Warning cirulated about Arcata Eye snitch

Peace be with you

This morning while looking at the board at the Arcata Coop I notice a flier that had Hoover’s picture and said: “WARNING TO THE PUBLIC! This man, Kevin Hoover, has been caught twice in Arcata in the past two weeks trespassing on private property and going through peoples personal things. Both times he was seen by separate witnesses, and the last time he was caught by the owner of the property. A police report has been filed. This was not investigative reporting. This was a crime. If you see this man trespassing on your property, call 911 immediately.”

Most of you remember how Hoover started his vigilante campaign against marijuana. How he trespassed onto peoples property, and declared they were “large scale commercial grow houses,” because he decided the electricity meter was spinning too fast. And how he wrote letters to the cops and the tenets land-“lords” in an attempt to get them busted and evicted. And how he went on national TV and told the world that the killer marijuana was ruining “his” town. And how he used his tabloid to rally the cry to put an end to the pot culture that has so long been, even his, economic provider.

Hoover is not a reporter! He is a tabloidist! He tries to create a problem so he can then report on it. Everyone who has dealt with the steaming pile knows this is his MO. It is widely believed it was Hoover who spray painted “grow house” on the side of peoples residences to alert the pigs. I personally have little trouble believing that he would paint the house, put a picture of it in his Arcata Leye tabloid with a story saying “see how pissed off the people of Arcata are.”

It seems he’s up to something again. Since he is showing the same biased hate for people in the marijuana culture as he does for people with no fixed abode, I have no doubt his snooping around is to try once again to find the exception that proves his alcohol addled world view. What is his world view? Whatever his wealthy handlers say it is to be. How else can a pot smoker try soooo hard to end pot smoking.

Whatever he is up to people, BE CAREFUL! Until he is boycotted out of busyness, he will have his brown nose in everyone else’s. He is on the ropes, and the on going boycott seems to be working. Everyone who disagrees with the ultraconservative pot laws in ultraliberal Arcata, everyone who believes the feds putting guns in the faces of Humboldt County children is completely unnecessary, and everyone who believes Hoover is a Quisling little snitch should never buy, let alone read the Arcata [L]Eye tabloid. Boycott the Eye!

love eternal


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  1. Kevin Hoover Says:

    The cannabis cartel and its apologists don’t like freedom of information.

    If anyone’s curious about the flyer, it’ll be in next week’s edition of the Eye, which you won’t see because you’re boycotting it.

  2. Hoover Fan Club President Says:

    Maybe Tad could burn some books while he’s at it.

  3. Rockhouse Says:

    Minding your own business is how towns like Arcata degrade into worthless communities. I applaud and support those who step out of their own bubble to improve the town in which they live.

    Have courage, Kevin Hoover.

  4. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    First curious or not don’t read the [L]Eye! Second there is no “cannabis cartel,” and thus no “cannabis cartel apologists.” Third I never had nor never will advocating burning books – even the Hoover Fan Club manual “Mein Kampf.” Minding your own busyness is how towns like Arcata turn into sanctuaries for liberty and freedom. Minding other peoples busyness is how towns like Arcata degrade into worthless fascist strongholds. I spit on those who step out of their own fascist bubble and believe they are better then the people in the town in which they live. Fuck off Kevin Hoover.

    love eternal

  5. Kevin Hoover Says:

    Ah yes, fascism and Mein Kampf. Never takes you long to fall back on that, does it Tad? I recall any number of other Arcata people being cast as devotees of Hitler by Mr. Love Eternal over the past few years.


  6. transient Says:

    Hoover is high-larious! I love how he tries to hide behind the false intellectualism of “Godwin’s Law” every time fascism or hitler is brought up.

    By the way, Mr. Snitch, you linked to “Godwin,” not “Godwin’s Law.”…the correct link to the wiki article on Godwin’s Law is:

    …and just an excerpt from that article:

    “The rule does not make any statement about whether any particular reference or comparison to Adolf Hitler or the Nazis might be appropriate, but only asserts that the likelihood of such a reference or comparison arising increases as the discussion progresses.”

    One thing that does actually bother me about the flier that, correctly, denounces hoover as a fucking lower-than-footscum-and-toefungus snitch, is the idea that we should call 911 when he is seen trespassing or doing other illegal stuff. The cops will probably side with their little informant, and generally fuck things up everywhere they go.

    Instead, people can solve their problems with hoover themselves. If he is caught trespassing on private property, there is a wide variety of options available to the owner or renter who catches him in the act. For more information, one could simply look up what the laws says about your right to self-defense against trespassing burglars.

