulate…. Congratulations your a jackass.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    People have no right to ask others for support? What kind of fascist crap is this? Demand it, no, but people can ask, free speech and all, it doesn’t just apply to bankster criminals like Patrick Cleary and their media empire.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    So the disrespectfully behavior is justified then? Destroying our forest (campers have done real environmental damage) is not asking for support, its beyond demanding it.. its taking it. In my opinion neither homeless people or “banksters” (I am assuming bankers) have the right to destroy. I have the right to fight for the environment of my town there is nothing fascist about that.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The City of Arcata has removed over half a million board feet of lumber from the Community Forest as of late. Huge patch cuts mar the landscape up there now — and you think some trash in a campsite is worse than that? When’s the last time you heard about homeless people chopping down thousands of trees for firewood? You haven’t, because they don’t.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Yup its managed for lumber. Your saying since its already damaged we can just trash it? Your attitude is an example of the problem. Instead of acknowledging that homeless camps are having a negative impact on the forest you try to put the responsibility on someone else.

    • Anonymous Says:

      What I’m saying is the City of Arcata officials KHUM endlessly sucks up to have done far more damage to that forest than a few homeless people. And none of those picture’s on Michael Moore Jr.’s anti-poor people blog were of people trashing the forest.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    We could argue about how many of them come from middle class homes or if they have had a hard past and on and on but here is the thing. I don’t care where you come form, I will not judge you on your past. I will instead look at current behavior. MANY (not all) of the people camping (I am sorry I don’t know the current PC term for it) show a complete lack of respect for our community. This is a problem. Many of us have had enough of it and we are going to push back. We are all types of people (republican, democrats, green party members) We to have known hard times and good times. We work really hard and we believe we have the right to live in a community where our kids are not exposed to violent inappropriate language on the plaza. Where we can go to the park and have people smoking pot in the playground. (I don’t care if you smoke, but come on not in the kids area). So we can work together or you can call us bigots…. but we going to stop this disrespectful behavior.
    Peace out

    • Anonymous Says:

      There’s violent inappropriate language on television. Kids see thousands of murders on TV by the time they turn 12. You think that’s nothing compared to some penniless vagrant who emits a swear word? When’s the last time you heard of a child being assaulted in Arcata by a homeless or traveller person? Check the APD crime logs, the evidence for your bullshit just isn’t there.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    You are the one who is disrespectful by photographing poor, destitute desperate people and calling for them to be driven out of town by your virtual lynch mob. I’m sick of the sight of cackling yuppies boozing it up in public view sometimes, but you don’t see me calling for them to be driven out like cattle.

  19. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Anonymous

    I too believe we have a transit problem. For instance we have no bus to southern Humboldt any more, the bus should stop closer to the grocery stores, and the fare should be subsidized by gas taxes.

    But, if your were really trying to use that bigot’s name for people without housing, “transient” then I will try to response to your comment.

    First sentence – “This is fascinating because the blog is just pictures of the things we Arcata citizens see daily.” I agree we see these sights daily, but putting only pictures of houseless together under the blog title “Arcata can be better” leaves very little for the imagination to infer.

    Second sentence – “there is nothing hateful written.” Again the same argument – there is defiantly something hateful implied.

    Third sentence – “Tad needs a reality check, these traveling homeless kids are not unfortunate people who have fallen on hard times.” First of all how do you know that? How many of those young people were taken away from there families and raised in foster homes? Any time you have a large republican part of your community actively trying to run you out of town, you are an unfortunate person. All’s I can say about hard times is, I’m glad you have managed to avoid them so far.

    Fourth sentance – “They are homeless by choice!!” Putting two “!!” on a sentence does not make it true, just doubly exclaimed. Again how do you know? I have met many houseless people who have done such a good job of making the most of a bad situation, that homelessness is preferable to an entry level service sector job. If you could give a job, that paid enough to afford a decent standard of living, to every houseless person in the country, then the only people left houseless would be those who have vows of poverty. Here’s where I say, maybe its you who needs a reality check. I work with the houseless everyday, and have been for many years. I have a pretty good idea about who is chosen and who is not.

    Fifth sentence – “They are able bodied, and have chosen this life style.” Of course you know about the Poor Law System, so I wont have to tell you how as a society we realized that idea of “able-bodied” led to workhouses and eventually to what the nazis did. Two thing wrong with the second half of this sentence. First the continuing assumption that you know why a stranger is houseless. Just like with the exclamation marks, an wild guess is a wild guess no matter how many time you repeat it. The other thing disturbing about this half of the sentence is your attack of peoples lifestyle choices. So what if my friend is gay. Are you saying that you should decide what “life style choices” others should make?

