Tad found guilty

Peace be with you

I’ve never been very good at writing publicly about myself. I try to keep things on the issues, and not on look at what I did. But, as I said to someone (or fifty someones) during all this, “there’s two times in your life its okay to be ‘all about me’ one is your birthday, and the other is, every time they try you in their court.” Obviously I lost, though I see it as a good chance to identify and learn more about abuses in Humboldt County Correctional Facility, and teach those members of our community about the rights they possess. I’ll try to update you from jail.

That bullshit being said, I would really like everyone who could support me to be at the Courthouse Monday, at 1:00, for a press conference, or hugs if there is only two of you. If you absolutely can’t show up for the PC, then please come and help me show the out of town judge my kick ass community at my 1:30 sentencing hearing in court room 7. I know it will help at sentencing if the judge knows freedom of speech is a two sided issue in Humboldt County.

Remember, I got pulled out of a Humboldt County Board of Supes meeting by the bailiff goon squad of the second floor court, because Jimmy Smith didn’t like what I said. Now I’m in that goon squad’s custody. So please come, hell it might be the last time you get a chance to see me.

I really enjoyed the trial and all the fucked-up hearings I had. If I wasn’t already involved in my life’s passion, I would seriously consider an internship in lawyering (one my life’s passions of course, is getting rid of the need for lawyers between community members). I suppose I would have to learn to speak the English (sic) first though. Anyway I learned a lot, and I’ll be even better next time.

I would also like to assure any juror who might be googling my name, I really do feel your pain. The thing that always makes me cry about this, and now since its me, even more so, is that in these types of situations jurors vote against their own heart in order to “following the ‘letter’ of the law,” and then can’t even look you in the eye afterwords. We’re activists, and are constantly standing up for things. That often leads us to court. I have been trained to be an activist, I know the score, you don’t. I am sorry you were put you in that situation, but it is our freedom I must struggle for. Don’t sweat it, I forgive you. Hell I forgave you when I decided that freedom of speech was worth protecting from our fortuna stupidvisor. I fucked with the big “good ol'” boys. I cordially invite any juniors to the 1:30 sentencing. None of my friends, who were at the trial, are the type who would do anything but welcome you, and maybe hug you. I would love to talk to each one of you. I also invite you to explore the idea of a well informed jury, you can follow your heart in the jury box despite what judges tell you. But anyway, I really did like you, and I hope you liked me. If you ever meet me on the street, I love talking with my community members.

I also feel bad that my beloved friends feel bad that I lost. I don’t really believe we ever lose when we stand up! Gandhi kicked the English out of India by filling up the jails. We establish justice, and further the struggle for an egalitarian reality! I stood up for my right to have the supervisor’s attention for a few minutes a week. And now it’s my turn to play plaintiff. I guarantee you the Brown act wont be left out of that one. Plus I get to appeal. Thank you to everyone who supported me – I love you too!

I personally view it, that I really won. I figured out their three cop monty game, and told you. Every defense lawyer I explained their strategy to said it was brilliant. Its pretty fucked up when prosecutors use sneaky maneuvers to convict someone. I thought it was about the justice, but the judge only talked about how “fair” it all is. Dollar for dollar we got the way bigger end of the stick. I prevented other people from being in that court, and I’ll take up space, and funds, in jail too. I learned a lot. I have no regrets, and neither should any of you.

Those who know griz already understand why I’m begging, but for those who don’t know him, he is my companion. He’s a 130 lb St Bernardish puppy who pulls me on a mountain board with bells around his neck (little kids think I’m Santa Clause in July). That’s just one of the cute things he does. Once he even got me threatened by the chief of the Arcata police department for disrupting a public meeting. He’s never been separated from me for very long periods, and I need to secure his comfort. He is a well behaved male, but still has his balls. He’s never been layed and he’s almost seven. I am responsible enough to prevent that myself, but I’m not sure responsibility alone would be enough to stop griz from jumping little fifi if the opportunity presents itself. Your presence will go a long way at convincing the judge that I have local ties, and allow me some time to find a nice secure yard for the Buddha incarnate before reporting to jail.

Thank you all for your good wishes, but Monday I could really use your body, and everyone you know that knows me, whose number you have. If you like me on TV, you’ll like me even better in person. Maybe we can all go together Tuesday for the 1:30 public comment and tell Jimmy Smith it’s a bullshit idea him giving verbal consent to Kathy Hayes to push the panic alarm “only when threat of bodily harm,” and then not only allowing letting Kathy Hayes to push the button because he didn’t like what I said, but then activity helping to prosecute me by him and his employees lying on the stand. I have noticed the archived meeting in question has rotated out of the choices, but I know for sure they still got the cd (1/27/09).

Life’s a journey, and the show must go on. I’ve been in jail before, and I like to think I survive it better than most.

love eternal

Oh yeah, children are totally welcome – they’re family too.


21 Responses to “Tad found guilty”

  1. transient Says:


  2. transient Says:

    is it possible that you will only get a fine?
    if you get locked the fuck up, when will you acually start your entence?

  3. btvs1001@yahoo.com Says:

    Have fun in prison Tad! I can only hope the local police become more vigilant in cleaning up the streets of Arcata and Eureka in order to make it safe for those of us who bathe and pay taxes.

  4. btvs1001@yahoo.com Says:

    One more thing Tad, if you be yourself the judge may decide to put you in a nuthouse instead of a prison. Less chance of you getting rapped that way, course in a nuthouse you’ll be drugged 24/7. Prison or nuthouse, its a lose/lose situation either way, BUT its a WIN/WIN for the community at large either way.

  5. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Yep, spending all this money we don’t have in a futile attempt to suppress my free speech helps everyone. It cost me nothing to sit and jail and let the county, and district attorneys spend thousands fighting appeals and law suits. And especially after all the lying and deceit.

