Phoenix Cops are Chickenshit

Peace be with you

I read this post at HighBoltage a few days ago, but didn’t checked it out until today. The post linked to a story about a Phoenix blogger who was targeted for retribution because he was critical of the Phoenix cop shop. The blogger, Jeff Pataky, was one of the bloggers of the site “Blog About All the Bad Cops in Phoenix – Under Chief Jack “Ass” Harris.”

It seems Jeff and some friends started a blog that was obviously successful in exposing the Phoenix cops.  The cops in turn raided Jeffs house on March 9th and took everything Jeff needed to continue blogging.  Even ex-cops who were supplying Jeff with information have, or are soon will be raided.

I am really impressed with the work Jeff and his friends are doing in Phoenix.  I guess the pigs in Phoenix were impressed too, but for very different reasons.

The first amendment of the constitution guarantees the right to free speech.  It is, in my opinion, the backbone of the constitutional country we live in.  Without the right to critize the government we no longer live in a free country.  Without any legal way for our government to silence dissent chickenshit harassments are being used.

You might remember Ward Churchill who was fired from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 2007 because he wrote “Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens.”  A jury recently found that Ward was in fact fired because of “his speech.”  Unfortunately the jury didn’t award Ward with a shit load of punitive damages, which I believe would help insure the future of our freedom of speech.

My own personal fight for the right to express my free speech at Humboldt county boring supes meetings, makes me wonder why people are so apathetic about losing their free speech rights.   This should be of the gravest concern to anyone who disagrees with the direction our country is heading in.  Once people are censored the truth becomes harder and harder to find, and soon the government will dictate what you will or will not be allowed to believe. I hate to remind you who the other past superpowers who outlawed free speech were, because people are so pavlovian when they are shown the similarities between what is happening now here and what happened then there.

I want to thank Bill over at HighBoltage for bringing this to my attention, and also credit “Photography is Not a Crime,” and “Blog About All the Bad Cops in Phoenix” blogs for their dedicated and good work on this subject.

love eternal


One Response to “Phoenix Cops are Chickenshit”

  1. fig Says:

    SUNDAY, APRIL-5-2009,

    ONE WAY to stay alive is NOT to assume that
    dirty cops with “police powers” will follow any “law”
    that is on a piece of paper. THE unionized street
    cops in anytown america could teach the
    dunces IN NORTH Korea (A police state, communist cult)
    a thing or two……….

    look at the guy who shot and killed the OAKLAND COPs,
    when he was “stopped” by a traffic cop, apparently he
    had a brief conversation with his uncle……. He may have
    felt a deep-seated fear that the cops might kill him, without
    anyone knowing, maybe that’s why he called somebody,
    right after being stopped by the cops…..

    armed unionized COPS with “police powers” do kill people every day
    in America……. and get away with it.
    watch out…..
    KEEP ALIVE: how? use your ingenuity.

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