  7. theplazoid Says:

    Peace transient

    I thought all those Godwin’s were people I called nazi. Hahahahahaha. I forgot I was dealing with and idiot. Who was it who had there citizens spy on their neighbors? Oh yea the Nazis. Who was it that lied to justify their intolerance for other classes of people? Oh yea the Nazis. Who was it who invented the very propaganda methods utilized by the Arcata [L]Eye tabloid? Oh yea the Nazis. Who was it that thought they were perfect and everyone else needed to die. No, Hoover wasn’t first, it was the Nazis.

    A rose is a rose is a rose! A propaganda rag that only caters to a small, small, small minority of the population who believe themselves elite, always spins every story to fit the elitist’s control paradigm, and attacks the political enemies of those political elitists is Nazi propaganda.

    I am definitely not the only person who believes Hoover behaves like a Nazi. Last year Hoover saw some road signs at a yard sale. He tried that “I’m right, your wrong, so I’m going to steal your stuff ’cause that’s how us investigative reporters roll” bullshit. Hoover in his holier than thou manner declared those signs stolen. Anyone who has ever been to a scrap yard knows you can get those signs by the truck load. Yet Hoover believing he has found a crime against the state (zieg heil) decides to take matters into his own hands. Anyway after he creates this big scene, and makes fun of the yard sale people in his tabloid (news?), the yard sale people print a shirt that says, “Kevin Hoover is a Nazi.”

    His bullshit lies successfully cleared the plaza of all those colorful smiling hippies, and replaced them with tweaked-out schwillers. It makes no difference if your are stirring up the brownshirts against gypsies in ’30s Germany, or against hippies in ’00s Usa. Now that he has made the plaza a boring, dangerous, place where the people don’t want to go any more, he is working on making the whole of Arcata a place where people don’t want to go anymore. He didn’t like the kids on the plaza ’cause they smoked that evil weed, and now he is blowing this “cannabis cartel” bullshit way the fuck out of proportion.

    He is on the ropes though. He had to downsize his operation. There are many, many people about whom he lied. Help organize a boycott. Tell your friends. What Hoover does for a living is called “picking on the weak. He is that kid in school who would start rumors to cause fights. He doesn’t report, he opines, and those opines are the opinions of his handlers.

    love eternal

  8. fig Says:

    ____________ Sunday, JUL-26-2009

    …………………HOOVER ? no interest in him or what he
    does, but an important development, see below:

    Supreme Court ruling shakes up criminal trials

    Supreme Court ruling shakes up criminal trials
    Sun 26 Jul 2009
    By David G. Savage
    Multiple Page View
    Reporting from Washington– Until last month, the strongest evidence in drug and drunk driving cases in courtrooms across the nation often was a piece of paper. A crime lab or Breathalyzer report would confirm that the defendant indeed had illegal drugs or a high level of alcohol in his or her system.

    But a Supreme Court decision has sent a jolt through that procedure.

    Now the prosecution must make a lab technician available to testify in person if the defendant demands it. As a result, some cases already have been dismissed. One state, Virginia, has called a special legislative session to change its laws. And some lawyers think the ruling will continue to have a major effect.

    In a 5-4 decision, the high court said that lab reports served as “witnesses” for the prosecution. And because the 6th Amendment gives defendants a right to “be confronted with the witnesses against him,” Justice Antonin Scalia said that drug defendants and others were “entitled to be confronted with the [lab] analysts at trial.”

    While Scalia said the decision upheld the basic right to question the prosecution’s witnesses, the four dissenters said the ruling had “vast potential to disrupt” the criminal courts. They also said it gave “a great windfall” to defendants, some of whom could have their cases dismissed because a lab technician was not available to testify.

    Some prosecutors have said they fear the uncertainty — and the potential cost — of being required to have lab technicians ready to testify.

    “This is a train wreck in the making,” said Scott Burns, executive director of the National District Attorneys Assn. “The court is saying you can’t submit an affidavit saying that the cocaine is cocaine. The criminalist must be there to testify the cocaine is cocaine. Particularly in rural states and in smaller communities, this is going to be a major problem.”

    In Virginia, several judges in the last month have dismissed drunk driving charges against motorists because technicians were not in court to testify about how a Breathalyzer was calibrated. Gov. Tim Kaine has called the Legislature into a one-day special session to pass a bill, similar to laws in dozens of states, that will put defendants and their lawyers on notice before a trial that a lab report will be submitted as evidence. The defense lawyer then would have a duty to tell prosecutors whether a lab tech must be there to testify.

    The court’s decision also raised questions. For example, is the required witness the lab technician who ran an evidence sample through a machine, or the expert who programmed or calibrated the machine?

