Martin Cotton Memorial

Peace be with you

Tomorrow, at noon-thirty, at the gazebo in Old Town Eureka, there will be the two year memorial for Martin Cotton. As most of you remember Martin was beaten to death by the Eureka cops. Martin’s death was the last in a string of suspicious police killings perpetrated by the EPD.

The story goes that Martin after being released from the Humboldt County Jail got into some kind of altercation with employees at the rescue mission. The police arrived, and according to several witness proceeded to give Martin the worse beating any of the witnesses ever saw. After beating Martin until he was a rag doll, they scooped up his body and threw it in jail. The jail then claims Martin thrashed around in a padded jail cell until he killed himself.

Of course the DA didn’t find anything questionable about the explanation given by the cops, and administratively cleared the cops of wrong doing. At a cop stacked public meeting about Martin’s killing, Garr “pop-’em” Nielsen promised the toxicology reports would show meth, or at least PCP in Martins system. When the test was run it found nothing. They then ran a seldom used test which they claim “found 10.6 nanograms per milliliter of LSD in [Martin’s] blood, a level which Jager (ex-coroner) said was twice the lethal dose.”

So the official cover-up story is that Martin, a houseless man, frying his brains on twice the lethal dose of acid, got in a fight, and then fought a drove of cops, and then bashed in his own brains while supervised in the county jail. I can’t tie my shoe when I take twice the lethal dose of “L,” so naturally I have trouble believing the evidence as EPD spins it. The Grand Jury didn’t buy it, none of the witnesses bought, and neither should we.

love eternal


4 Responses to “Martin Cotton Memorial”

  1. fig Says:

    I SAY again, IS THIS AMERICA OR North Korea ?

    _____________________ rest in peace,

    don’t be afraid to fight back……..
    a word to the cops out there: what goes around comes around.
    BELIEVE it !
    ______________________ 08-08-2009. sATURD.

  2. Stupid Says:

    The jail never claimed that he “thrashed around in his cell until he killed himself.”

  3. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you stupid

    I had a hound dog named stupid once. I think that name fits you better than Hoover Fan Club President.

    You may be right. I heard POP-’em Nielsen say that the jail said they had a video that shows him thrashing around in his cell. I believe you though, because I am pretty sure Martin was dead by the time he arrived at the jail. I also heard POp-em say that Martin would definitely have meth in his system too, and we know that was a lie.

    The Grand Jury did however say the jail video was of poor quality. If the Coroner couldn’t tell whether the blows from the cops or the blows from thrashing around in his cell killed Martin, then someone is saying he thrashed around in his cell until he died. Of course maybe that “thrashing around” is really a code word use for the goon squad that the person in the next cell heard go into Martins cell and beat him some more. But regardless whom ever said it it is now the “official” story.

    love eternal

  4. Zencali Nidhi (@Zencali) Says:

    I had the cellphone video made of Martin the day before his death in my van near Arcata Plaza. I was registered in a graduate level class at HSU called “social inequality”. when i cried in computer lab about Martin’s father email to me; the nasty students just yelled about their ears…..(they talked constantly but if I said a word picked on me). Humboldt is full of dumbass bigots. I left thank god and didn’t get to help on his defense. I almost froze to death homeless in winter and that bigot that ran the shelter wouldn’t help me. Humboldt is bigot ville especially HSU. I was attending as over 62 & that graduate class teacher was a snob airhead who treated me like garbage. I had my new dentures stolen in the cafeteria and laid frozen in my van living in front of HSU police station. Me & some other homeless elder woman lived there. NOBODY HELPED EITHER OF US. Martin was sold LSD the day of my video by that bitch “Sky” who hung around the plaza every day. Humboldt is a sick place or was………leave and move to civilized Oregon.

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