Local Politicians and Pot

Peace be with you

I went back and watched the annual DEA grant meeting at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisor Meeting’s Archived Streaming. The Item is discussed at about 43:43 at “Board meeting of 2009-04-21 – File: 000,” and again at 1:37:12.

You’ll hear Jimmy Smith say:  “Alright.  As I recall, from some time ago, when we discussed this with the Sheriff’s office, that this team is also used for, which has been a project of all of ours, methamphetamine.”

A moment of unusual quietness, then Clif Clendenen defers the matter to future generations. “I see in this country that we’re going to revisit marijuana laws at some point, but I agree with chairman Smith that this is actually shared funding for meth eradication, and that sorta thing.”

Clendenen had to be asked if he made a motion, which he then did.  Nobody rushed however to second it.  After it was made and seconded Lovelace said if he couldn’t ask the Sheriff about the meth and the fine line between legal and illegal pot, he would be voting no.  So they trailed it until later.

Later, Lovelace asks Undersheriff Downy to explain what all the talk from Smith and Clendenen about meth was. Downy answered, “I think what that probably refers to is that many times when we’re performing these operations we run into other types of illicit drugs, not just marijuana, so we do have the freedom in there to investigate those investigations that come together.” Lovelace votes yes to the grant even after he is assured that the grant is specifically for marijuana eradication.

Besides the obvious fact of saying you’ll take the grant to do something specific and then doing some else entirely is lying, the whole notion of this grant’s for “meth eradication” is highly dubious. The packet explicitly states “Each year, the Drug Enforcement Administration makes available funds for the eradication of marijuana in local jurisdictions.”

People forget that the recipient of this grant is the same bunch of goons which really caused all the uproar about the Code Enforcement Unit.  It was the Sheriff’s search for pot under the guise of “code violations.”  When will we learn?  Oh yea when we finally revisit marijuana laws.  Yea right.

love eternal


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