    It is also not clear what happens in cases in which the lab expert is not available. “What are you supposed to do if your ballistic expert moved from Cleveland to Phoenix prior to the trial?” Burns said.

    “We are particularly concerned about prosecuting cold cases,” said Lael Rubin, a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles, because the lab experts who worked on old crimes may no longer be available. She said the decision could force the retesting of old samples, assuming they can be tested.

    Perhaps the biggest question is how many defendants will take advantage of this new right. More than 9 in 10 drug cases end in a plea bargain, not a trial before a jury.

    Stanford law professor Jeffrey L. Fisher, who won the case before the high court, said states such as California routinely bring crime experts to trials. Other states require prosecutors and defense lawyers to agree in advance what kinds of evidence will be submitted. “It may take a little while, but people will figure this out,” Fisher said.

    Some defense lawyers predicted the effect of the ruling would be minimal.

    “It will be the rare case where this comes into play,” said Steve Benjamin, a criminal defense lawyer in Richmond, Va. “It will be unusual for a defense lawyer to insist on live testimony. All you are doing in those situations is emphasizing the evidence that incriminates your client.”

    He and other defense lawyers, however, emphasized that crime labs had made mistakes that had sent the innocent to prison. For example, reports on hair samples and bite marks have been shown to be exaggerated or false. In some cases, they said, it is crucial to question a crime lab expert to expose doubts about the evidence.

    And the high court may not be finished with the issue. On the last day before the summer recess, the justices voted to hear a Virginia case to decide whether the prosecutor or the defense lawyer had the duty to call a lab expert as a witness.

    It was a curious move, since a 5-4 majority had ruled just days before that the prosecutor had a duty, if asked, to present live testimony from a lab technician. But that majority included now-retired Justice David H. Souter, leaving open the possibility that a new justice — Sonia Sotomayor, if she is confirmed — could tilt the court in a different direction.

    david.savage@latimes.com _________________ THE END.

  9. stan Says:

    Dear Tad:

    Is this Hoover character related to P. Crandell @ County Health and Human Services. They both appears to use similar scare tactics, propaganda, bullying, and break laws to justify their evil cause.

  10. theplazoid Says:

    Peace Stan

    I don’t think so. Crandall is much more intelligent and devious. Hoover is the owner of the Arcata Eye tabloid, whose claim to fame is making fun of people who have run ins with the Arcata cops. Hoover thinks he controls local politics, i.e. his nickname “baby cain.” Hoover will tell any lie, no matter how improbable it might be. It is damn near impossible to mention his name in a conversation and not have someone mention what an ass Hoover is. His down fall is he underestimated the memory of all those people he lied about.

    I don’t think he breaks laws to justify his evil cause. I think he breaks laws because he believes himself above the law. Hoover doesn’t use very much violence directly. His bullying comes in the form of suggestive editorials from his associates. Like the “run the likes of tad out of town” campaign he ran a few years back, or the current “cannabis cartel” bullshit. As far as his “propaganda” goes only new people and idiots still believe Hoover’s rag reports anything close to the truth.

    love eternal

  11. Kevin Hoover Says:

    Clearly we all owe Tad a debt of gratitude for continuing to spread love and understanding as he so eloquently does, despite being surrounded by so many Nazis and idiots.

  12. stan Says:

    Dear Tad

    Considering the “Times Standard” is laughably considered a free press in Humboldt County. I would have to believe sleazy tabloid “so called” journalism of the Hoover kind is taken with the same grain of salt among those with half a brain within the whole scheme of things.

    I was wondering since your here blathering away Kevin “Vacuum” Hoover, which one are you?

    A) Nazis
    B) Idiot
    C) Both
    D) Will take the 5th
    E) Don’t make fun of my half brain

  13. Stephany Says:

    Isn’t interesting that the SFO ACLU calls Humboldt county corrupt? What will Hoover do when pot is legalized in Ca for tax income to resolve the state deficit?

  14. Kevin Hoover Says:

    When cannabis is finally legalized I will rejoice that sanity has incrementally prevailed.

  15. anonymous Says:


    On a purely personal note, Kevin, you are a douchebag.
    80% of Arcata hates you.

  16. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Hoover says, “When cannabis is finally legalized I will rejoice that sanity has incrementally prevailed.” In the mean time I guess that means your fucking insane! We’ll all rejoice when or if your sanity ever prevails incrementally or otherwise.

    love eternal

  17. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Kevin Hoover

    I love you. I really do. But none the less, you’re an asshole. You harm people and justify it with a smug superiority. You weren’t always like that were you? Though I love my children I feel correct in holding them accountable for there decisions. The first step to recovery is recognizing that you have a problem. Look in your heart and ask if mom wasn’t so great, and the cross your fingers things hadn’t quite worked out the way they did, would you really want someone like you are now treating you as you treat others? Your a big boy, put away those childish things.

