Jesus the Easter Bunny

Peace be with you

Its Easter, and as such I thought I could get away with saying a few words about Jesus. I view Jesus differently then most people. Part of the reason is, like Jesus, I am not christian either. Jesus was an Essene Priest, a revolutionary, and an anarchist who died resisting the police state. What he gave to the Christians was a followable lessons on how to go from what we are right now to what we know in our hearts we should be. He knew many would be called, but few would answer.

Jesus rejected the “jealous god” and showed us instead the loving and benevolent God. He taught that a light flowed through each and every one of us, but sadly very few recognize it. He taught redemption, as he taught resistance, through compassion, mercy, and mutual aid.

He flipped the money changers tables, call out the hypocrites, organized large rallies, illegally fed, and healed, and even refused to cooperate while they nailed his ass to cross. He was constantly spied on. Attempts at entrapment were played out against him. He was again and again accused of crimes, and ridiculed for rolling with the houseless, whores and drunks. He was even set up by an undercover informant named Judas.

Every body wanted him dead. I guarantee you if 99% of those TV preachers were around when Jesus was, they’d be calling for his death too. By focusing your attention on that death though, they have blinded the masses from the lessons which is what Jesus really came to give.

Essenes don’t worship the dead Jesus, so I must rely on Christian mythology for the brief description of Jesus’ death. Please don’t think I don’t believe in the Christian Jesus, because the only real glimpse we have of Jesus’ life is from four slightly conflicting Christian gospels. But even amongst those the living Jesus teaches to seek Love through a Living God.

According to the Essene gospels the Heavenly Father, the Earthly Mother and their children (us) are only disconnected because of our inability to see (perceive the truth). We are unable to see because of stumbling blocks of our own making. Jesus teaches through proper diet, meditation, and living water (today we settle for clean) we remove enough stumbling blocks to start to see the infinite stumbling blocks ahead.

Most of the stumbling blocks are road blocks we build around consumption. You can’t be compassionate because you gots to pay the rent, or you can’t be free because you gots to pay car payment. Jesus called this “mammon,” when he correctly said you “can’t serve two masters.”

Jesus woed all those who prettied themselves up in order to act better than those who dressed differently, or spoke differently, or act differently. He said they wash and polish the outside of the cup, but inwardly there was all manner of filth. He meant that physically as well as spiritually. Once the inside of the cup is cleansed not only will you know forgiveness, redemption, and guidance, but will have the capacity to share it with those who seek it. If your going to name a religion after a Christ, then shouldn’t its followers be a little more Christ-like?

I should stop proselytizing. I just wanted to point out how much of our non-violent struggle over oppression is rooted in the teachings and examples of Jesus the Nazarene’s life. He said “pick up your cross and follow me.” Maybe today he would say something like, “when’s the last time you went to jail for peace?”

Happy Easter.

love eternal


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