Arcata Community Recycling Center practices ID discrimination

Peace be with you

The depression is in full swing. I know the Federal Reserve Bank says its a recession and its ending, but that is based on the fact that only a quarter of a million workers lost their jobs last week. Bush was only losing fifty to sixty thousand jobs a month. Now we’re ready to have a ticker tape parade ’cause Obama is only losing a million jobs a month?

On a more personal note my job has been severely disrupted. Not really eliminated, more like sabotaged. I know you’re asking yourself, “how can a dumpster diver’s job get sabotaged?”. There are so many ways, but the particular method employed currently in Arcata is ID discrimination. The Arcata “Community” Recycling Center now requires a photo ID in order for you to receive a refund of the deposit you paid. I neither worship the beast, its image, or carry its mark, either in my hand or in my head. Guess what? Not only is it compelled and you can’t buy or sell without it, but you can’t get your deposit on your soda pop can back either.

This has been going on for a few weeks now. I would of posted this sooner, but I wanted to give Mark Loughmiller, ACRC Executive Director, the chance to do the right thing. I went to talk to him about why he instituted this discriminatory policy, and why he should reconsider his stance. Needless to say he didn’t reconsider his stance, and now its time to start building an action to bring about fairness.

He claimed he instituted the policy because someone stole a “ticket book” and were forging tickets. Like showing the store clerk an ID would prove a twenty dollar bill wasn’t counterfeit. How about having the workers that fill out the tickets sign the damn things? Then only they could forge tickets. That’s both simpler and fairer than not allowing someone to get his or her own money back because they don’t possess a photo ID.

He then said that it was because people steal bottles and cans then sell them to the recycle center. Okay, since it is impossible to prove one pepsi can from another, perhaps a $50 limit in which you don’t need an ID. This seems more than fair seeing how showing an ID or not showing an ID will prove absolutely nothing, thus doing nothing to prevent people from stealing cans. Poor people very seldom have more than $50 dollars worth of recycling, everyone is subject to the rule so it can’t be discriminatory like Mark tried to argue, and it still allows the poor to obtain the refund of the deposit they are due. A rule is discriminatory only if it disproportionately effects a particular class. Allowing no refunds to anyone without an ID is discriminatory, putting a limit equally enforced is not as long as the effected group gets to participate.

ID discrimination disproportionately effects the poor, the young, the aged, minorities, and the houseless. A person goes out and works their ass off to get $5 worth of beer bottles, and then finds out they have to buy someone else a beer in order to cash them in.

Houseless people lose their IDs all the time. Theft, cops, and even just losing it happen more than you sheltered people know. I hear stories all the time about houseless people getting jacked up by the cops and the cop keeping their ID. The cops know it is an extreme burden on a houseless person to obtain the papers needed to get a new ID, not to mention all the things this society won’t let you participate in if you don’t have one.

Mark knows his discriminatory policy does not accomplish the goals he outlines, and it effects the houseless the most. Hundreds of houseless people go around everyday and pull CRV out of trash cans, and off the streets. They do this in lieu of begging you for your spare change. There are no jobs, so they “get a job” by showing initiative, and Mark “Mr. Community” Laughmiller is throwing stumbling blocks in front of them.

I don’t know about the legalities of stealing my deposit, because I don’t have an ID when I go to redeem it. I do however know that the State’s theft, in conspiracy with Mark Loughmiller, of my deposit is in fact a provable theft, where as the theft of a particular beer bottle is speculation at best. I also know that this new policy will prove to be a bigger burden on the poor than it will be successful as a “crime prevention measure.”

What to do? I am working on that. The first thing to do is tell Mark Laughmiller ((707) 822-4542 ext. 210) that you belong to this community and his Arcata “Community” Recycling Center is not being very “community” oriented. I think a boycott might be in order too, but again I like what the ACRC does. Save your CRV as long as you can. If you can’t save your CRV, you can give it to me and I will not sell it to the ACRC until they change their policy.