    I love you, and want you always to be safe and warm!

    love eternal

    p.s. you’re not helping your cause commenting here.

  18. Hank Sims Says:

    I remember when timber industry people put up flyers in Willits inviting others to do harm to Judi Bari. I remember when they called for boycotts of the AVA and the New Settler Interview.

    Dirty industries don’t like good reporters. Nothing new under the sun.

  19. transient Says:

    …and what exactly does mr. sims think he knows about “good reporters”?…if the Urinal wasn’t free, no one would read it, or even look at the pictures. Keep up the “good” work, hank.

    ps. i don’t like you. Ha! just kidding – i don’t even know you, but i don’t like that you are comparing tad to the timber industry. I can only assume (since you didn’t clearly state) that you are referring to the so-called marijuana industry, but still, the differences are enough to sink your analogy. MAybe you should focus on the continuing injustices of the timber industry? oh, but that won’t impress your friends – at least not the wealthy powerful ones. Let me know if I’m right about this.

  20. Emagin Says:

    I have been informed and will no longer spend my hard earned money on the Arcata Eye…..I would just like to know who are “these people” who are so mind identified ie:insane…where do they come from? is it just defective gene pools? Wake UP. there is not much time before your fascist mind set will destroy civilization. In the meantime…in-joy waking up with Eckhart Tolle and The Power of Now…before it is to late. Peace and Love

  21. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Hank

    Though I don’t believe you are accusing me of “inviting others to do harm,” I agree you are throwing around a straw man. If you remember, please tell us who took up the lumber companies invitation? Are you trying to say there is a connection between the lumber company boycott and an attempted murder by the FBI? Are you further trying to imply that the FBI is going to try to blow up Hoover because there is a major boycott of his tabloid?

    A boycott is a non-violent strategy. To infer that to support a boycott is the de facto support for harm is such bullshit that no person of average intelligence would ever buy that shit. You are confusing cause and effect. Because A and B happen during the same time period does not mean A led to B.

    And trying to link the actions of loggers, and the FBI, to those who smoke pot is a Circumstantial ad Hominem. People are not FBI bombers because they grow pot, or even log trees.

    Join our boycott Hank.

    love eternal

  22. Annabelle Says:

    Don’t target Kevin. He is one person. There are thousands of us who need help getting rid of these assholes who are ruining our town, care nothing for our safety our historic structures, our wonderful neighborhoods, our children. Tad, you are truly one who would throw out the baby with the bathwater- one who would burn books. I’ve seen you in person and you do nothing positive for our area.

    Pot isn’t a bad thing- but growers are and they need to get lost.

  23. Annabelle Says:

    PS I love the Arcata Eye and I think Kevin presents views from absolutely every angle. You only want yours covered.

  24. transient Says:

    dear annabelle

    some responses to your comment. please forgive the ensuing profanities.

    Your reference to “historic structures” structures is an insult to anyone who values history and human life over the pursuit of money. Arcata’s “historic structures,” such as the Jacoby Storehouse and the mansions of timber barons and wealthy elites of the past, are testaments to the GENOCIDE and ecocide that lies not-so-buried in the areas not-so-distant past. Oh, and a big honkin F-U to the statue of McKinley on the plaza. Do you see that statue as some great piece of historic artwork as well? I see foolish worship of a mass-murderer.

    I imagine that your personal attacks on tad would probably carry over to me as well, so i’m gonna go ahead and address them.
    “hrow out the baby with the bathwater” – i just don’t know what your getting at…maybe you could clarify. If the “Arcata Eye” is the murky stinking metaphorical “bathwater,” and Kevin Hoover is the metaphorical “baby,” then i guess i would say go ahead and give them the toss. As for burning books, only to stay warm. What good are books when you’re frozen to death?

    Furthermore, you say that “pot isn’t a bad thing- but growers are and they need to get lost.” …uh, who do you think grows the pot?…maybe you sould prefer if the government did all of the growing and selling and murdering competition? or Marlboro? How about just making it legal and letting everybody who wants to grow it, and nobody get murdered or thrown in jail because of it being worth so much money (because it wouldn’t be worth so much money if it was more prevalent, you see – “supply and demand,” and all that).

    And why not target Kevin? Have you seen the video clip of him on fox news? FOX NEWS?!? Whatever, you probably side with him and the feds, so i guess there’s no point in holding my breath, waiting for you to see the light of reason. have a nice day.

