Bailout, Bonuses & Bourgeoisie

Peace be with you

We gave Citigroup 50 billion dollars during the latest bailouts. Today they claimed to be paying hundreds of millions to its traders. The irony of calling them “traders” just struck me. Perhaps “American traders” would be a better title for what these stock brokers really are. It is quite possible that they will go down in the annals of history along side other American traders like Benedict Arnold.

In the same NY Times in which I read how Citigroup traders are going to be paid up to 100 million dollars, I read that thousands of USians stood in line all night long for a chance to get looked at by a doctor. This seems to be the fundamental problem with capitalism – the majority has way too little, while a few get way to much.

A hundred thousand million dollars in a bank account earning just 1% returns a million dollars a year in interest. That means this little cock sucker, who played ball for a corporation that bilked the US taxpayers out of $50,000,000,000, can retire after one years work. As a society we can’t afford tooth extractions for millions of suffering members, but can make one person so filthy fucking rich he never has to worry again. Is this the reason people come together in commonwealths?

What species of animal would survive if a few of its members started hording its main food supply? This is not an example of survival of the fittest, it is greed. Greed is not a positive survival feature. If any other species, besides humans, had a few of its members so over-fed at the expense of the majority they would of quickly died off. But then again if other species ate money they would also die off. I really don’t know that human’s have actually beat the odds and learned how to survive in an elitist community, because I’m thinking, “the fat lady ain’t sung yet.”

love eternal


2 Responses to “Bailout, Bonuses & Bourgeoisie”

  1. Hoover Fan Club President Says:

    Oh Tad. Benedict Arnold was a “traitor.” Not a “trader.” They’re two different words.

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you HFCP

    Your right, they would more correctly be wall street traitors. I think they taught me that once, but I’m not sure. Imagine how mistaken people would be believing that 100 million dollar traders, Benedict Arnold and Kevin Hoover were traders not traitors. Thanks for the help.

    love eternal

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