    Sixth sentence – “Unfortunately they also have a real lack of respect for our community.” Who is this they? Are you talking about these assumed “chosen?” You can’t be talking about all houseless people because, as we will soon learn, that contradicts your upcoming statement, “homeless people who really have fallen on hard times.”

    That leads me to believe you are talking about only the houseless people you proclaimed “the chosen.” How do you know it is that particular segment of the population? Again you are just speculating.

    I agree there are many people who are disrespectful. Respect is something that is earned, not demanded. Respect is also something that is taught. What it comes down to is on the one side we have a group of people who have not been taught how to be respectful, and on the other we have a group authoritatively demanding that the first group respect them. That boat won’t float. As the authoritarian demand increases, the desire not to learn respect increases, increasing the authoritarian demands.

    Here is a good place to point out that though you mention actual problems, your solutions seem to be just blame the person who causes the problem. It seems that a town with no public bathrooms would not be surprised when someone shits in the alley. Not only houseless people have emergencies and have to go. I do know that alcohol effects peoples bowel movements negatively, and that most of the “alley” shit I’ve seen is near our whiskey row. Bathrooms would at least eliminate those who for, and I would believe it could be called medical reasons, had to shit, from the suspicion of the masked shit smearer.

    Seventh – “Evidenced by the amount of trash, damage to our parks and open spaces, aggressive and violent attitudes towards citizens, loose aggressive dogs etc.” I assume this was meant to go with the last sentence and it was a typo. Again how do you know? I have personally helped clean up a lot of places houseless people sleep. In fact every time the City of Arcata has figured out where I was sleeping it has been because they noticed the trash disappearing. I again invite you to think about what solutions you could imagine to solve this problem, if there were no houseless people. Trash cans, education, and reciprocal community is what motivates people to do the right thing.

    Eighth – “They also take services away from homeless people who really have fallen on hard times.” First it is the City who is taking services away from the houseless! It is the City who boxed the Endeavor into a situation that they have to scale back services. Jesus fed 5,000 people with a loaf of bread and a can of tuna, and I’ve seem food not bombs do it without the tuna. It is the city who sent cops after those feeding on the streets, not the hungry. And brother if your hungry and can’t do anything about it then in my book you’re really on hard times.

    Ninth – “They need to learn to take responsibility for themselves.” I believe that is their point. Unfortunately you just disapprove of how they decide to take that responsibility, but every day they are alive proves it was taken. I doubt you give alms to the poor, so why are you concerned about those who do? Begging is hard work, and very, very sub-minimum wage.

    Tenth – “They ARE NOT the least among us.” This is one that not only begs the question, “how do you know?,” but also indicates a tendency to judgment. Again I am relying on my vast experience, but I’ve seen teenage mothers get kicked from the labor room to the streets before. And, I’m not just talking one time. I hope your not betting your soul on being able to convince the last questioner of that gem.

    Eleventh – “They ARE NOT victims.” Yes they are. We are a reactive society. We knee jerk to everything. Reaction is based on punishment. Punishment creates victims. Until we finally figure out that is all about measures to prevent, allow, and motivate those cultural behaviors we are all victims. The difference between how we handle that is based ones ability to make lemon aid.

    Twelfth – “Its time for Arcata citizens to take back our town.” This last sentence sounds like you want to make victims out of people you believe aren’t. Have you ever considered that others before you may have already implemented that policy? What do you think all the Downtown Ordinances were about? Or, the camping ban, or the drinking in public laws, or even the Arcata tabloid’s police log, or the new bigoted “Arcata can be better” blog.

    I hope I answered your question, or calling me out, or what ever it was you wanted from me. I will however give you a brief synopsis of your comment. After reviewing the logic of your argument I find it full of erronious suppositions, mostly irrelevant, biased towards a tunnel vision perspective, and unworthy of consideration as a logical argument.

    love eternal

    • Anonymous Says:

      I wish I had time to sit and reply to each of your OPINIONS but I don’t. I will say this though. You are assuming a lot of things about me. Putting 29 exclamation points after boycott Khum dose not mean it will happen. The blog is pictures of homelessness saying Arcata can be better. Which could be implying that if these people had houses to sleep in Arcata would be better. How is that hate? Stop using phases like “love eternal” and “peace be with you” when you don’t mean it. Your just making these terms meaningless. Just like using words like “nazi-blog” and “bigot” for a blog of pictures of mostly one bus takes the meaning out of those words. There is nothing nazi about the blog. Now next time you use that phase we won’t believe you.