I will come up with a new gig, but I will always feel betrayal by ACRC, and empathy for those poor houseless people who will now have to pay someone else out of their meager bounty in order to redeem their deposits. I think Mark should take the word “community” out of their name. Fortunately it is the peak of fruit season, and I at least have something to eat. It seems every year more and more things in this land o’ the free require mandatory ID. First – no ID no job. Next – no ID no vote. And now – no ID no eat. If it wasn’t designed to be eugenic it certainly turned out that way.

love eternal


44 Responses to “Arcata Community Recycling Center practices ID discrimination”

  1. transient Says:

    The ACRC is probably under a lot of pressure from the police and the busyness owners to take away the source of income for houseless self-employed people. That’s my guess. And it is definitely inexcusable what the ACRC (wiht the first “C” crossed out, which i haven’t figured out how to do on the computer) is doing in requiring ID. And it definitely sounds like totally bullshit.

    Maybe it can be discovered if the police or some other wicked force has put pressure on them and it can be brought to light. Then the ACRC could choose sides – the community, or the police – and whatever is going on could be out in the open.

    I have a hard time believing that Mark and the others would just decide to start requiring ID’s…it doesn’t make any sense, will cost them money, and, as you pointed out, wouldn’t address the problem they claim to address – which means it must be bullshit.

    If Mark and co did just decide to require ID’s, then they are the enemy and deserve to treated as such. If it is case of pressure from police, they ought to expose it and stand in solidarity with the community.

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you transient

    That would be a tough href to figure out. It is “A*del datetime=”2009-09-15T03:54:58+00:00″*C*/del*RC” except you replace the “*” with the greater and lesser signs boxing in the href.. When I replace them this is all you see – ACRC.

    Though I am definitely not ruling out the long steroidal arm of the law, and its use of non-policing vigilante tactics, I feel it is the “garbage company” who is complaining. Mark indicated that the supposed theft was from “recycling bins” left out for the garbage company.

    Also if you “follow the money” it is the collector of my deposit who has the financial incentive for not allowing me to retrieve it.

    Plus Mark didn’t seem very receptive to having his “orders” questioned. He doesn’t appear to be repetitiveness of the Mark Laughmiller who begs our city for money at city council meetings.

    love eternal

  3. moviedad Says:

    “No ID=No Vote” Yeah, it’s already here. Identification requirements are an old way of controlling the: “Outlaws” which include the Homeless/Houseless/transient crowd. One of the new ways of manipulation, is the major media/corporate/Governmental push to respect Credit Rating Scores.
    Many still rent to people based on their own evaluations. That is undermining the power of the credit card companies and the major corps who own them, to lock people into usury and then keep them there for life.
    The “Mark of the Beast” is becoming the “Credit Rating” They will be able to shut you out for life, if you miss payments to the 38% interest loan sharks that own the poor. If you miss that payment to “Cash-Ready” loan shark store on the corner. The Credit Rating will make sure you can’t rent, buy, or sell anything without an approval from them.
    There are already: “Debtors Prisons” look at how may people are in County Jails, for non-payment. if we trace the prisoners offenses back to the point before the: “Non-Payment-FTA” we find things like…(Drunk in Public-$300 or Illegal Camping-$270 or Possession of Controlled Substance-less than one oz.-$750.) To a person who can’t afford to get his Birth Certificate, his CA ID Card, or even take a bus to the place where he might get it personally; the fine means future jailing, for failing to pay the fine, which is designed to destroy any chance that person has at lifting himself up.
    You don’t need ID to get arrested.
    You don’t need ID to be jailed.
    You don’t need ID to be accused of crimes committed by the spoiled children of the local gentry.
    You are the Witch in 1620’s Salem.
    You are the freed slave in Reconstructionist southern east America in the late 1800’s
    You are the Infidels in Islam, the Heretic in X-tianity.
    I could go on, but you get the picture.
    Whenever the pissed off rich get their hackles up, you are in their sites.

  4. RU Serious Says:

    Just show an ID.
    If you don’t have one, get one.

    Drama Queens!

  5. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you RU

    Wouldn’t it be more accurate if you called yourself IR Ignorant. How does a houseless person living on the streets get an ID? You need a birth certificate to get an ID, and an ID to get a birth certificate. If it is simple to “just show an ID,” then it would be even simpler to modify the ineffectual rule requiring them. When I was a child we played army, and the thing that set the kids playing the German nazi apart was they used to always say “vhere are your papers.” We played that because we knew the requirement to Identify yourself was a major tenet in the Nazi ideology.

