Just ’cause it smells like a skunk’s ass . . .

Peace be with you

Yesterday John Stewart was making fun of the newspeak fox news term “homegrown terrorists.” he replied to a string of talking heads using the term, “Homegrown?, you make a terror plot sound like shitty weed. It’s homegrown, isn’t that like that good Humboldt County terrorist plot?” I almost choked on my chronic. Did John Stewart just call Humboldt Homegrown “shitty weed?”

This story really has nothing to do with anything. Its just that Humboldt organic outdoor is so not shitty that I wonder why John would infer that. John knows about Humboldt weed, maybe through experience or maybe just from its well traveled reputation. Maybe John threw that out there hoping one or more of the millions of people who prefer Humboldt to any other weed might just try to prove him wrong.

We don’t only have some of the best herb in the world, but Humboldt is one of the top three places that “experts” will be recruited from once the weed is free. The other two are of course Amsterdam and Vancouver. Humboldt county is where homegrown started. There’s plenty of convincing evidence that Mendo was actually first, but Humboldt was definitely the most notorious. Everywhere I’ve ever been there have been those who when told the word “Humboldt” pavlovianly replied, “skunk weed,” and sometimes in comically broken english.

Like Popeye said: “I yam what I yam, and that’s what I yam.”

love eternal


One Response to “Just ’cause it smells like a skunk’s ass . . .”

  1. fig Says:

    My $2,000,000,000,000…..

    forget about moooslim “terrorists”
    forget about “homegrown” terrorists….

    arrest and execute dirty cop terrorists with

    “police powers.”
    may 23rd 2009 (SATURDAY).

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