  20. Tapperass Says:

    Hey Tad, this may be the first comment I have written here…

    There is not a lot of substance to this guy’s blog. So he hates homeless travelers. If snapping a few pictures is somehow going to help his problem, I say he should knock himself out.

    Oh, and am I boycotting a radio station if I never listen to it anyway?

    Peace be with you Tad!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Just as with racist hatemonger Glenn Beck, boycotting KHUM’s ADVERTISERS would really make the impact. Dozens of big companies have dumped Beck like a bad habit due to the success of this anti-racist boycott…

      …to make this KHUM boycott work we just need to draw up the list of sponsors who air ads during anti-poor classist Michael Moore Jr.’s radio stints and contact these businesses and let them know that we won’t give them a dime until they stop subsidizing hate.

  21. you lost me there Says:

    “homelessness is preferable to an entry level service sector job”
    I was starting to think you had some good points then you wrote that.
    I was always taught that if you didn’t have a job, your “job” was to find one. I have worked as a motel maid, bag boy, gas station attendant, and others, all for minimum wage during rough times. While I worked two crappy part time jobs I was always looking for a better one. Entry level service sector jobs are what keep this society functioning.
    I don’t care if you have a PHD, If you think you’re to good for those jobs you should be photographed and it should be posted in a public forum for the rest of us to see.
    When I gave to orginizations that feed the less fortunate it never occured to me that the people I was feeding might be unwilling to do the job I was doing. That makes me so depressed.
    I guess my charity will be hospice, those people aren’t there because it “is preferable to an entry level service sector job”.
    Sad really, just so Sad.

  22. taerry Says:

    Strange how you claim that email addresses won’t be published but yet publish the email address of my fellow black skinned brother the yuppie avenger! You have violated your own privacy policy by betraying the anonymity you promise with “E-mail (will not be published).” Is this cause he a black? I think i will now start listening to KHUM all day everyday. As for the “most oppressed Americans” i am not shocked that Native Americans have been left out of this category. As far as these ephemeral residents of Arcata…a.k.a. bums/hobos, just simply respect this town and quit acting like oppressed victims due to your lifestyle choice and quit looking at me and quit stinking and begging. Rasta Jon still kicks ass though!
    Peace be with me!! i hope you get swine flu.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I’ll tell you one list that’s coming out soon: The list of KHUM advertisers on Michael Moore Jr.’s show. That’s where the boycott has teeth, when these local advertisers hear from their customers about the hate they are underwriting.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Do you have any evidence, any evidence at all, that this topic has been raised on his radio program?

  23. taerry Says:

    Oh I bet the sponsors will be shaking in their boots! HAH! A bunch of derilict beggar bums not supporting local business….Really?? This boycott will have as many teeth as a meth addict.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Believe it or not Terry, a lot of us think classism is just as stinky as racism. Local businesses, or many of them, aren’t interested in subsidizing hate and when they find out about the crap Moore is pulling with KHUM’s complicity then they will lose business. If it worked against Glenn Beck nationally, it can work in a small community like this. You only need a few of those advertisers to start asking KHUM questions to get those dominoes falling.

      • taerry Says:

        The blog has nothing to do with the show! what is stinkier than classism and racism??? bums! otglmao!

  24. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you taerry

    I wish would show me where I said that, but regardless that person used Michael Moore’s name. Whether of not I agree with Michael is one thing, claiming to be him is something else. You should shoot him an e mail and tell him what a stupid ass move that was.

    love eternal

  25. taerry Says:

    That makes no sense….

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah. Just KHUM links to Michael’s blog, and KHUM senior management and other employees are the only fans of the exact homeless-stalker blog Michael Moore Jr. runs. And Moore just posted on the same blog about the KHUM boycott. Nope, no connection at all.

    • Taerry Says:

      In coverage of the tadcott of course there are links. Just be honest you hate him because he is a black.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Michael plays the race card, and my response is, your victimhood does not justify your victimization of poor people. I am EQUALLY against persecuting black people, white people, brown people, red people, purple people AND homeless people.

