Verbana bust update

Peace be with you

PARC has video of Verbs arrest, and what issue she was working on at the time of arrest.

love eternal


5 Responses to “Verbana bust update”

  1. Harmony Groves (FAKE) Says:

    I hope to god she gets killed in prison. She’s an embarrasment to the liberal activist community.

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Harmony

    I don’t believe you’re the real Harmony Groves. I could be wrong, and if I am then I will be the first to denounce you, but I don’t really Harmony would wish someone she knows to be a pacifist killed. Verbs is an embarrassment to the liberal community though, or more correctly she shows what non-liberals they really are.

    But hey Harmony, or whom ever you are, when was the last time you went to jail for justice? That’s too embarrassing huh?

    By the way she was ORed this afternoon, so your sick jail house Verbanacide fantasies will have to wait ’til the next time she puts her body in harms way for you.

    Thank you Verbs!

    love eternal

  3. highboldtage Says:

    Looks like it will take more than liberalism to get any real changes. But then it always does, doesnt it?

    have a peaceful day,

  4. Tom Sebourn Says:

    There is no way that that was Harmony Groves. That would be like me making that comment. Get real!
    I am glad Verbena got out of jail so she can get some real food. She is a vegan and they don’t provide for that diet in jail.
    She might be misunderstood by many but I hold her in high regard.

  5. highboldtage Says:

    Verbena and Tad are two of my favorite people.

    have a peaceful day,

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