Curious Change to Conflict of Interest Code for the County of Humboldt

Peace be with you

from The New Hampshire Gazette

Item D-6 on next Tuesday’s Board of Supes meeting is a resolution amending Resolution 08-84. Resolution 08-84 is Humboldt County’s conflict of interest code. The weird thing about this Item and its accompanying Supes packet is that this change occurs in “Appendix B.” The original Resolution 08-84 says that people “listed in ‘the Appendix’ are designated employees.” We don’t know how it went from “the Appendix” to “Appendix B,” because neither the Appendix, Appendix A, or Appendix B are in the Supes’ packet.

If I was your Supe however, there is no way I would fucking vote for this. Conflict of Interest Codes are designed to keep people from corrupting our government with graft. If a job is added to the list of employees that must follow the code then it should take a vote of the people to remove it from the list.

I really want to take a gander at the missing appendixes. I believe these appendixes are public so it should be easy enough to get the lists. I am curious to see what different county employees, especially in the Mental Health Department put down on their Conflict of Interest statements. The pharmaceutical corporations have created conflicts within every stage of mental health doping. It seems it would be prudent to check to see if an experimental mental health county, like Humboldt, has gotten any of their graft.

I will try to post on Item D-16 later when time allows. But in case I don’t get to it until after Tuesday, I want to let you know it is about $180,000 DEA dollars for the “eradication of marijuana in local jurisdictions,” and that’s fucked up.

love eternal


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