Cops raid Arcata grows; Hoover is involved again!

Peace be with you

There are rumors of a bust in Arcata July 29. I read about it in the comments at Humboldt Herald. All I know at this time is that many people saw Hoover (Idiotor of the Arcata [L]Eye Tabloid) leading a film crew to grow houses. Again this this “pro-legalization” spin doctor is relishing the imprisonment of his neighbor. Though the Times Standard, who puts a marijuana leaf on their front page 3 to 4 times a week to increase sales, did not cover this bust, I understand that NBC did.

If anyone knows about this raid, or Hoover’s role in it, let us know. If you don’t want to post here you can e-mail me at the address in the upper right corner of home page of this blog, or as always catch me on the street.

love eternal


6 Responses to “Cops raid Arcata grows; Hoover is involved again!”

  1. transient Says:

    getting close to being harvest time…guess it’s time for the cops to cash in.

  2. ecumenik Says:

    Law Enforcement establishment and Large Scale Marijuana Growers, make for some strange bedfellows. Yet they are united in wanting pot to stay illegal.

  3. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    I have a more than a little problem with the whole notion of “large scale vs small scale.” If everyone in the world who wanted to smoke “Humboldt” came to Humboldt and grew their head stash wouldn’t things be a lot worse than a few grow shows? Every joint smoked was grown somewhere, by someone. When you say that LSGs want pot to stay illegal, then your also saying that they want people to go to jail. It is certainly logical to conclude that because pot is illegal people are going to jail for growing it. I personally have yet to meet a grower who will say he supports people going to jail for growing pot. Then again, maybe some growers are sleeping with the cops, but I know nothing personally of that.

    Your right though, in that the supply is limited by the actions of the cops, but you don’t celebrate the fact that your cotton will be worth more because a hail storm wiped out your neighbor’s. There is a Karmic thing about all this. Pot smokers understand this, and I’m more than sure some, at least, of the growers understand it.

    love eternal

    • Hoover Fan Club President Says:

      Tad, did you just want to cut and paste Hank’s post in its entirety? Or would that have been too obvious?

      “Hank Sims Says:

      July 29, 2009 at 11:52 pm | Reply
      Tad, can we call a time out for a moment? I feel like we need to back up to first principles.

      As far as I can tell, everyone on this thread is pro-legalization. For myself, I am militantly pro-legalization. I can count the number on the fingers of one hand the political positions I am willing to publicly take, and legalization is finger #1.

      Being pro-legalization — as Kevin is, and as I am — should necessarily mean that you are not anti-weed, nor anti-pothead.

      Now. As it stands, the vast majority of growers grow for profit. For money. You’d have to be very disingenuous to deny this. And, of course, the reason that they can make money at it is the fact that weed is still quasi-illegal. They can sell their product at a healthy profit because people get busted and go to jail for growing it.

      So don’t growers want people to get busted (so long as it’s not themselves)? They do, and some of them aren’t so quiet about it. As it stands, 215 and the growing boom in Mendo and Humboldt and elsewhere have knocked the wholesale price down by more than half in the last 10 years. That kind of thing can place your career in jeopardy.

      If you’re in it to make a living, then you want it to stay illegal. Which means you need people to be busted. Which makes it kind of hypocritical for some grower to complain when it’s them that gets busted.


      I couldn’t say what makes you so admire the average Arcata grower, whose passion for Mammon — let’s face it, Tad — is pretty much unknown elsewhere in Humboldt County. Is it kind of an anarchist thing? That someone can make their living on the easy by thumbing their nose at The Man? If so, I understand completely, believe me. I was right there with you once, until I figured out that no one needs The Man as much as a moonshiner. It’s a sick, codependent relationship.

      Make it legal. Everyone who wants it can plant it in their backyard, without the need for sketchy secret laboratories and such. You like weed? Well, it’s easier to grow than tomatoes, and someday it will be cheaper, too.”

  4. SoHumNoob Says:

    They are gearng up for what may prove to be the hardest season yet on Humboldt growers.
    The local government already their 30 pieces of silver from the DEA.

    Now they just need to do as their masters say and collect some lives.

    I am just glad the weather is nice on the coast, and the weed is good.

    I pay taxes. I smoke pot. I produce, I love my life. I hurt no one. Please don’t jail me.

    People lose their morals and their minds when they get paid to do it.



  5. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Hoover Fan Club

    I find it redundant to call the sole member of the Hoover Fan Club, “president.”

    No, I didn’t want to cut and paste Hank’s comment at all. If I did I would also have posted my refutation in its entirety too. To re-post an anti-marijuana rant from someone who claims they are militantly pro-legalization is silly at best. Anyone who claims to support ending the arrests over pot, but openly advocates for the arresting of people over pot is either an idiot, a liar, a cop, a hypocrite, or a combination of some or all the attributes listed above.

    This seems to be a fundamental flaw in your logic. You can’t serve two masters. Your either for ending the arrests or you are for continuing the arrests. Those calling for more arrests (ie. you, Hank, and Hoover) do not support legalization, despite what you say.

    Everybody who smokes pot gets it from someone who grows. In a few cases it is grown buy the same person who smokes it, but for the vast majority it is grown by someone other than the person using it.

    love eternal

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