Arcata Cops Find New Ploy to Fuck the Unhoused

Peace be with you

Today I was waiting in line at the court clerk’s office in the Courthouse. It was a long line and everybody in it was having “a great time . . . talking about crime, mother stabbing, father raping, all kinds of groovy things that we was talking about.”

The person at the front of the line said to the clerk, “I got this ticket and it gave today as the date to appear and I wasn’t on the schedule.” This is real common. When the cops write you a ticket, and if you want to fight it you have to set it for a court date. The date they put on the line that says “appear on or before this date,” is just a date to encourage you to just pay it. I have been tracking camping ticket cases through the Humboldt courts since 2003. I’ve seen it take up to three months before they even get the tickets in the County’s computer so you could set a court date. In fact today I was checking on three different camping cases and the court clerk told me they were just now entering June’s tickets into the computers.

The person in the front of the line, whom I’ll just call El for now, (I don’t have his permission to tell his story yet), was issued a ticket July 14, 2009. The appear on or before date was August 27, 2009. Though today is August 27th, the clerk told him he had a warrant out for his arrest. He was fucking dumbfounded! I was fucking dumbfounded!

They had to bring a supervisor clerk to explain to El why he had a bench warrant out for his arrest when he followed the instructions on the ticket. It seems that the City of Arcata automatically has a warrant issued on any ticket not resolved in 30 days. I am still dumbfounded, so I really don’t know what to make of this. I have a meeting with El, and a lawyer next week. Hopefully I will learn more.

If it is in fact the case that the City of Arcata, by placing appear dates 45 days out, but warrant dates 30 days out, then they are playing way the fuck unfair!

Like I said, I am just beginning to research this obvious travesty of justice. But if I uncover any more proof that such an evil trap has been laid for those who have the least chance of avoiding it, then Arcata’s fucked. Have you forgotten City Hall? I haven’t, see you in the funny pages.

Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, . . or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

love eternal


2 Responses to “Arcata Cops Find New Ploy to Fuck the Unhoused”

  1. Tom Sebourn Says:

    Tad, what a bunch of b.s.
    Do they do the same thing for parking tickets and other infractions?

    I’ll bet they even have 27 8×10 colored glossy pictures with circles and arrows, and a paragraph on the back, explainin’ what each one is about to be used as evidence against us.

    You can get anything you want from Alice’s Restaurant.
    Keep up the fight dude.

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Tom

    If it is true it is a bunch of BS. The brother didn’t get picked up, he was there to go to court, so I don’t know the warrant was in the cops computers. I doubt it is more than what they refer to as “a tool for the police” in ridding the city of houseless individuals. But, I’ll check it out.

    I’m glad people caught the Arlo Guthrie reference. Nobody was really talking about mother stabbing and father raping.

    love eternal

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