    I believe the witch reference was about people you labled a witch in order to burn them. And when one person controls another’s labor, and fruits of that labor, that is called slavery. In order to have your labor owned by some master in this country of the free your papers must be in order.

    love eternal

  6. moviedad Says:

    Ru, Ru?
    What do you have to say about other discussions regarding Sociology? If I talk about the rights of the privileged over the deviant; do you justify it by saying: “Rightly so, the sick bastard.”

  7. RU Serious Says:

    Obviously you watched too much Hogan’s Heros when you were young.
    All you need is a sworn statement to get your birth certificate, no id.
    Problem solved.
    An id is easier to carry around than a bag of recyclables.
    Are you guys on the same medication?
    How did you get your meds without id?

  8. transient Says:

    to RU Serious:

    did you even look at the link you followed? “All you need is a sworn statement to get your birth certificate, no id,” is just plain wrong.

    The correct info, from the link, is as follows:

    cost is $14 (280 cans/bottles), plus “A personal check or money order should be made payable to Office of Vital Records. To verify current fees, the telephone number is (916) 445-2684. This will be a recorded message. Information on how to obtain certified copies is also available via the California Department of Public Health website.

    In order to obtain a Certified Copy you MUST complete the sworn statement included with the birth certificate application form, sign the statement under penalty of perjury and, your sworn statement must be notarized. If your request indicates that you want a Certified Copy but does not include a notarized statement sworn under penalty of perjury, the request will be rejected as incomplete and returned to you without being processed.”

    LOL…ignorant haters that use “LOL” all the efffin time and try to perpetuate lies and dishonesty in the interests of covering the tracks of the crimes against the poor by the institutions of oppression.


  9. transient Says:

    and i should add that that is just for if you were born in california.

  10. RU Serious Says:

    All the time you spent complaining you could have had your id by now.
    How do the homeless buy alcohol without id?

  11. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    RU said, “An id is easier to carry around than a bag of recyclables.” That is a matter of opinion. It may be lighter, and I would agree if that is what you meant. but there is no fucking way it is easier.

    You view the world from a very limited point of view RU. but to each his own.

    love eternal

  12. transient Says:

    …oh, to be blissful and ignorant, like RU…”complaining is just a waste of time”…”if everyone would just stop complaining, then everything would be fine”….”i think i feel the ruffle and flutter of pigs flying out of my ass”…

    Oh! and ever so witty as well! “How DO those rascally homeless people buy alcohol WITHOUT identification?” …nice work sherlock! now suck an egg

  13. RU Serious Says:

    Seriously, homeless people have dogs, shopping carts, duffle bags, drugs, but no id?
    A blog but no id?
    And I really am curious how homeless people buy booze with no id.
    Once you get your id, it opens up a whole word for you.
    $14 well spent.

  14. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    First I’m not sure there are very many houseless people who manage blogs. Second houselessness and boozing are not synonymous. Third it is extremely difficult to obtain an ID especially for someone not born in California. Forth you are wrong assuming everybody wants that newly opened world, especially if you are indicative of it.

    To answer your curiosity though, think back to when you were in high school. How did you get booze? It is illegal to buy booze for a person under the age of 21, but it is not illegal to buy booze for someone over 21. It isn’t even illegal to sell booze to someone over 21 who doesn’t have ID, its just impossible to tell. Me, I’ve bought beer without being asked for ID for at least 30 years now. Those “we card anyone under 35” signs are store rules, not laws.

    The real losers in the Recycle Center’s anti-human rights stance is the people who lose everything suddenly. I personally have lost everything I owned several times, in just the last 5 years, right here in Arcata. I’ve lost my stuff to the cops, to supposed friends, to total strangers, and even from places I had permission to store and lock my belongings. I’m houseless, what can I do stop it but start over. If I called the cops on you I would probably be the one who goes to jail. You know how many beer cans it takes to sue someone? The houseless people are powerless and the those demanding IDs know it.

    One last thought you might want to consider about your mandatory ID stance – if I was forced to get ID I would get on the dole the very next day. Think about it, a bunch of jerks I don’t even like force me to carry a mark I don’t believe in, then fuck you. I would spend all the time I now spend striving to create an egalitarian system striving to obtain every last penny I could squeeze out of the capitalistic tumor. Don’t worry though I haven’t heard a better credo than, “give me liberty, or give me death” yet.

    love eternal

  15. RU Serious Says:

    Oh, you are lazy.
    Probably mentally ill like most homeless?
    I knew that, though.
    It is easier to suck off the system with an id.

