Odd ends,teeth, court, & other bothersome shit

Peace be with you

I am in a phase where I have very little time to devote to this blog. I am scheduled to start my trial next Tuesday, September 8. I also had to have a rotten tooth pulled, and figure out how to pay for it (thanks Courtnie). And the last reason is, the weather is fucking great.

I don’t have time to post about the Pfizer settlement. Again I point the intelligent reader to Furious Seasons for the latest, up to date, bio-chemical “mental illness” information, including off-label marketing lawsuits. Also check out Humboldt’s own Highboldtage for a blurb on it.

I am also not going to post at this time, about the new contract between the Endeavor and the City of Eureka to clean up abandoned houseless camps. I am assuming we are talking about unoccupied camps, otherwise I’ll find the time to announce the “Homeless Service Providers” anti-houseless stance. I am sure that the cops will be making sure the camps are abandoned, but the Endeavor will regret trading their souls for 20, one thousand dollar bills (note: a one ounce gold coin is currently about $1000. Ironic, aint it Judas?). I will someday however, write a piece about the Endeavor’s bullshit “re-branding,” because that is sitting in my gut like an undigested pizza.

Lastly, I haven’t had time to write about the legalization of drugs throughout “Latin” America (note: I do not view any part of America as “Latin.” I am just trying to talk to the parents). It’s happening at bust ass speed as neoliberalized countries try to balance their budgets. Remember we’re the neoliberilizers.

Also remember, those who tell you they are, “thinking outside the box,” are usually real, real comfortable with keeping things within the box – don’t box yourself in.

love eternal


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