  25. transient Says:

    PS the Arcata Eye does NOT present things from my angle. For example, the Arcata Eye gave absolutely NO COVERAGE to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in “Jones v Cit of Los Angeles” which ruled that it is unconstitutional to punish homeless people for being homeless. The Arcata police dept routinely violate this court ruling, which supercedes Arcata’s ordinances, and Kevin doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of that controversy. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Ask Kevin.

  26. Kevin Hoover Says:


    I understand why you’d be concerned about my talking to Fox News, since they’re clearly biased rightward and sometimes (daily, actually) egregiously unfair. There are a thousand ways that they tilt and skew and color things, from word choices to graphics to full-on bias. But what I dislike most is the banal, flashy, bombastic and blonde-heavy way they dumb down most issues into cartoon caricatures. Kind of like what this and other blogs do, but without all the blondes.

    But I have a policy of talking to everyone because 1. When I contact people I want them to talk to me, so I’m more or less compelled to do the same. 2. There’s always a chance that they’ll get it right. 3. This is the most important one: I’m concerned about the Balkanization of media, with people only talking to or consuming news media that generally reinforces their predispositions. That, I think, is a very unhealthy trend.

    And you’re right about our undercovering the Ninth Circuit decision. I believe there were some glancing mentions of it in a few stories, and some letter-writers/columnists may have mentioned it, but we should have done more. I think I was waiting for it to really have some effect in Arcata.

    If you, or anyone else, would ever like to discuss these sorts of issues substantively, you can always call me at the paper. 826-7000. But if you want to do juvenile name-calling and just cling to the nutty, Nazi-rich Tad version of events, which bears less and less resemblance to the real world, there’s no point.

  27. Annabelle Says:

    “Historic buildings” means architecturally representative of an era, and is not a statement of the size of the structure or the origins of the financial means it took to build it. Your interpretation of all opposing statements and views ends up jaded by your bitter spot in life.

    You will not see my point. We will not find a point of agreement, but good luck to you.

  28. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Wow this has gone on to the point of boring. I am not convinced Hoover has the moral creed he just told us he has. FYI the Eureka case of the People v Hauf actually cited the Jones case (a victory), the current case of the People v Peoples (Eureka) is using the same constitutional arguments as Jones (Jones got vacated when LA offered to settle), plus a “right to travel” argument. The cases of People v Halverstadt (HSU), and the People v. Konyn (Arcata) will use the Jones, right to travel, and a “selective enforcement” arguments. And of course there was the People v. Porter case from Arcata which won using a constitutional argument called the necessity defense. Of course Hoover is too busy snooping around people’s back yards to notice the thousands of dollars the city attorney charges for defending these constitutional challenges.

    As far as someone knowing unknown things about me ’cause they’ve “seen” me goes, that’s merely your opinion. Everyone of the defendants in the above named cases think I do a lot for this area. I don’t poll people, but am willing to bet there are a whole lot of Marijuana Law Reform, Social Justice, Economic, Environmental, Civil Rights, and Anti-Animal Abuse, etc., etc. activists who might disagree with Annabelle’s take on my usefulness. Not to mention the daily strangers who thank me for what I do. But to tell the truth I hope you keep thinking I “do nothing useful for ‘our’ area.” In fact that is the view I seem to both cultivate and encourage in closed minded people, and that works better for me anyway.

    A little note on Nazis is obviously in order. Today’s police state strategies and tactics are right out of the Nazi paradigm. These tactics include the “propaganda” arm. When you report to me that the police captured an obviously guilty accused because his/her “type” shits in ally, burns down buildings, robs businesses, is responsible for all the trash, is unwelcome, and every other degradation imaginable, without a shred of proof that any of this was done by one of this type, let alone by all of this type, you have propaganda equal in evilness, and intent to the propaganda of the Nazi regime under Hitler. Nazi propagandists preached the exact same hate towards “people of no fixed abode,” as Hoover does towards “trashy transients.”

    Also as long as I am at it, I know transient. I haven’t seen him in quite a while (what the hell you been up to?), but I have never known him to be bitter. To me it is people like transient that exudes helpfulness in a community. This is important to him because he genuinely cares about other human beings. I believe what he was referring to with the “historic buildings” is the fact that you are not only talking about an era, your choosing the era. Some of us think the Wiyot plank houses represent an era also.

    Despite that, we only started seeing the destruction after Hoover brought in the cops. The vast majority of people growing pot don’t leave trashed houses. In fact I know there is a whole network of 215 friendly electricians, plumbers, and carpenters who are way more on top of that kind of shit than Hoover will ever admit to. All the arguments besides “you just don’t like pot” are straw men. Every problem Hoover claims can be addressed peacefully through existing laws and common sense. Instead Hoover calls for a federal raid, and much more restrictive laws against our liberties.