  27. George Jefferson Says:

    Tad, considering your hatred of blacks is now fully exposed I have to ask what you’re going to do to keep us African-Americans from launching a class action lawsuit with the ACLU against you? Also, what is going to keep some young black me inspired by a sense of justice from dealing out some good old fashioned strret justice? I’m talkin the kind of justice you and your racist KKK buddies engaged in back in the 50’s.

    If you do jail time I will be certain to tell black cops and black inmates of your pro-racist activities, you may want to think very hard about why you have so rigidly held on to your racist beliefs!

  28. Wally Says:

    I find it to be terribly troubling that you all are arguing about a radio station that has nothing to do with the real issue. Clean up our streets! I don’t have a problem with people who choose to be homeless and I know there are folks who are truly stuck in hard times, but that does not make it ok to litter our streets and our forests. It does not make it ok to be drunk and out of control in public. It does not make it ok to smoke meth and pot on the street corners in front of my kids. It does not make it ok to camp in your bus or your whatever all over our streets that the hard working citizens pay taxes for. I have been homeless and have worked my out of it. I have recently suffered job losses due to the failing economy, but I have saved and cut expenses in order to maintain my ability to be a contributing citizen. If that is not your choice, leave the rest of us alone and keep moving right on through Arcata. I salute Michael Moore, Jr. for standing for what he believes in. The homeless have taken over out streets and I would like to feel safe to walk around the plaza. I would like to challenge all you homeless folks to take a shower, pass on the drugs and alcohol for a couple of days and get a job. If you are truly unable, seek out the services that are there to help you instead of continuing to trash our city. I would love to see a world where we can all live in harmony, but as one person said earlier, that requires that we all take personal responsibility for ourselves. I see too many people in this community acting like they are entitled to litter our streets just because they exist. Get off your lazy butts and do something productive for the community!

  29. David Cobb FAKE Says:

    I will not go to Arcata simply because of all the subhuman trash that lives there. Course can you call what they do “living”. The reality of it is that something must be done, just as you rip out a cancerous tumor so must the cancer of homelessness be violently ripped out. But how? Do we become vigilantes and send them all to San Francisco? Or do we take a different and more progressive approach? Is there not plenty of land on which to dig mass graves? Do we not have machines to dig 10…20…30 foot deep pits? How would we round them all up? Would there be rewrds for people who turn in homeless? Do we prosecute those who hide homeless in their homes?

    Decades ago Arcatans ran the gypsies out1 Then they ran the indians out! Is it time for another massacre? a massacre of the homeless? These questions need to be asked and ultimately answered.

  30. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Nick

    Neither calling yourself George Jefferson, or even using Obama’s e-mail, changes your IP address. What the hell did I do to you?

    love eternal

  31. Reinventing the Wheel Says:

    And you wonder why teenagers go out and beat/murder homeless men once in a while!

    Until there’s affordable housing, health care, job training and placement programs for the majority that’s willing to work, no one has a right to complain about the walking wounded.

    They were reviled in the last depression too.

  32. moviedad Says:

    Tad, I’m glad to see so much traffic on your blog.

  33. theplazoid Says:

    peace be with you Moviedad

    Between Verbana’s arrest, my trial, and Moore’s vigilante encouraging blog, I’ve had some spikes. I really wish more doers would read it though.

    love eternal

  34. just an opinion Says:

    Maybe we need some clarification? Last time I checked; Homelessness was not a crime, but a human condition.

    Homelessness is definitely not a race issue; for the color of poverty runs the complete gambit unfortunately.

    Do communities become upset when homelessness presents itself in plane view is not really in debate. Humane suffering and poverty is not always a fashion show quite obviously.

    How we as a society treat this issue should be the focal point of the discussion and debate. I personally can’t see how a few pictures of people finding a place to sleep is in anyway deemed a solution or really adding much to a humane intervention.

    I would surmise to say harassment has seldom shown to be a prudent or humane solution to social ills; which may or may include economic influences, social stigmas, health related issues, and a whole host of other cause and effect criteria.

    The facts suggest this is not a problem or situation that is going away anytime in the near future. When people pigeon hole or paint a problem is broad sweeping generalizations; justice or the community is not served in truth.

    Let’s say you clean up Arcata; and push these so called “vagrants” down the the road. Do you honestly believe you have created something sustainable?

    Solutions may come from de-lableing a deemed sub-par segment of the population into an inclusive process in-which people are vested and active members in creating positive solutions.

