Humboldt Supervisor calls Criticism “Completely Inappropriate”

Peace be with you

Today’s (actually tomorrow’s) McKinleyville Press printed an article titled “Plan to end homelessness sparks controversy.” The supe’s meeting in question happened a week ago. Got to love small town papers that even having the paper a day before it’s dated still contains news a week old.

The article was written by Daniel Mintz, who I respected because of the circumstances surrounding his sudden departure from the Arcata Eye tabloid, and now because he is helping fan the “spark” that should of been flamed 10 years ago.

The article mentions that during public comment I “portrayed the people involved in the plan as salary-seeking opportunists.” He demonstrates that by the following quotes from my public comments: “The reason your not realistically looking at the homeless problem is because you’re turning it over to people who profiteer off of homelessness. They want to help the homeless person only after their salary has been paid, only after their new office furniture has been paid for, only after their new computer and their home[less] management information systems and their $70,000 to write plans – only after those things are taken care of, do they want to start addressing this problem.”

Supe Duffy scolded me saying that my comments are “completely inappropriate.” If I could of responded to her clear violation of the Brown act I would of asked her, “how so?” This is the truth! Every houseless person knows this is the truth, but Duffy and the poverty pimps pushing massive amounts of studies, plans, and data gathering, deny both this fact, and their direct culpability in it’s propagation.

The plan back in 2001 was to take food, shelter opportunities, and small cash allotments away from all the houseless, and use it to get a 10 percent minority of the houseless, labeled “chronic homeless,” into housing. The stated goal was because the 10 percent were so few this could be achieved in 10 years. The money was withdrawn from life sustaining aid for houseless people in 2001. Then the federal government started allocating that money to jurisdictions that had non-prophets who bought into the “chronic homeless initiative,” also often referred to as continuum of care.

As you can imagine with Bush’s de facto privatization of homeless services, the profiteers rose to the occasion. Since they were false-prophets they couldn’t just pocket the money like for-profit contractors. To partially rectify this they started this never ending cycle of studying, and planning.

They also greatly enlarge the “chronic homeless population.” The reason for this is 1) it creates a larger pool in which to cast their nets; 2) they can have a bigger selection for creating more possible “success stories poster children” to justify the extreme cost of their programs; and 3) jurisdictions get funding according to how many people the “local experts” decide are “chronic.”

I stand behind what I said/say. My only other thought on the article is, I really don’t think criticizing the bullshit policies of the county could be considered “needling” Daniel. Especially because the law gives me the specific right to do so. Not only is it protected as free speech, but the Brown act outlines “criticizing.” As far as Duffy’s totally appropriate inappropriate response goes, she’s just a do anything politician pandering to Humboldt County’s version of the prison workers union. You can watch the archive here. I haven’t rewatched it so I don’t know where it is on the film, but I was there until about five fucking oh clock. In other words towards the end.

love eternal

Addendum: I totally meant to say I really do appreciate those people who do help the houseless for reasons like altruism and philanthropy. You know if you are the problem or the solution. With so many people trying to commercialize homelessness I forget to thank the true hero’s in this fight. So anyway to those sisters and brothers “thanks.”

love eternal


3 Responses to “Humboldt Supervisor calls Criticism “Completely Inappropriate””

  1. transient Says:

    just talked to guy who got tasered and beat the f’ up by the cops in Portland, Oregon. Apparently, a concerned friend made the mistake of calling 911 thinking that this guy was really depressed, which I guess he was, but tasering him and beating him the unholy f’ up probably did little to boost his morale.

    He was then taken to a psych place instead of jail. He was let out the next day – fortunately. Things could have gone worse. He was later given a minor charge that is questionable. To proctect his identity I am not putting more info out just yet.

    The good news is: he’s fighting it.

  2. fig Says:

    Thursday,,,,, May 14, 2999. 2009

    another shit cop or cop shit stuff:

    Video shows El Monte [unionized, street cop] kicking suspect in head
    Wed 13 May 2009
    By Ari B. Bloomekatz and Andrew Blankstein

    Screen grabs from KNBC Channel 4 show the suspect lying prostrate in apparent surrender, then the El Monte [unionized, street cop] kicking him in the side of the head.
    Multiple Page View
    An El Monte [unionized, street cop] is seen on TV news footage kicking
    a car chase suspect in the head Wednesday after the suspect appears to surrender.

    Video from KTTV Channel 11 News and KNBC-TV Channel 4 News shows the incident at the end of a car chase that wound through the San Gabriel Valley, ending in a collision in Pico Rivera. The suspect, whom authorities later identified as 23-year-old Richard Rodriguez of El Monte, jumped out of his car and ran.

    He eventually stopped and dropped to the ground on his stomach, with his hands flat to the ground above his head. The [drugged up unionized street cop] ran up to Rodriguez and kicked him on the side of the head.

    That [cop] ??? appears ???? to high-five another officer after the suspect was handcuffed.

    Lt. Chuck Carlson of the El Monte Police Department said [cops who] made the arrest, and the internal affairs department is investigating the incident. ???????????????????????????

    Carlson said internal affairs will review video of the incident and
    also take statements from [the dirty cop terrorists].

    Carlson said Rodriguez, who was a parolee at large, had served time in state prison for an unspecified drug charge and was a member of the El Monte Flores street gang.

    Rodriguez was taken to Greater El Monte Community Hospital. It’s unclear whether his injuries were sustained by an earlier car crash or from the blow to the head.

    The pursuit began about 1:35 p.m. Wednesday near the intersection of Dufree Avenue and Poinsettia Avenue when police attempted to make a traffic stop on the driver of a Toyota Corolla who authorities said had failed to yield, El Monte police officials said.

    The vehicle sped off, leading [unionized street cops] on a chase over local freeways then onto surface streets in Whittier before coming to an end 40 minutes later when the car crashed into a vehicle parked in the 5000 block of Church Street in Pico Rivera.

  3. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you fig

    I saw that today on Democracy Now. That’s some fucked up shit! What happened to the cop? Didn’t they find in Rodney King the cops went to far because he was subdued?

    love eternal

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