  16. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you RU

    Are you trying to hurt my feelings? I am just as exhausted this evening as I was last night. I don’t think I’m lazy. I do believe most people work way, way, way harder then we need to as a society. I mean really how do all them “traders” help grow food or build shelter? Dammit if they would only pull their own weight, we could start 20 hour work weeks.

    You erroneously think you are the norm. I am not of the same opinion as you therefore I must be abnormal. I got news for you buddy, you ain’t the norm. All them people who don’t vote, the poor, the great under represented, but clearly a, majority, are in fact the “norm.”

    Brother don’t ever worry about me sucking off the system. I don’t like the way the system enslaves you.

    love eternal

  17. RU Serious Says:

    Sucks to be the norm for sure.

  18. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you RU

    That’s something someone who has never been normal before would say. What it is, is, it sucks to oppressed. Norm is actually pretty cool – 6 billion people can’t be all wrong.

    love eternal

  19. transient Says:

    RU lazy, “serious”? You can’t even take the time to type up a decent response? Where is the counterpoint? Where is the logic? You are boring. What ever happened to the real hecklers? – the ones who tried their darndest to show how wrong truth is, as if their very lies, er, i mean “lives,” depended on it?

    Come on, RU serious. Try putting the old thinking cap back on. Of course, if you think about it too much, then you might not be able to back up your nonsense…and THAT is the secret to being a good heckler – just don’t think TOO much.

  20. RU Serious Says:

    It is amusing that you guys don’t think that you are sucking off the system.
    Who pays for your medication?
    Where does the stuff come from that you pull from the dumpsters?
    Who provides your free internet access?
    How about your ssi and disability checks?
    You should be thanking me for providing for you.
    You are so used to playing the victim that you forever stuck in your rut.

  21. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you RU

    Who pays for your medication?
    Where does the stuff come from that you pull from the dumpsters?
    Who provides your free internet access?
    How about your ssi and disability checks?

    I use herbs I gather myself, and medical marijuana. You pay for none of that.

    Are you saying that all that garbage that is shipped to land fills from here you are responsible for creating? Pulling unwanted trash out of dumpsters is in no way, shape or form, you provviding shit for anyone. IT IS GARBAGE! It is no difference between that and some one mining the aluminum.

    I know who provides me with internet service and it sure as hell isn’t you.

    I don’t get any ssi or disability checks.

    It is really obvious that you are the one playing the victim card here. “Oh poor me I provide all the garbage for houseless people to live off of.” And it is worse than a rut, it is a basic defect in your character. But of course you wouldn’t seem quite the poor victim if you don’t tell lies about people you don’t even know.

    love eternal

  22. RU Serious Says:

    How would you live if you couldn’t be a scavenger off of society?

  23. RU Serious Says:

    Also, you are homeless, not houseless.
    A home is somewhere you are welcome.
    Parasites are not welcome.

  24. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you RU

    You’re beginning to grow on me. Your like the retarded little brother I never had.

    If I couldn’t scavenge off society I would assume it was because society finally cleaned up their wasteful ways. If that is the case then I would be just like everyone else and I would live just peachy. Millions and millions pf people live off scavenging and begging off society. Think about all the churches who beg for a living. As long as there is a wasteful, greedy, and over consumptive society people will always find value in your trash. So your question is a kin to asking “how would you live if you couldn’t breath air.”

    Your next post is nothing but pure, 100%, bullshit. If the definition of “homeless” is someone not welcome by one or more persons where they call home, then I guess you are homeless under the same definition. The truth however is, you neither get to make up the definition of homelessness or of parasite. I have a home – Arcata!

    Lastly I would like to point out how weird your behavior is. It is abundantly obvious that you do not agree with the point of views expressed here at the plazoid. It is also obvious you have nothing of substance to say in relation to the topic at hand. It is also obvious that don’t have a lot to do. Your point can be summed up, “Tad’s wrong simply because I say he is wrong, and if you disagree with me I will call you ‘a poopy head.'” We get your point.

