Eureka will be on Santa Cruz Freak Radio

Peace be with you

Thursday evening Tracy Herrin will be on Free Radio Santa Cruz discussing the right of houseless people to sleep in Humboldt County. She will be on Robert Norse’s “Bathrobes Pierri’s Broadsides,” at about 7:00 pm, talking about her attempts to apply the Constitution to right to sleep here in Humboldt County.

I’ve been following the case of Aaron Peoples, or as I like to call it “People v. Peoples.” Tracy filed a motion to dismiss Peoples’ charges and to have the Eureka Camping ban declared unconstitutional. Since then Eureka City Attorney, Sheryl Schaffner, has filed a reply and Tracy has filed a response to Sheryl’s reply. Unfortunately I only have a PDF of Sheryl’s reply, and to post Tracy’s response would not make any sense. If any one knows how to post a PDF, on line, for free, let me know.

To listen to the show go to the link above and the rest is self-explanatory. Robert Norse does a lot of good work around houseless issues in Santa Cruz. Robert’s show also airs Sunday’s about 9:30 am, and there all archived. Check it out.

love eternal


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