Does the Human Rights Commision have Power?

Peace be with you

Today I was walking along thinking about my wet socks when I was greeted by a member of the Humboldt County Human Rights Committee. It was a tense meeting due to the member’s disliked of a previous post. Perhaps that tenseness was artificially increased due to the fact the phone number on the public notice was evidently not to be released with the release. Oops.

The member took exception with the fact I believe they are just going through the motions. So I asked, “What have you done?” The member replied, “You don’t know how little power we have.” I went back to pondering my wet socks.

We were both in a hurry so I didn’t get to really reply to the member’s questions.  The first of which was “I’ve wanted to get hold of you.”  Why didn’t you?  I run a blog, just comment.  Or if you look in the upper right corner there’s an email address that only a few people have access to.  There was also the address that you first contacted me at.  I feel bad if someone acted like an asshole, but if it was people who disagreed with the methodological of the HCHRC “investigation” then perhaps the HCHRC should get a dedicated line.

As far as “what can [you] do?” goes, I will reiterate:

When one investigates “Human rights abuses” one seeks actual proof that human rights are being abused. If you were investigating rumored Human rights abuses in Darfur you wouldn’t go to the Sudanese government and ask them about abuses. Likewise if you are investigating Human rights abuses in Humboldt County then you shouldn’t ask the cops, busyness owners, and profiteers. In Darfur you would go to the Fur, and again likewise in Humboldt County you should go to houseless.

You must, and repeat must, examine this problem through the eyes of the oppressed. You need to hear their stories before you can know what questions need to be asked. If you went to the Sudanese government you wouldn’t know about the Janjawid. Could a lawyer properly defend a defendant whom he refused to meet? To do anything else is disingenuous, and disingenuous is the same as pretend.

I know that you will find many, many, many Human rights abuses against the houseless in Humboldt county when you get testimony from the houseless people in our county. Remember also it is not only among those who were placed on reservation’s who suffer Human rights abuses.

My suggestion is you gather testimonials from houseless people. Send out two members once a week for the next year, identify yourselves and ask all the people whom fit the profile of a houseless person* if they have suffered “Human rights violations in Humboldt county.” *Despite what Garr “Pop ’em” told you, cops profile houseless people everyday.

You could ask for volunteers to help. You could probably even apply for a grant. Which is both unnecessarily wasteful and will eventually corrupt “doing” something. But you could. And that brings us to back to how I know how much power you have.

Your power IS our power! You have as much, or as little power as we the people put behind you. When you go out and get the proof, and I guarantee if you conduct an honest investigation you will get proof beyond you wildest dreams, you will be able to summon great power to effect change. When you ask the first houseless person that question you might think it a fluke that they answer yes, but if you joined the HCHRC for the right reasons, then when you’ve done it for a month you will already realize the cruelty of what has been going on right here under your noses all these years.

Then you “invite” those who you wished to invite last time and ask them tough questions. Ask THEM to defend their actions.

I assume you know about what constitutes a Human rights violation. If you just proclaimed documented Human rights abuses, by whomever is causing them, then at least we struggling to overcome those abuses would have that.  But you could go to the Supervisors, the press, and even campaign on behalf of the abused.  There is only your imagination to limit what you can do, but avoiding the victims can not be one of them.

love eternal

2 Responses to “Does the Human Rights Commision have Power?”

  1. transient Says:

    excellent post
    did you get arraigned yesterday?

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace transient

    Yes, I was going to post on that, but then this happened and it effects way more of my friends. I gotta go Eureka is discussing 215 dispensaries tonight, and again this issue effects way more of my friends.

    Talk to you later

    love eternal

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