    You calling me “drama queen,” “lazy,” “mentally ill,” “scavenger,” “parasite,” “sucks off the system,” or “unwelcome” does not make it true. And, it does not make what I posted untrue. What you’ve said past “just go get one (an ID)” has nothing to do with the topic. Just like I liked to clown around when ever the 8mm camera was pulled out when I was 5, you like inciting people to end their rational discussion about relevant real life issues and join you in your immature name calling. Your like a young child screaming for attention, and in the cosmic scheme of things you probably are very infantile.

    I hope you take something positive from all that has been said to you here. We all have the opportunity to grow and learn from our experiences, you are no exception. Think about what has been said to you here. I know you are playing the tough social Darwinist here, but I don’t really believe you want to live in a world where people suffer. And I certainly would not like to see you suffer.

    ID discrimination is also a threat to liberties. Liberties are freedoms that can’t be taken away from you. The right to not have to prove your identity has long been known to be a basic protection from a tyrannical government. In fact there is a whole amendment in our constitution’s bill of rights devoted to the freedom of your person from unreasonable searches.

    Why don’t you try the times standard’s blog? We’ll miss you, but we’re resilient – we’re houseless.

    love eternal

  25. RU Serious Says:

    You live in a trash can and call me the retard.
    Funny stuff.
    You are crazier than I thought if you think you are welcome in Arcata.
    ID discrimination?
    You choose not to have an ID that is readily available to you, so it can’t be discrimination.
    I took a look around your other posts and now I get it.
    You just like to complain, and you will never get your way.
    So you will be paranoid, poor and insignificant (unrelated to each other) until you die.
    And the taxpayers will have to foot the bill of your health care and funeral.
    You can be happy that you sucked off society all the way to the end.

  26. moviedad Says:

    To quote the master..Bugs Bunny: “What a Maroon!”

  27. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    I never called you a retard. I said you are like the retarded little brother I never had. I think you are an idiot, not retarded. I would also never call the Holy Mother Earth a “trash can,” but can easily see that those of your ilk seem to view her as such.

    I never realized that you and you alone are the only one who gets to decide who is welcome or not.

    I don’t like to complain it is just one of the processes that one must go through to keep having those successes I am having, that you call “never get[ting] [my] way.” The world does not change because nobody complains. You know damn well that the people will get their way.

    I believe you have a lot of time on your hands. You probably don’t work at an important job. In fact I would bet you have one of those jobs that just eat up our resources and gives nothing socially redeeming in return. You are probably a paper pusher, or some other useless member of our society. Your like the C-ship in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (I know references to shit you would actually have to read is lost on you, but others will get it).

    I am neither paranoid or insignificant. I’ve taken a vow of poverty so your lucky guess was right about the poor thing. Besides cops to stop me from dissenting, I bet I cost society a hell of a lot less than you do. They don’t pave roads for me, they don’t fight wars for me, and they don’t subsidize me.

    I understand your feelings of inadequacy. I first interacted with your type in the Army. They felt that putting people down was the only way they could rise up. I feel sorry for you, because you are the one who is delusional, paranoid and a compulsive liar.

    Good luck with that.

    love eternal

  28. RU Serious Says:

    Enjoy the rainy season coming up!

  29. transient Says:

    I am not as kind-hearted as tad. I hope this RU Serious bastard suffers in proportion to the amount of suffering s/he has dished out. Judging by the shit-eating attitude, I am guessing that it will be an all-day buffet and the table of sorrows for this sad case.

    By the way, if you define a “home” as a place where someone is welcome, then tad always has a home at my place (I live in a palace on the Mediterranean coast…jk) and also at a number of other people’s homes.

    How about you, RU Serious? If something happens that leaves your sorry hindquarters in the cold rain this winter, are there people who will welcome you into their shelter? I hope so. I hope you aren’t as big a jackass in real life as you portray on this blog.

    But if you really are that vacuous of an asshole, then i hope that you are blessed with a long cold winter in a cardboard box this winter…and hopefully come out better for the experience.

  30. RU Serious Says:

    I will never be homeless because I am rich and powerfull.
    How did you get your phony medical weed paper without ID?
    I suppose in that instance you don’t mind if it means you get your drugs.

  31. RU Serious Says:

    It sure is fun toying with you losers as I type on my cell phone from the mountains.

  32. RU Serious Says:

    I bet you smell great, too!