    Just possibly that digital camera could be used more skillfully as a watch dog over your government representatives that appear to be more inclined to grease each others palms and agendas; rather than address social and community ills with creative and inclusive problem solving.

  35. Tiny Fish Says:

    Um – is it legal to sleep at the car wash? Why is it wrong to bring that up?

    Um – is it legal to camp in a giant white RV in a residential neighborhood?

    Um – is it legal to sleep in someones yard?

    Michael Moore is only noting the criminal activity he sees as he tries to take a walk through Arcata.

    Arcata CAN be better.

    And what kind of emotionally unstable instigator would try to boycott KHUM when KHUM has nothing to do with Michael complaining about the criminal activity he sees on his walks? KHUM is the best station around here and nobody is going to start listening to KJNY just because you have this weird thing against Michael Moor. Why not boycott Center Arts? He works there full time.

    FYI – The white whale has been parked in my own, and nearby neighborhoods for months now – illegally. It’s at 10th and N in Arcata at this moment. The cops won’t do anything even though these criminals are throwing trash in the street, as well as crapping between the bus and the building it’s parked in front of. I want them gone on public health violations alone.

    Anyone who boycotts KHUM because they disagree with Michael Moore doesn’t deserve to hear the lovely shows KHUM has to offer. They should just read the plazoid and forget about music – because they are robots. And robots don’t appreciate music. Robots take orders.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    How nice to see KHUM senior management anonymously posting here to cover their pathetic asses. As if they lift a finger to help homeless people; those pathetic yuppies can’t even produce a daily news program a feat the far-less funded KMUD accomplishes every day. Oh, and KMUD actually does programs to help the poor and homeless. Maybe bankster scum like Pat Cleary could learn a thing or two about real public service radio from them.

  37. Princess Kitty (FAKE) Says:


  38. taerry Says:

    Michael Moore should be sainted, and should run for city council. Thank God someone in this town is deciding not to be a doormat any longer!

  39. Tiny Fish Says:

    If you are referring to me as “KHUM senior management” I have no affiliation with KHUM. My name is Chad Johnson. I live in Arcata, and have to deal with people illegally camping, littering and relieving themselves on my street on a regular basis. Being homeless is one thing, but taking a dump on my sidewalk is quite another.

    And for what it’s worth KHUM is an awesome station.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    So Chad, do you vote for these public officials like Harmony Groves and Mark Wheetley who actively oppose the establishment of public restrooms in Arcata which might actually give these people a legal place to go potty?

    • Wally Says:

      why should we, the tax payers, provide legal places for all the bums to go potty? If we did put public restrooms on the plaza, do you think that the homeless could be put on a work force to clean and maintain them so they could be used by people of all walks?

  41. Tiny Fish Says:

    So anonymous, do you have a name?

  42. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Tiny

    On your first three questions above, 1) No sure; 2) and 3) yes if you have no other option. I also want to say that I am in a place where we keep and eye out for people shitting in our neighborhood. The white bus has never shit where I could tell, and since I’m the one who cuts down the bushes I would know.

    Don’t believe the cops aren’t doing anything. Also don’t believe lawyers and their houseless clients aren’t doing anything either.

    And thanks for the tip about center arts. Had I known that I would of called for a boycott of them too. I don’t want to see another homeless beating in my town. Posting those pictures will give someone the idea his community would excuse his/her acts of vigilante.

    And Wally, the houseless already tried to get a contract to clean any public toilets that the city would allow. The weren’t asking to be “put on” a work crew, they volunteered. All of you would probably be amazed if you knew how much free work is done by the houseless. I helped a group of houseless people fill a 40 yard dumpster a few years ago.

    As far as why we should provide toilets – to stop people from having to shit in the alleys. I am still have seen no evidence that it is the houseless actually doing that. I personally think its Kevin Hoover doing it to make the houseless look bad so he can rile you up with his paper.

    love eternal

    • Anonymous Says:

      1) It is my understanding that is illegal to camp anywhere in Arcata.

      2) Why are you cutting down bushes?

      3) The blog in question DOES NOT incite violence against anyone. Have
      you actually looked at it? It just a few Pictures with almost no text.

      However, I do bleive the following text is meant to incite violence:

      “bigot working for KHUM, who is attempting to spread hate.”

