More families refusing Kiddy-psychotics

Peace be with you

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal has an article about a decrease in the rise of children getting prescribed antipsychotics. The article claims that between 2001 and 2007 “prescriptions for antipsychotics for patients under 10” rose 85%.

Antipsychotic use in children still rose 5.2% last year. If there were only 10 last year, then that means 2 kids, but if their were 10 million then it means half a million new children got doped last year. Besides the fact that perhaps half a million more children will be subjected to increased risk of diabetes and suicidal tendencies, for a dubious “illness,” with poorly preforming medications, but the vast majority of these kids will become life long public maintenance wards. Life long antipsychotic use will lead to “special education.” then “special courts,” then life long MediCare. It is unrealistic that they would become motivated to maintain steady employment after years of antipsychotic induced brain damage.

For more information on antipsychotics, “mental illness,” and pharmaceutical misconduct read Furious Seasons blog.

love eternal


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