Tad got fucked, go figure

Peace be with you all,

I was found guilty of resisting the cops, which if it hadn’t been allowed to be isolated for the original intent of the underlying charge, would have been an instant acquittal. I have a lot to do, but I will update you this weekend. I really need my community members to come support me Monday at 1:00 pm at the court house steps in Eureka. I am being sentenced by a non-Humboldt County judge. More on that later.

Thanks to all who have supported me through these trialing times (sic). Fuck you to all those who hope I get tazed to death. I’ll have the “scoop” as soon as the adrenaline detoxes from my body.

Thanks again! (You know who you are).

love eternal


2 Responses to “Tad got fucked, go figure”

  1. transient Says:

    Shit!!! That’s fucking outrageous! I have many questions, but I guess they will ave to wait.

    What is going on Monday at 1? Are you ufacing jail time?

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace transient

    Yes I could get a year in jail for being critical of my legislative body. I am the anti-OJ. I lose because of sneaky prosecutors in the criminal trial, and kick the shit out of them in the civil trial.

    love eternal

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