  33. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you RU

    I am having fun toying with you too. I will leave it up to the reader to decide if I am the loser or if it may not actually be you. It does appear you are on some kind of roaming IP address, but them again I know houseless people who have those gadgets. I would of thought that a rich and powerful person would be more articulate and better able to make logical arguments. I’ve known a lot of rich and powerful people over the years, and you are different then them all.

    As far as my pot smoking goes, it is none of your business, nor is it the topic of any conversation. I have openly admitted to smoking pot since I was 16 tears old. I will not apologize for it, and I will never see any harm in it, besides the harm caused by your type of fanatical speculation. I smell like pot, dude.

    love eternal

  34. RU Serious Says:

    How can the reader decide when you don’t have any?
    Well, 3 or 4 maybe.
    Not that it matters what anyone thinks.
    What is know is that you are a loser.
    An unwanted, mentally ill loser that lives in a trash can.
    It is funny that you think this is some kind of debate.
    You still haven’t answered the question about how you can get pot from a dispensary with no ID.
    That is because you do have ID.
    You are just on the ID discrimination rant.
    It is not ID discrimination when it gets you your weed, though, huh?
    All that hobnobbing with the rich and powerful must be tiring.
    Lots of jet lag.
    BooHooooo Marky Mark wants to see ID waaaahhhhhhhhhhh.

  35. RU Serious Says:

    Wi-Fi and 3G bitches!

  36. RU Serious Says:

    Oh, and you can breathe easy.
    I won’t be back, as I have had my fun.
    Now I’m off to badger Heraldo.

  37. moviedad Says:

    That Kevin is an annoying…well, it wouldn’t be nice to say.

  38. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Moviedad

    You know I kind of thought it was Kevinish too. I don’t think Kevin can afford to wake up at noon and then spend all night checking the plazoid blog spot over and over again. Who ever he is (and I believe it is a he) he has just obtained or borrowed one of those phones you can get the internet on.

    What I find humorous is how he seems to think he has done something to make us not breath easy. What these Republican disruptors don’t understand is, while they are name-calling in an attempt to sway the superfluous, critical thinkers are awaken by their extremely faulty logic. So yes playing childish games gets the approval of a bunch of apathetic go-alongs, but refuting those childish games gets the attention of a few sagacious patriots.

    As the few sagacious patriots grow in number, even the go-alongs start leaning towards the truth. And truth always trumps lies when it come to reasonable logic.

    love eternal

  39. qwertzwatch Says:

    The biggest drunks in Humboldt County are serving on the Eureka City Council and in Eureka City management. On any given day their breath will knock you over by 2 PM latest.

    check it out for yourself if you have a strong stomach

  40. Jen Says:

    I stumbled upon agree with this article while researching the issue that some have with the homeless taking their recyclable goods from their bins in front of their home. I agree that people who can benefit from something should, and those who do not redeem their bottles and cans should. this whole business about having to own an id at the ACRC is silly! BUT

  41. Jen Says:

    your comments posted are even sillier! instead of going off on a tangent and disagreeing about something that is completely besides the subject, we have once again not solved the problem but created a rifted between two people who havent even met yet.
    why not instead of fighting the man and sinking to his level by hoarding recyclable goods com to a compromise. show him that there are other solutions such as- maybe a membership card so show that yes you are apart of the community and loyal to the center for the services they provide.
    what if people came up with actual solutions benefical to both sides instead of making more arguments and digging a deeper hole?

  42. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Jen

    I am beginning to think that you are partly right. I try to refute their lies, and point out their chasm in logic, but it always degenerates into me trying to prove I’m not what they claim.

    I don’t want to be a “leader.” I don’t want to be the one always suggesting the solutions. I don’t want to be the ruler. I also know that all those solutions are already out their. We should find them as a community, a family, but here behind the redwood curtain they don’t address the essay, they attack the author.

    Thank you for pointing out the obvious, and if I may suggest you read just the post, and figure the comments are mostly disruptive.

    love eternal

  43. nick bravo Says:

    ID cards are easy to get. Its a ridiculous law but maybe we should have it changed! Go to the Eureka city council meetings and raise hell.

  44. Jen Says:

    Would like to meet with you Tad to interview you about my english paper regarding the homeless population. is this possible?

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