Two Liars don’t make a Right

Peace be with you

As I pointed out a couple of days back Humboldt County would approve its annual DEA “marijuana eradication” money at today’s Board of Supes meeting. Needless to say the Supes didn’t do anything unexpected, and approved this year’s raids unanimously. Even the new liberal of the second district voted more anti-pot then Roger “the conservative” Rodoni.

I said what I thought as always, if you want to hear it should be streaming in a day or two HERE. I want to point out a comment made by Jimmy Smith, which is indicative of the bullshit spin doctoring.

Smith tried to indicate that “some of that money” goes towards methamphetamine eradication. That is pure bullshit. The grant is specifically for “marijuana eradication,” and nothing else. Either Smith intentionally lied in front of god, tv, and everybody else, or he’s so stupid he couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with the instructions on the heel. It makes you wonder what those voters in the first district are thinking.

Anyone who has followed the Supes is not surprised when Jimmy Smith lies to try and justify some otherwise unjustifiable point. Normally the other Supes pretend they didn’t hear Smith when he lies like that, but I guess they forgot to tell Lovelace about that. The Item is trailed so Mark Lovelace can ask the Undersheriff if some of the money is going to meth eradication. The underling answered, and I paraphrase here “what the fuck are you talking about?” Then Lovelace enthusiastically votes more unnecessary oppression through his war on marijuana.

Yes that’s right Mark Lovelace wants all you “illegal” pot smokers to loose your property, freedom, and human rights. Too bad we couldn’t make illegal pot laws retroactive for law makers and take all Lovelace’s shit away because he once smoked illegal pot too. Woe unto you fucking hypocrites! you bind heavy burdens, grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but you yourselves will not move them with one of your fingers.

The sheriff and the Supes invented this “big commercial grow only” bullshit to get you to let them in your door. It is, and always will be, their war against the People as long as one person is jailed for marijuana. Big grow, little grow, who gives a fuck, its still people who have bought pot saying put the person who helped me out in jail, and that’s soooo fucked up.

Mark said when he ran for office that freedom to use marijuana was the most discussed concern. I think you need to remind him we feel safer with less DEA influence in our communities. Phone Supervisor Lovelace at (707) 476-2393.

love eternal


One Response to “Two Liars don’t make a Right”

  1. transient Says:


    In Oregon they are trying to set up a situation where the state grows cannabis for all of the “legal” patients…the catch is that they will simultaneously make it illegal for ANYBODY to grow their own cannabis medicine!…and they’re trying to market this new repressive legislation as “progressive”!!!!

    keep up the good work tad…now i will hopefully watch the video, but you never know with these durned machines…


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