Don’t drink the Water

Peace be with you

Again science has come a little closer towards its goal of being at least as smart as common sense. Guess what? It turns out that those levels of atrazine in our drinking water, that were supposed to be below the maximum amount that will harm humans, might just be too high. Yep, your getting too much atrazine, the number one weed killer in the world. Atrazine is still used on 85% of the world’s corn. It is the most common weed killer in the US.

The New York Times wrote an article claiming that “new research suggests that atrazine may be dangerous at lower concentrations than previously thought.” This is the shit that turns frogs into hermaphrodites! How much more dangerous than that can you get!

The article states that exposure to levels lower than one part per billion (ppb) can cause sever health consequences, including birth defects, low birth weights, menstrual problems and reproductive-system abnormalities or conditions that can lead to cancer, in humans. The current safe to consume number is 3 ppb. From this article we learn “[a]n estimated 33 million Americans have been exposed to atrazine through their taps, according to data from water systems nationwide.”

The article also states “[i]n recent years, five epidemiological studies published in peer-reviewed journals have found evidence suggesting that small amounts of atrazine in drinking water, including levels considered safe by federal standards, may be associated with birth defects — including skull and facial malformations and misshapen limbs — as well as low birth weights in newborns and premature births. Defects and premature births are leading causes of infant deaths.”

Most of the world’s atrazine is produced by a Swiss agricultural corporation known as Syngenta. Syngenta, the inventor of DDT, was formed from the agrochemical and seed businesses of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, and agrochemicals and biotechnology research divisions of AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP. Novartis makes Femara, an aromatase inhibitor used as a “long term treatment” after breast cancer surgery. Anastrozole is also an aromatase inhibitor used in long term “endocrine (hormonal) therapy,” made by, you guessed it, AstraZeneca.

I’m sure you know where I am going with this by now – Atrazine is a potent endocrine disruptor that increases aromatase expression in some human cancer cell lines. Both Novartis and Astrazeneca are marketing drugs that inhibit aromatase while their offshoot Syngenta sells a pesticide that induces aromatase.

Water is as important as nutrition in keeping and making us healthy. Does it seem strange to anyone else that the people selling us the poisons are the same ones selling us the antidote? Again, if people really wanted health care, then they should start caring about the things on which good health are built.

love eternal


2 Responses to “Don’t drink the Water”

  1. moviedad Says:

    There is a wonderful film on Netflix called: “Water: The Great Mystery.” It talks about water ‘structure’. Some of the claims in the film are pretty hard to believe. But not for me. My whole religion is based on the premise that water itself is the God of all mythology. What if water has an infinitely high intelligence? It’s funny to hear the greedy talk about water as if it was popcorn, or some other commodity. If one has not had water in five days, what would one not trade for it? This why the aristocracy wants the commercial control of water. Just like Health Care, it is their ultimate goal to “Own” the stuff we cannot live without. Air, Water & Earth. In our ‘modern’ society we have swallowed the lie that we have no inherent right to those three substances. But that is a lie. I have never accepted the fact that a human being who is on the earth for an infinitesimally brief span of time; can claim ownership on ground that is billions and billions of years old. We might agree that the concept of land ownership is just as bogus as the concept of owning the water, or the air.
    The house-slaves will undoubtedly demand that I give up ownership of ‘my’ land first. But I am a man living in the new millennium, and I am participating in this culture as it is. I do own land, but not really. First there’s the bank, then there is the earth itself. It’s like the ants claiming all the land from the road to the fence. I don’t really care what the ants claim. I can wash them all away with the hose if I choose.
    There is always some capitalist putting themselves between a person and that person’s basic needs for life. Look at the thousands and thousands of acres of forest land. all supposedly “owned” by someone. I guess it only takes a couple of generations for stolen property to become ‘legitimate.

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Moviedad

    I am interested to learn more about your water-god beliefs, especially the archetype in mythology. My religion believes that there is an angel of water. It is one of six angels in service of the Holy Mother Earth. We believe the water in our blood and cells is the same as the water in our streams, lakes, and oceans, synergistic, and all that type of stuff. I have found little outside of indigenous beliefs that parallel our beliefs.

    As far as the whole control of water and such goes, did you know the number one selling bottled beverage is water? I doubt if there are even a handful of communities left in the world which still retain their water rights. Already cows have priority over salmon, soon it will be acceptable human versus unacceptable human.

    Of course if water is a tenant of your religion you already understand the piousness of the ants claiming what they must. I like to tell people who dislike bugs to think of what a world without shit-eating bugs on it would be like. Could you even wade that deep?

    I’ll see if I can find the movie (I don’t have netflix).

    love eternal

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