Peace be with you

Imagine you are the last person left on Earth. Would you still believe those lies that you know deep down aren’t true? Seeing how one can only temporarily maintain a lie to one’s self, my bet is you’ll try to deconstruct those lies. Truth either is or it isn’t. There are only the wide, treacherous, crooked road of deception, and the narrow, straight road of Truth. One is a labyrinth to the pits of darkness, and the other is a ladder to understanding.

False analogies, and premises, red herrings, ad hominem, appeals to pity, ignorance, and wrong authorities, either/or fallacies, post hoc, concurrence fallacies, personified abstractions, ill-founded generalizations, non sequitur, circular reasoning, begging the question, equivocation, and slippery slopes are the many ways your logic can be tricked into believing a false truth. It is your brain, your logic, your intelligence, that can justify anything. Our intelligence causes more problems then it solves. Nuclear bombs are the result of massive intelligence, but I really wish I didn’t have to spend my life living in its shadow.

Your not the last person on Earth, so welcome home. You already know the truth. Right now as you are reading this everything you need to know in order to see through the bullshit is already inside you. What we call the spirit, the soul, or the heart knows. You feel wisdom more in your stomach than you think it in your brain. You know when you are in love, and that truth resides in your intuition.

Science sees god as an obstacle in the path of truth, but really it is the convolution of the god concept that is a stumbling block to both scientific and god truths. The god truths are the same, and greater than the science truths. Laws of physics not yet discovered by scientists are already in play. The god concept is the laws of nature. It is also the laws of love, and the two are intrinsically linked.

Sin is an uniquely human characteristic. The rest of the species unanimously agree sin does not exist. Sin should be defined as preforming an act that your heart tells you is not the right thing to do. With that definition it would make the hardening of your heart the worst of sins. When people let their brains so override their hearts that they can’t hear their hearts talking to them anymore, they do way more damage to themselves and society then people who follow their hearts. A hardened heart is truly the commonality between the ax murder, the bigot, the war mongered, and scam artist.

As you deconstruct the lies you’ve been programed to believe then you naturally fill the void with truth. As you recognize more and more truth it becomes easier and easier to see with eyes that perceive, and hear with ears that understand. Let those with eyes that see, and ears that hear, understand the truth will set you free.

love eternal


2 Responses to “Intelligence”

  1. Peasant Dreams Says:

    It’s amazing how in a time of financial meltdown, they always have money for idiotic repression. I’d hoped the sickest of their rich patrons were so overleveraged, they’d be broke by now. No, they seem to get money for their addictions – hatred, repression and condesention even in these times.

    A ex Stanford biologist has uncovered mountains of evidence that stress causes mental and physical illness, his name is Bruce Lipton, and he has plenty of free info on the web. The repression and meanness of the cops is a major reason that the suicide rate is so obscenely high in Humboldt despite all the natural beauty, but the mental illness manifests itself in other ways, feeds the meth use, gives hard drug users good reasons not to quit – if life is always nasty, what’s the use? In short, it adds nastiness to Humboldt.

    Despite this, the rich pour their money into the black hole of hatred to create a community that spirals into ever increasing anger.

  2. fig Says:

    Tue. 07-07-2009,
    Question: Is this park near where you are?

    the center — with its administrative buildings, barracks, corrals and an enormous tent for visiting troops —
    is set on 47,000 acres
    of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest,

    where serrated peaks above 10,000 feet are the
    perfect terrain to teach high-altitude combat skills.



    Marines’ beasts of burden are again leading the pack.

    Tue 07 Jul 2009 (07-07-2009)
    By Tony Perry los angeles times,

    Lance Cpl. Chad Campbell tugs on the lead rope of his pack donkey, Annie, as a fellow Marine pushes from behind. The two men are taking part in a course on pack animals at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest near Bridgeport, Calif.

    > > > Audio slide show

    Multiple Page View
    Reporting from Bridgeport, Calif.– With 75 pounds of military gear cinched on her furry back, Annie was stubborn the whole way.

    The two Marines assigned to her pushed, pulled and sweet-talked her up the steep, twisting trail on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada.

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