    Hoover created the problem, and he provided the solution. It was you the loyal reader of the [L]Eye who provided the reaction. This is called the Hagelian Dialectic. You got a dollar, I want your dollar, we fight, and I end up with a dime. Using the Hagelian Dialectic I have move closer toward my goal. I hate houseless people, and pot smokers, you think they are humans with rights, I start a shit storm, and you no longer think they deserve as many rights. This is what baby cain is all about. Everyone who has dealt with him knows he is just a shit stirrer and not a reporter.

    love eternal

  29. Kevin Hoover Says:

    Every time Theodore Lewis Robinson (aka “Stan”) lets loose with a bunch of berserk fantasy about me and the newspaper, we get a wave of encouraging e-mails and new subscriptions. Thanks, Tad!

    “Hey honey, it’s that Tad guy again. He says we should boycott the Eye.”

    “You mean that dude I caught in rummaging in our garbage can?”

    “Yes, him. Didn’t he call you a Nazi when you told him to get out of our trash”

    “Yeah. Remember that time he tried to charge the City $4,960 for the mess Public Works cleaned up at the Marsh?”

    “Oh yeah… that was after he and Meserve claimed it was other people’s trash.”

    “And didn’t he lose that case against the City for the ticket for tethering his injured dog in the rain?”

    “Yep. He doesn’t want us to read the Eye.”

    “Because then we wouldn’t know about that stuff.”

    “R i g h t …”

  30. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    I wonder what Stan’s going to think about Hoover calling him me? I have never met Stan personally, but have been talking to him through blogs and e mails for a while now. If I had in fact over come the fucked up shit that my man Stan has then I would be fine with Hoover making that comparison, but the fact is I can’t hold a candle to Stan. So if not from Hoover then from me: “I’m sorry about that Stan.”

    Notice how Hoover uses that mark (name). He knows I don’t carry that mark for personal reasons, so he tries to bait me with its use. That mark is in fact the mark every file, written by someone else about me, is file under. But using it as a personal attack shows Hoover doesn’t know diddly shit about me.

    I specifically asked many a cop to arrest me for “dumpster diving,” but all declined. Hoover always reports the “official file version” of the results, but never critically analyze why one would take a stand even when he might go to jail.

    Neither Dave nor I said it was “other people’s trash.” That was the supreme court that said that. The court said, and I paraphrase here, that the cops could look through your garbage for evidence of criminal activity without your permission, because there was “no expectation of privacy” with trash left to be picked up by others.

    Hoover’s right I didn’t know civil law when the city po-lice illegally seized the property of about a dozen people, never filed any charges, and then returned it in a forty yard dumpster, under rotting carcasses and slabs of concrete. I might add that that was a particularly stormy March in which people lost the whole of their belongings.

    As far as the tethering harassment charge goes, again I had a lot to learn back then. Never the less, the video of both those ticketings show my dog clearly lying in the shade, on a sunny days, with plenty of fresh drinking water, up next to the building, in the ally by the Peace and Justice center, and definitely not injured. I think it was on the web, so maybe I can find it.

    Hoover is just making my point. He intentionally skewed the facts to make it appear that not only did I violate a selective enforced municipal code, but that I am mean and cruel to Grizz. Only people that don’t know me, and my devoted love of Grizz, are going to buy that shit, and I meet more and more people every year.

    I don’t know about Hoover’s fantasy couple, but his argument was full of fallacies.

    Besides the outright lies, and personal attacks, Hoover’s making me, or more correctly some of my files, his new red herring. “Forget the message and focus on tad.”

    Hoover is also begging the question. “You should not join tad’s boycott, and read the Arcata [L]Eye, because the Arcata [L]Eye makes shit up about tad.”

    The last gaping fallacy in Hoover’s argument is the biased sample. I noticed you mentioned none of my court victories. Not trying to sound conceded (Humboldt is the land of the pepper spray case, and many other blockade type arrests, so I’m not really shit), I’ve won more than I’ve lost, it has always cost way fucking more to prosecute me then you “win,” and I’ve only lost on tickets, never on jailable charges.

    Hoover’s right though in a couple of areas. First I was really green back then. I think working with all the lawyers, paralegals, and pro per defendants has helped me, and pushed me towards learning lawsuits and appeals. And second, yes, keeping on trying these desperate attempts to lie your way out of what you know will be a successful boycott of your paper Hoover. It is probably your only hope, regardless of how slim the chance.

