Supes to Proclaim One in Four will Experience “Mental Illness”

Peace be with you

Depicting their intended victims as carriers of racial “diseases” constitute a key feature of Nazi propaganda and justified the power of the Nazi state as necessary to protect the public health from such contamination.”
The Black Stork: Eugenics and the Death of “Defective” Babies in American Medicine and Motion Pictures Since 1915, By Martin S. Pernick

Every May is declared “National Mental Health Month,” and at the first Humboldt County supes board meeting the supes proclaim “May Mental Health Month.” I wrote about this last year, and because my message never changes I’m writing about it again this year.

Here’s what will happen Tuesday. A whole bunch of mental health workers will leave their jobs and gather in the supes chamber. Plus the first week in May is proclaimed “Nurses Week” at the same meeting, adding another gaggle of on the clock supporters (about a third of this proclamation is dedicated to psychiatric nurses). The supes Smith and Neely will read the proclamations for nurses and mental health respectively. Everyone will clap, and act like they are so surprised and honored to be receiving this annual award in front of only themselves. They might even give themselves a spontaneous standing ovation.

I don’t blame the workers taking a paid field trip to the supes meeting. I do wish they would try a little harder to reform the rope ’em and dope ’em methods that our mental health system employs.

The mental health proclamation is a propaganda piece by Humboldt County’s Department of Health and Human Services, headed by Philip Crandall. It is not an accident that the two proclamations are given on the same day. This is done to give the illusion of both validity and support for the statements it proclaims.

For those not familiar with the proclamation process, it is a bunch of “whereas’,” true or not, followed by a “we proclaim.” The first of these whereas’ is “Whereas, May is “National Mental Health Month” and greater public awareness about mental illness will change attitudes and promote mental health recovery.” This statement might seem innocent enough until you understand their perspective. The County Mental Health Department works under a policy known as the California Medication Algorithm Program (CalMAP). What CalMAP means is anyone receiving government paid for mental health services automatically are drugged with atypical antipsychotics. So when they say “promote mental health recovery” they also mean drug people. And by “change attitudes” they mean resistance to drugging.

The next whereas is “many people with a mental illness require a behavioral health approach that encompasses both mental health and substance abuse recovery.” Notice Crandall introduces the concept of “behavioral health.” Is there a difference between behavior and mental health? Out of 9 whereas’ “behavioral health” is mentioned 7 times. Orwellian terms are often redefined like this, by using the new phrase in such a way that it becomes synonymous with the old term. In the second whereas he linked “mental illness” with “behavioral health,” and then only used “mental illness” two more times in the “facts” of the proclamation. When he gets to the final paragraph after the proclamation however, Crandall stops using “behavioral health,” and again uses “mental illness” three times.

The next says, “and providing evidence based practices to insure community members experience the best possible out comes.” Nobody is allowed to know what exactly “evidence based practices” actually are. We do know they are thought up by groups heavily compromised by ties to pharmaceutical corporations. Beyond that the only so-called “best practices” we know about is CalMAP, and that just means drugs. To millions of victims of psychiatry, drugs in no way, shape, or form insures the best possible outcome. Of course they might not mean the person diagnosed with “mental illness” when they say “community members experience the best possible outcome.” They might mean the business owners, or the cops, or the school administrators.

The whereas’ go on. Some of the stuff is mostly true, but becomes sinister when it is taken in context with what really goes on in the Mental Health Department. It talks about how regardless of age, income, race, or sex, one out of four of you will become “mentally ill” within the year. It talks about how “stigma and discrimination” prevent people from receiving “behavioral health services,” which really means drugs.

I mostly agree with what the proclamation says, I just can’t agree with how it is applied. They never mention drugs when approving “mental health” items at the supes meetings, yet it’s their whole game. They won’t tell us what “best practices” and “evidenced based practices” are, or even what they mean. They just put on this dog and pony show to convince everyone questioning their CalMAP policies they’re alone.

love eternal


3 Responses to “Supes to Proclaim One in Four will Experience “Mental Illness””

  1. Anon Says:

    Hey Tad-
    Why are you so opposed to the use of psychiatric medications? Do you believe there are instances where a person can be help through the use of medication?

    Just wondering . . .

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Anon

    There’s a question I can’t quickly answer. Let me first say that until the prescription abuse perpetrated by these psychiatrists gets sorted out there is no real way to evaluate your second question. These drugs when approved by the FDA were to be used in only the most sever cases, but today psychiatrists are getting busted giving them to children as young as five. This drugging of babies is proof that they never meant what they originally claimed and thus can not, and should not be trusted.

    Plus the enormous amount of social harm from drugs that cause ill health, psychosis, violence, and suicides. We could have universal health care with just the savings from psychiatric medications and the multiple medications used to treat there side effects.

    love eternal

  3. fig Says:

    Friday, MAY 8TH 2009

    well said……………………

    psychiatric drugs induce suicide………..
    what more needs to be said………………

    the end.

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