Grants II

Peace be with you

I started a post titled grants. I wrote a couple of sentences in the argument of a comparison between the Revelational “whores of Babylon “and today’s “grant whores.” I became aware of the up coming “homeless plan,” and thought I saved it for later. Well I fucked up again and somehow posted it for a couple of dazes until I caught it. So anyway expect my views of grants sometime in the near? future. It will start out different, because I could only figure out: delete it to make it go away.

I apologize for any confusion, and/or tell you to fuck off, depending on how you view my fuck up.

love etenal


One Response to “Grants II”

  1. Noble Says:

    I came here to comment on that post because I wanted to mention that I am also interested in biblical symbology and interpretations. I don’t write about it much, but I see very fascinating things in many religions to study and ponder in light of what is happening today.

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