Update: Tad Starts his case tomorrow

Peace be with you

I start my defense tomorrow. The prosecution finished their case today.

They left me hanging with the resisting the cops charge, but no underlying arrest. Its the most devious of evil schemes. Let me explain how it works.

Cop A arrests someone (lets call them John Doe) unlawfully. Because the arrest was unlawful John is within his legal rights disobeying cop A. Cop B sees John disobeying cop A and arrests John for disobeying Cop A. The DA drops the unlawful arrest of Cop A. Then the court considers what Cop A did irrelevant to the accusation Cop B makes in court. Because resisting a cop is a “crime of moral turpitude” they can introduce all the previous resisting a cop charges you’ve ever been charged with, every time you get tried for resisting a cop.

I’ll explain it in greater detail when things slow down, but it is a means to get a conviction out of an unlawful act by a cop.

9:00, courtroom 1, Humboldt County courthouse.

love eternal

2 Responses to “Update: Tad Starts his case tomorrow”

  1. Moviedad Says:

    There are a million dishonest, unethical tricks the system uses on its victims. I think you brought this on yourself. and I think it’s very brave of you to bring this on yourself. Try not to get too discouraged. Make them spend a million dollars to put in jail for one hour, two million for two hours, three…well, you get the picture. You don’t have to be a cooperative nice guy if you don’t want to. The problem is, those who are prosecuting you, I include the Judge and the Public Defenders office, are experts at not being: “Nice-Guys”

  2. Black Flag Says:

    Tell them you are a Sovereign Citizen and leave the building. They are paid from the state, which is bankrupt and holding debt service- that means they no longer work for The People but private funding. That makes their contract to rule, void.

    Tell them you do not wish to contract with them, and you do not understand charges, because they have no right to issue them until they are out of debt. Demand restitution, demand they close business until they are no longer bankrupt.

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