    In just your last little comment you gave everyone a sample of your “truth in journalism” policy. There might be a neighbor of that fictitious couple who might remember you stirring up hate and animosity towards houseless individuals who dumpster dive. They might actually blame your hate mongering for the near beating to death of Captian Kirk, a houseless man with striking similar features to me, especially in the wee hours of the morning. People know you Hoover. You write your stupid shit down.

    There’s a movement building, and it is calling for a new paper.

    love eternal

  31. Kevin Hoover Says:

    Well, I’m glad you were able to replace the rancid poncho.

  32. Hank Sims Says:

    Tad, can we call a time out for a moment? I feel like we need to back up to first principles.

    As far as I can tell, everyone on this thread is pro-legalization. For myself, I am militantly pro-legalization. I can count the number on the fingers of one hand the political positions I am willing to publicly take, and legalization is finger #1.

    Being pro-legalization — as Kevin is, and as I am — should necessarily mean that you are not anti-weed, nor anti-pothead.

    Now. As it stands, the vast majority of growers grow for profit. For money. You’d have to be very disingenuous to deny this. And, of course, the reason that they can make money at it is the fact that weed is still quasi-illegal. They can sell their product at a healthy profit because people get busted and go to jail for growing it.

    So don’t growers want people to get busted (so long as it’s not themselves)? They do, and some of them aren’t so quiet about it. As it stands, 215 and the growing boom in Mendo and Humboldt and elsewhere have knocked the wholesale price down by more than half in the last 10 years. That kind of thing can place your career in jeopardy.

    If you’re in it to make a living, then you want it to stay illegal. Which means you need people to be busted. Which makes it kind of hypocritical for some grower to complain when it’s them that gets busted.


    I couldn’t say what makes you so admire the average Arcata grower, whose passion for Mammon — let’s face it, Tad — is pretty much unknown elsewhere in Humboldt County. Is it kind of an anarchist thing? That someone can make their living on the easy by thumbing their nose at The Man? If so, I understand completely, believe me. I was right there with you once, until I figured out that no one needs The Man as much as a moonshiner. It’s a sick, codependent relationship.

    Make it legal. Everyone who wants it can plant it in their backyard, without the need for sketchy secret laboratories and such. You like weed? Well, it’s easier to grow than tomatoes, and someday it will be cheaper, too.

  33. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Hank

    Just the hypocrisy in being “pro-legalization” and simultaneously zero tolerance would be enough to discredit this red herring. Yes, your post is irrelevant to whether you should boycott the Arcata [L]Eye or not. I feel your theory, pot growers are solely profit motivated, and thus advocate for the illegality of pot, is dubious for several reasons. The first of which is the hypocrisy mentioned above.

    You also make a very hasty generalization. You claim A) pot growers grow for profit, and B) people getting busted drive up profits, so therefore C) pot growers want people to get busted. I don’t buy it. I’ve known a lot of growers, current and retired, and not one of them want other people busted.

    It seem weird that you remember the price dropping in half in the last ten years. In 1999 I could get a qt oz for $30 bucks. Today that will get you a bag the size of a driver license. But I too believe that last years incited busts did drive the price up.

    I don’t buy or sell the sacred herb so I only see the generous side of people who grow pot. I grew up in a generation who actively resisted the marijuana laws. To many of us it is all about the medicine.

    Are you telling us Hank that you don’t have a passion for Mammon? You wouldn’t like more of what money buys in this world. Perhaps its the journalistic credo that says “its okay to ruin the lives of your political enemies in print” that leads you to the conclusion that its okay to wish people to be jailed over pot. I think you can point to the unethical actions of someone from almost every background imaginable.

    If as you say, you are a militant pro-legalization advocate, surely you realize with fewer busts more people will be able to afford to smoke pot. The more people smoking it the sooner it will be legal. But why does a militant call a garden a “sketchy secret laboratory?”

    love eternal

  34. transient Says:

    …hank just accuse kevin of being a grower in secret?…this thread is getting way out of hand! – and off-topic…

  35. chilly wind Says:

    hoover when i read your comments i get the sense you are desperate to save your career that you yourself have endangered. If Tad is not to be taken seriously then why defend yourself here? Your paper as well your dignity are about to be obsolete. Many people from many backgrounds are on to you and your ways. Some will use you to promote personal agendas for a little longer, but soon enough not even those scumbags will not want to be associated with the likes of you. I see you walking around and I see Tad walking around. You look bogged down, scared, and unhappy, while Tad is at peace with himself, happy, and has nothing to be scared about. You hoover could learn from him.

    don’t bother replying you are predictable enough. you want to say that he smells, or how could a homeless person be more respected than myself. I know you it doesn’t make sense to, but some of the best people in the world drop everything to stand up for what they believe.