      “believe Mr. Moore’s blog is self evident, but for those who can’t quite see the connection, imagine if he started a blog to run down any other class of people. Would his blog be acceptable if it was about brown people? No, you would run him off the air with a pitch fork.” (A side note way to pull the race card white boy)

      “a bastion for right wing hate mongers? Maybe Moore is dating Hoover. ”

      “nazi-blog DJ”

      These are all YOUR hateful words. It seems as though your trying to incite violence against Michael.

      4) Tell me are houseless planning to keep a bathroom as clean as the one in redwood park? That one is nasty.

      5) I actually think it would be nice for all citizens if Arcata had a public restroom. HOWEVER, shitting in alleys, park etc is not the only problem. So a public restroom alone would not fix the issues we are having in the town.

      It seems to me that your unable to hold houseless responsible for their own behavior. While some are trying to integrate with the community, many are behaving very badly. You seem to want to blame this bad behavior on anything (and anyone) but the person exhibiting the behavior.

  43. Tiny Fish Says:

    I believe the Mission has a bathroom anyway, so Plazoid and the other homeless have a place to go. And a place to learn about the good lord Jesus too!

    And as for the term “houseless”… It’s not accurate when applied to people who are also jobless, shiftless, soberless, and saneless. Those people are what we traditionally call “homeless”. “Houseless” is someone who is just down on their luck until they get it together, rather than a career hobo / beggar. Aside from the mentally unstable, most homeless folks I see hitting me up for change are younger and healthier than me.

    I saw an influx of runaways and career hobos in Arcata first after Jerry died, then they phound Phish to follow until even Phish stopped touring. That’s when the kids on permanent tour had little to follow, and therefore came to the seemingly left wing Arcata. So we have these young, healthy, stinky, ex-middle class drop-out beggars crowding up the plaza due to it’s geographic location as a good stopover between SF and Eugene. Aggressive begging occurs, which is not cool at all.

    What can we do to deal with the annoyance & stank that permeates our noses when we are saying “Sorry, No.” to healthy beggars for the 5th time on our way to Don’s for a donut? Who knows? I guess stop going to the Plaza. And should I feel guilty for not sharing my money with young beggars? I made a choice to shovel goat shit for 6.00 an hour when the bottom dropped out for me. If a guy makes a choice to get drunk and make a “Need Gas” sign, should I provide him his drinking money?

    Anyway – Just as the first amendment says I can write this post, Michael Moore has the right to blog about his experience. Boycotting his employer is bad form, and a bully tactic used by fascists throughout history. I won’t be surprised if he cuts this post – in fact I expect it.

  44. gaiallen Says:

    Peace be with….oh shut up already. Your actions are not that of a “peaceful warrior, ” but of an idiot.
    How many boycotts does Taddy cakes have going on at the moment? Also listen i guarantee you are not clipping the bushes by the great white whale and i also guarantee that you are lying when you say the cops find your camp sites because you are soooo good at picking up trash that your campsite draws attention. Who doesn’t notice the mounds of idiot stoned early twenty somethings begging all over this town?? They don’t contribute anything except shit and shitty attitudes. Fuck em.

  45. Tiny Fish Says:

    I hereby BOYCOTT the plazoid!!!!!!!!!!!

    Participating only stimulates this guy, who is killing time in the library, using public computers to post this impotent little blog in an attempt to justify his “houseless” situation as noble, rather than just lame. It’s like a guy with a foot fetish who gets a job at the shoe store – kinda creepy. Wait, forget the part about the job…

    So peace please be with the plazoid. Peace? Where are you peace?

  46. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you tiny

    Thank you. I didn’t think this was your kind of blog anyway. Your a whiner, so you should find a whiner’s blog. I wish I had of known the library switched their hours.

    Oh, and the peace, it comes when the armed goons take off their badges, and become human again.

    love eternal

  47. kateascot Says:

    The thing that has changed the most in Arcata is the arrogant bigotry…that is healthier than ever…..the kind place that it was is gone…..but there are still homeless……hating homeless people does not make them go away it simply makes the agony even more to bear…..if you want your town to be a loving place to be then be it, no one can do it for you….be real that is

  48. Jay Says:

    I once was homeless in Arcata. I did not even have Shoes. I pledge $7,000 for a homeless meal wagon Bus. Instead of moaning about it lets feed people. Someone get in touch with me that can help do this. Call it anything but in the name of hate. This Michael Moore, Jr. has no mercy, only hate. Lets put food in the ovens this time not the homeless as Michael Moore, Jr. would rather have. In the end Michael Moore, Jr. only puts his foot in his mouth when he needs to find a job every one will know he hates only some social groups.

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