Beer-in-the-Rose Garden Meetings

Peace be with you

You’ve all heard about the “meeting” where Obama, Professor Henry Gates, and that cop all schwilled a beer to solve the racial profiling problem in this country. It didn’t solve shit. Now we’re reading that Rupert Murdoch, chief executive of News Corp., and Jeffrey Immelt, chief executive of General Electric Co., had a Beer-in-the-Rose Garden meeting to tone down Keith Olbermann, and Bill O’Reilly. These Beer-in-the-Rose Garden meetings are just for show. It is a feeble attempt by two multi-billionaires to make you think they are just like you and have your best interest at heart.

The first example doesn’t really effect me. I am not a college professor, or anything else which would give me the opportunity to tell the pig who just acted like a nazi what I thought about that. The second example however is a classic example of shifting the paradigm using the Hegelian dialectic. I’ve discussed this dialectic before, but would like to use this example to lay it out more clearly.

The Hegalian dialectic is a method of argument named after the philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. It is also referred to as the “problem, reaction, solution” method. Hegel proposed that if a problem was big enough, then a reaction would create the situation which welcomes an offered solution. He further proposed that if one created the problem, and then manipulated the reaction, then one could utilize the solution to implement a predetermined paradigm shift.

A paradigm shift is shifting the predominant social view. The first example of a paradigm shift was the shift in scientific thinking after the discovery of quantum physics. That was a natural paradigm shift. The scientists were plugging away in Newtonian physics, and then all of a sudden they had another way of thinking about how things that worked better, fitting the measured results.

Unnatural paradigm shifts, and this is a nice way of saying “malicious social coercion,” can be readly seen in all the psuedo scientific fields of study. None more than within the black craft of psychiatry. Mental health went for a condition that very, very few of us suffered from, into a disease that afflicts an estimated 150 million USians. This didn’t happen because 149.5 million USians got sick, it happened because corporations figured out how to make billions exploiting peoples fears, sorrows, and desire to be loved. But how did they create this paradigm shift?

One of things Hegel believed is when you created a problem, and manipulate the reaction, you only achieved part of your over all goal. Supposed the goal is to euthanize all the people labeled “mentally ill.” That may sound far fetched, but remember the world didn’t even know Nazi Germany had such a goal until after they had already achieved it. The first thing they had to do was convince people there are in fact people which can be labeled “mentally ill.” During the 1950’s a small minority of the people working with the emotionally hurt started infiltrating universities, political and professional organizations, and government posts. They not only started advocating this baseless illness theory, but they started teaching the next generation that despite any proof at all psychiatrists were now doctors treating an illness.

After the doctors had taught a generation of mental health workers that they were dealing with an illness, in the 1970,s they started the same process with this illness is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Again with out any proof a whole generation was taught that there’s an illness called mental, and it is the result of the patients own chemicals in his, or her, brain. They also financed, de facto created, an advocacy group, NAMI, to cheer lead a reaction to the new problem of people not admitting their brain chemistry imbalances.

By the 1990’s they had both taught that this “chemical imbalance,” that made people sick with illness, can be “controlled” with yet more chemicals, and that more and more of you will be “diagnosed” every year. Now we’re at the point where they claim 25% of us need to be on drugs. These drugs are shown to shorten lives by an average of 25 years. They directly kill more people every year than all the illegal drugs combined. They kill thousands of others through the side effects they create. The least of which is the off his meds psycho shooting up a school.

Even if you can’t believe that the US mental health policy is in deed the same policy as Nazi Germanys, you can clearly see how a group kept creating the problems, manipulating the reactions, and providing a solutions that kept inching them slowly towards their final solution.

Likewise this billionaire schwillfest bullshit is really a Hegelian argument. Compromise is a key component in the dialectic. The compromise in this case is to have both Keith Olbermann, and Bill O’Reilly to “tone it down a notch.” Suppose you work in a shop that has nine employees and an owner. Suppose each worker made 10 dollars and hour, and the owner mad 1000 dollars and hour. The average pay in that shop is 106 dollars an hour. Now if every one in that shop dropped the wages down a notch (or a dollar) who would win and who would lose? If Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann are not allowed to comment on the others “reports,” then who is the loser? I have no problem with Olbermann logically debunking O’Reilly’s bullshit, nor do I have any problem with O’Reilly demonstrating what a fanatical wingnut he really is in response to Olbermann’s well thought out commentaries.

Hopefully comedy central won’t follow suit. Now the major players are openly censoring our “news,” but their drinking beer just like us poor folks, so it must be OK. Soon everything you eat, drink, wear, and think will be provided you by Babylon Inc. Keith you should resist – you know O’Reilly will.

love eternal

5 Responses to “Beer-in-the-Rose Garden Meetings”

  1. stan Says:

    Dear Tad:

    Nice piece on the manipulation of science and truth. The psychiatric model the Nazi’s used was directly based on the US eugenics model and influence historically.

    Now, I happen to think K. Olbermann is a complete over the top certifiable idiot: so we can agree to disagree on that point.