  36. Hoover Fan Club president Says:

    Oh yes, their evil plans and their diabolical plot to take over the world! Bwah hah ha ha ha.

    You know some people say smoking all that marijuana can make you paranoid. I would consider this blog to be scientific proof of that hypothesis.

    Kevin: keep up the great work. I’m glad silly Tad and his silly hitlerisms aren’t changing your life at all. They certainly aren’t changing mine.

  37. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you HFCP

    Be patient, change takes time. Hoover already doesn’t use the term “transient” since that “trashy transient” title under that photo back in 2003. So to claim that “tad and his hitlerisms aren’t changing [Hoover] . . . at all” isn’t really the truth, is it? And class what do we call it when someone doesn’t tell the truth?

    It’s so typical that you put that lie out there after asking us to blindly trust your ability to “consider . . . scientific proof of that hypothesis.” An authoritarian tyranny oppressing the “undesirables” might be another reason people are paranoid. After all I’m not one of those who felt we needed to invade Iraq because 20 Saudi Arabian people attacked the world trade organization 3 years earlier. I think you’ll have to define “paranoid” a little better, ’cause right now that dog don’t hunt.

    love eternal

  38. transient Says:

    to “Hoover Fan Club president”:

    do you need a friend? you must be so lonely.

  39. Hoover Fan Club President Says:

    Thanks, guys, but how could I possibly be lonely when I have my Kevin to keep me warm?

  40. Hoover Fan Club President Says:

    The “Hoover Fan Club for Men…not only am I a member, but I’m the president!…and the object of the clubs adoration…actually, I just like my self and started a club for liking myself and won’t let anyone join even though there would probably be lots of people who would want to join if I would let people join but I won’t let people join because they don’t hate homeless people and pot-smokers who aren’t me enough but if they did there would be lots of them in my club and I would be the president and rule the Arcata plaza and smoke blunts with Rollin Richmond.”

  41. nativeblue Says:

    go kevin go!

    humboldt county is a mess, (thanks profit driven dope fiends)
    as usual,
    you are the voice of reason

  42. Hoover Fan Club President Says:

    Damn. How many Hoover Fan Clubs are there?

  43. no Says:

    kevin hoover you are a commie.

    arcata = green on the outside red in the middle

  44. Kevin Hoover Says:

    “kevin hoover you are a commie.”

    And a Nazi, too – just ask Theodore Lewis.

    Me and Obama have a lot in common.

  45. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Baby Cain

    Ouch! I am sooooo devastated by your use of that file name. That label is the label that all the files made up by someone else about me are labeled with. Those files are subjective bullshit, your occupation is spreading subjective bullshit. Imagine a pile of bullshit who spreads bullshit using a bullshit label to spread more bullshit. Who would of thunk it?

    Obama a quisling fuck who sold his soul for a chance to suck a bigger dick. Hoover . . . Yep a lot in common.

    Thanks for bringing the eyes of Humboldt back to this page. People need to know who is fucking them.

    love eternal

  46. Kevin Hoover Fan Club President Says:

    You mean Tad Robinson is actually Theodore Lewis? How many different names is this guy wanted under?

  47. * Says:

    What do you think the chances are that “Kevin Hoover Fan Club President” works for the County and is involved in a Mexico consulting group?

  48. goofy Says:

    it is too bad that the bums in arcata dont have the finesse of the old bums years ago in portland; i used to give them money, and sometimes they gave my kid money and protected him when he grew older. and they were polite; not like these jackals nowadays.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    I’m a 24 year old Arcata resident who was born and raised here, went away for college, and came back because I love my community.

    You think Arcata’s a hotbed of liberty? Many families who work and educate their kids in this beautiful town do not live here or shop here because of the entitled arrogance of growers and trimmers. Young women and families are afraid to walk down certain streets because of the gangs of transients high on multiple drugs who will talk however they want to you and will not even show the common courtesy to make space on the sidewalk for the actual residents of this town. I do not feel free when I am in the “plazoid” domain.

    I understand the marijuana makes our world go round and I am not opposed to the substance. It is the greediness displayed in the occasional ruining of houses and violence brought into our neighborhoods by growing and the influx of listless trimmer transients that I cannot abide.

    I don’t know if there’s any solving this problem but overall, the population that you are defending shows no respect whatsoever for the people who make this town livable. If you are about “love eternal”, maybe you should bow out of defending this ultimately selfish group of people.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Same anonymous – seriously, stop using the tag line love eternal when you are spitting negativity. It’s really snarky and demeaning of the whole concept in this pissing contest.

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