    Most people would of ended all this months ago. A simple apology could of saved the County major bank. But that’s the problem of letting the idiots win.

    And as far as prison goes, I’m not facing any prison time. Of course I am also not facing any psychiatric detention either. I have the feeling you tend to make shit up all the time for sensationalizing reasons. I doubt if your two listeners will really be devastated when your off the air.

    love eternal

  6. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you again

    I too have an after thought. That thought is, how the hell did Arcata ever get to the point that they would stand by and let a hate monger, monger his hate amongst us unchecked?

    love eternal

  7. Yuppie Avenger Says:

    Free Speech. You’re not obligated to like what you hear, but you are obligated to let them say it. There’s plenty of people in Arcata who would absolutely love to silence you Tad.

  8. Jailbird Joe Says:

    I’m gonna enjoy havin my way with tad. He’ll make a good little prison bitch.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I will try to put this in a way you can understand. If you learn to stop playing the role of the victim your life will open up. Take responsibility for yourself. Stop trying to force your beliefs on the rest of us. Your not the only one with a valid opinion. Stop being a bigot, the people who oppose you have valid points too. Your no different the the people you see as oppressing you. Free speech means for everybody. Better get that mirror out .

  10. Michael Moore, Jr. Says:


    For the record the Michael Moore above is not the Michael Moore, Jr. with the blog that you are currently discussing in another post. I know nothing of your case and do not wish you jail time. I am not sure who posted that, but I am Michael Moore, Jr.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Poor Michael Moore Jr., always so careful to be respectful of others, except when it comes to fucking over poor people and calling the cops on them for the “crime” of falling asleep behind a laundromat next to the freeway (like he brags about in his anti-poor people blog)…

  11. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Michael

    Thanks for pointing that out. I don’t know if you know Bravo, but I believe it is he who is libeling you. I’ll change his posts to his e-mail address.

    love eternal

  12. Support Brother Tad Monday 1 PM « Eureka Democrat Says:

    […] https://theplazoid.wordpress.com/2009/09/12/tad-found-guilty/ […]

  13. transient Says:

    so if you serve jail time, then win an appeal, does that mean that you make big money off of the county?

  14. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Since they didn’t charge me with “disrupting the meeting.” I already get big money off the county. Jimmy Smith violated the Brown act, and its on film. Who knows since this has been a set up from the get, they might not be through setting me up (Humboldt jail where you leave in a box).

    love eternal

  15. transient Says:

    so, a short stay in a box while you work on your book, then graduation with a fat settlement. doesn’t sound too bad. best wishes to you. where i can’t be with you in person, i am with you in spirit.

  16. Tiny Fish Says:

    Is it cool to show people’s email address?

  17. Princess Kitty (FAKE) Says:

    It’s cool to show email addresses when you’re trying to smear, bully, discredit, and illegitimatize your opponents. Both sides do it. Funny how both sides scream about the other guys lack of character when they themselves have none.

    Personally I choose a more realistic approach. I believe that the homeless should be rounded up enmasse and hung in the town square.
    The city could come together and families could picnic during the execution of the filthy vermin. Then we load up the corpses onto trucks and drive them out to the woods where we bury them in mass graves. Either that or we give the HSU students liscence to kill during finals and let them kill homeless. We could ensure the homeless are the only ones targeted by chipping the homeless with GPS, it would make an incredible hunt. The HSU student who kills the most homeless could be given a four year scholarship to provide incentive. Personally I think I’d get the scholarship, I got a lot aristocratic blood in me just burning for a chance to exterminate some useless eaters!

  18. Jeff Muskrat Says:

    Lovin’ you Tad. We are on our way to the courthouse…


    An explanation of the arrest(s) would be helpful for those who don’t understand the deputized “circle jerking”.

    If the charge of disrupting a “public meeting” was dropped, then the original arrest was without merit ANDinvalid, thus it does not exist = False arrest. Then, if a deputy who comes in after-the-fact says he witnessed so and so resisting arrest, then what the deputy is really witnessing is the resisting of a false arrest.

    This example is just more proof of the compounding fraud that government employees get away with all too often. Not withstanding is the deceit and lies by certain witnesses before the court. That whole do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth is so unrealistic and meaningless. Afterall, lie detectors are not “forced” upon those who give testimonials – not that lie detectors are 100% proven as accurate. A well cultured person can abuse by trickery the loopholes in this type of psycho-analysis testing. As I have maintained, “liars are a mere notch below murderers and rapists.

    Lastly – the button.

    If the button is only to be used for threats of bodily harm, then who defines this threat constitutionally?

    Sticks and stones may break my bones but words shall never hurt me.

    Apparantly, the supervisors get really hurt by words only. This whole event is disgusting in that public officials conspired to create the incitations and scenarios. Remember, it is not just Jimmy. Bonnie, Jill and former Supervisor Woolley played these shenanigans too!

    Thus far, Mark and Clif have not participated in this type of poor conduct by acting public officials.

    When do voters get a clue about who (literally and figuratively speaking) they are voting for? I am not surprised that America is doomed. As many say, “as America goes, so goes the rest of the world.” Maybe we all have to suffer hard before the necessary changes take effect. So sad that too many people are such minions and stool pigeons living life by acting so greedy, prejudiced, self-serving, brainwashed and biased. I will leave it at that, for now.

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

  20. jessica Says:

    Just describing what good, professional police officers do. If we give someone the power of life and death, then high standards seem obvious. FYI – good police officers do manage to do all three of those things on a regular basis. There are plenty of them. Who said anything about no more criminals? How exactly does that follow from my previous post? Gosh I know – it was that unreasonable idea that officers can have any measure of self control and professionalism. One clearly follows the other.

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