Proclaim July 19-25, 2009 as Probation, Parole, and Community Supervision Week. (Supervisor Lovelace)

Peace be with you

It is again time for the county to wish you a happy probation, parole, and community supervision week. This annual puke fest is in celebration of oppression. This year junior supe Mark Lovelace is sponsoring the pro-clamation. If you have a pdf reader you can read the proclamation here.

The where-assholes are slightly different this year, but putting two years together we see how they newspeak this shit. The first whereas is “WHEREAS, Probation is an essential part of the criminal justice system, promoting public safety and law-abiding behavior.” That hasn’t always been true. Once we did our time and then it was over. Now we do our time and it is just beginning. A new form of cop was introduced called a probation cop.

The next, “WHEREAS, Probation Officers supervise and oversee the rehabilitation of adult and juvenile offenders in the community.,” is hardly something we should be proud about. I would really rather them not be involved in overseeing shit in my community.

Next is, “WHEREAS, Probation Officers are trained professionals who provide crucial services and referrals for offenders.” This is one of those newspeak ones. Last year this where-ass read, “WHEREAS, Probation Officers are trained professionals who provide crucial investigative services for the court and targeted service referrals for offenders.” There is a huge fucking difference between “provide crucial services,” and “provide crucial investigative services for the court.” And what the hell is “targeted service?” Isn’t “targeted” a military term?

The next is, “WHEREAS, Probation Officers work in partnership with law enforcement, health and human services agencies, and community groups.” What the fuck!, they are law enforcement. At least so far as taking a really large portion of our community to jail goes. And as far as HHS agencies goes, they are intrinsically linked with mental health. Though they can’t do it directly they have MOUs and grants with Crandall’s mental health machine.

The next two whereases are “WHEREAS, Probation Officers promote prevention, intervention, and advocacy; and WHEREAS, Probation Officers provide services, support, and protection for victims.” It is a little unclear what kind of advocacy the first one means, but taken with the support and protection we can guess its not for the paroled.

The next to the last one is “WHEREAS, Probation Officers advocate for community and restorative justice.” Like three strikes? Or maybe tougher probation laws and looser regulations on enforcing them?

The last one, and perhaps the most surreal is “WHEREAS, Probation Officers are a true force for positive change in their communities.” Now positive change is good, so do they mean probation officers are a force for good? Okay I’m done laughing now, well maybe a little more, but I’ll leave that question for all those who are on probation and can really feel the goodness.

Happy probation week, may you never taste the bitterness of that apple.

love eternal


One Response to “Proclaim July 19-25, 2009 as Probation, Parole, and Community Supervision Week. (Supervisor Lovelace)”

  1. transient Says:

    i like the music track….i remember it from the mix cd…it’s a good one

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