    Hope all is well with you,

  2. ecumenik Says:

    The rich have always wanted to eliminate the poor. Anymore than is necessary to work the fields and factories, is too many. I don’t have television, I have figs and netflix. but that doesn’t mean that I am out of touch with what is happening on the tube. One can’t escape it. O’Rielly is a fascist dog. I don’t know the Oberman guy, but I don’t believe you can pick good fruit from a bad tree; and broadcast media is as bad a tree as you can find.
    I wonder if Stan, sees the manipulation of science by the ruling class as well. I suppose if the: “Reich-Wing-Wealthy-Treason-Club” see the justification of their actions in the research, that is probably just an “honest assessment of the facts.” Anyone can read what they want into murky worded research.
    Of course, I am a “Nut-Job-Socialist” so my opinions don’t matter.
    How can anyone trust research that comes from the scientific establishment? (I am speaking sociologically) They stopped doing testing on pot for years; because the results were never what the establishment wanted. I don’t have a link. but years ago, in the early 70’s a scientist came out about how the research was never able to prove pot was as dangerous as the government was saying it was.
    As to the “paradigm shift” that you mention. I would like to add, that the biggest shift in this century has been the resulting information and images of the Hubble Telescope. No other event I can think of has caused more textbooks to become obsolete in so short a period of time.
    And it depresses me to think, that the government/corporate/military structure we have now, has nothing more to offer to the universe, than the greedy insane exploitation of what nature has given to every creature on the planet. including the poor. Air, Water, Land; has all been co-opted by those suffering from the infection of greed. Greed is like a disease that preys on the weak, selfish minds of the spoiled human. Where does such entitlement come from?
    Like countless times before, all the talk in the world is not going to change anything. It will take violence in the streets, all-out revolution. Those who use force and violence against the innocent, will only respect violence and force.
    The greatest victory of the ruling aristocracy, has been the brainwashing of un-educated Americans. We have always had these people. These are the Jews who told their people to co-operate with the Nazi’s. The people who counseled their tribes to trust the U.S. Army. They are the: “House Slaves” the “Collaborators” the “Good Citizens” And they are, today; celebrating their own disenfranchisement. Like those poor dupes in Eureka last week, maybe twelve, though they kept trying to say there were over fifty, rallying against health care for all. The only term I have to describe them is: “Jews for Hitler” I have used this term before, but it really sums up their reality. In my opinion, of course.
    Hang in there Tad. You are on the front lines. keep speaking out.
    I don’t want to be language police for anyone, but I really think, that the F-word, and swearing in general, are social control methods used by the aristocracy and implemented through the media. It is the perfect method for disqualifying any speakers from the lower economic classes. If you’re hearing that kind of speaking 24/7, it will be almost impossible to not fall into it when in a stressful situation. This is what I meant when I said: “don’t use the words of your enemies.” a while back on Erik’s blog.

  3. stan Says:

    Dear ecumenik:

    I invite you over to read my blog. I believe somewhere sandwiched between the humor and opining; you can get a fairly good impression how I feel about the manipulation of society and so called modern science.

    In all rational reality the ruling aristocracy has no party. I hope you are not under the impression that greed and corruption stops at some imaginary party line. Both the Democrat and Republican ruling aristocrats go to the same nasty well to drink so to speak.

    Do I personally believe socialism is the answer, NO! But, I also believe in your right to believe and debate your position until the cows come home to reach the best solution for everyone.

    I do happen to believe in ethical, moral, principled, and common sense leadership. No matter what philosophy or form of government empowered to rule without those aforementioned qualities to base their decision making upon is doomed straight from the starting gate.

    I also believe in a government that is truly representative of the people; that is based on our constitution principles and frame work could actually go a long way toward rectifying some of tremendous woes we face in this culture and nation today.

    I sure don’t believe that the over influence peddling and the criminal purchase of our government by multinational corporate giants and supposed intellectual pundits does anyone justice or serves the best interest of the citizens within this democracy.


  4. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Moviedad

    First there is no difference between using the “F-word” and “fuck.” You and everyone thinks when they read “F-word,” you really meant “fuck.” I agree that labels of the enemy are distructive to use, but it seems that fuck is really a word ban by the aristocracy. The word fuck seems to be one of those words that kind of puts an exclamation mark in the middle of a sentence. If I say, “pigs” it means one thing, and when I say “fucking pigs” it means something else.

    Second I had never thought about how real science is discredited by the bullshit slung by pseudo scientists. Having studied science in college I tend to keep them seperate in my mind, but I really think you are probably right that it has effected many other areas of science as well. Marijuana research is a good example of pseudo-science interfering with real science.

    Third I really don’t want to be defending Olbermann, for I too don’t have anything but figs and books. I have watched “clips” of both commentators, and agree with what I’ve heard from Olbermann a lot more than what I hear from O’Reilly. I don’t really know enough about Olbermann to conclude he is on the peoples side, so please don’t take this post as an endorsement of Olbermann. I’m just trying to say that when the right and the left settle a fight we always seem to end up a little more to the right.

    Lastly, I believe in resistance, and I am a pacifist. I believe we will quit our way to freedom. When a revolutionary army fights a well equipped modern army the war will end up like Iraq’s. But when enough people refuse to pay for their own oppression, armies fall. I believe in the methods of Ghandi. That “slaying your enemies with a double edged sword from the mouth” – the truth.

    Take a look at how many resources it takes to “police” something like the RNC. That’s only a week. What would be the social change if they had to sustain that type of presence for year, in every city in the world? Besides the obvious fact that if everywhere needs all their cops, and the cops will be way over worked, nobody would be punching time clocks or paying rents which pays for all the over worked security. Who new Nancy Reagen would come up with the only feasible revolutionary cry – “just say no.”

    love eternal

  5. ecumenik Says:

    Nothing personal Stan.
    I think that is how it works. The upper classes get all upset when they hear vulgarity. But the media companies they own, push that language on the middle class, like it is the new: “Newspeak” It’s like having a little chip implanted that say’s: “Yes, I am a product of the corporate controlled media institution.
    If the law enforcement community needed to keep up the pressure for a year, they would just call in the military. which is what they are already doing.

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