The Fourth Branch of Government

Peace be with you

If you ask a cop, they will tell you there are two branches of Government, the legislative and the executive branches. He or she will say something stupid like “the legislative makes the laws and we (the executive) enforce them.” Everyone else, who passed at least the 6th grade, knows there is also the judicial branch. The judicial branch is a “checks and balances” on abusive powers of the executive and legislative branches. Everyone should be familiar with these three branches.

The fourth, and by far the most potentially powerful, branch is stated in the very first words in the whole constitution – “We the People.” Our collective future is only limited by our lack of participation. It is our direct participation in dissent that will free us, and save our planet. Unfortunately we are too easily manipulated. We been told to go along with the status quo for so long we believe we are powerless.

Part of our problem is we view the system as a repairable system. Working within the system to “change it” has never been shown to have positive or long lasting effects. It only makes the system bigger.

Civil disobedience is the tool of the Fourth Branch. Civil disobedience has been shown again and again to bring real change. When enough people commit enough time and energy into something then shit changes. When we cooperate with the system we are corralled. There becomes limits on our actions, and eventually our thoughts. We obey all the rules, yet it is the rules that are at the root of all our woes.

When we question authority we quickly realize its lies, but when we resist that authority we break down those lies, and create the world in which we really need. Imagine if 10,000,000 USians didn’t show up for work tomorrow morning, or refused to pay their rent on the first. What if it went on a week?; a month?; a year? Imagine a successful world wide general strike. What concessions would they make if they didn’t have the masses enriching them?

I know most of you already understand that civil disobedience is not violence, but for the sake of the ignorant I’ll write a few words. In fact any violence, possible excluding immediate self-defense, is immoral, counterproductive, and suicidal. After all how can you resist oppression on the one hand, while oppressing with the other? I, as a pacifist, don’t want anything to do with violent people and/or movements. To attempt war against such vastly superior armaments is suicide, pure and simple. War begets war, and Peace begets peace.

Don’t believe pacifists are cowards either. Way to many of them have stood their ground shaking their finger at the soldiers gunning them down. As long as our masters control us with violence there is going to be casualties, and “collateral damage.” Not only will the casualties be less than with violence, it will be way more effective. What if every city had to provide RNC type “security,” every day? How long could your government afford to do that?

It is time to start convening the Fourth Branch, and save ourselves. The Republicans have turned into a joke, I mean Russ Limbaugh is the head of the party, come on. And the Democrats are following down the very same road. Its time to stop this one step forward two steps back bullshit and bring equality, liberty, freedom, and justice to this world.

To exercise the powers of the Fourth Branch look locally. Stand against what you can see locally. We will end all the problems globally when their implementation is stopped locally where it occurs. Think locally, act locally.

love eternal


3 Responses to “The Fourth Branch of Government”

  1. js Says:

    I disagree with you about the outlook cops have (2 branches), but it’s an interesting perspective to view ‘we the people’ as the fourth branch. I’ve always considered journalists to be the fourth branch, but they’ve abandoned us. A more apt name would be state media.

  2. theplazoid Says:

    peace be with you js

    I heard that “2 branches” outlook from several cops now, including the chief of po-lice of Arcata. I also have a copy of the “introduction to policing” from College of the Redwoods cop school, in which the role of the judicial branch is minimized.

    love eternal

  3. FIG Says:

    ARMED, UNIONIZED, street cops know only one
    thing: like a mantra, “I FELT AN IMMINENT THREAT TO
    MY LIFE, therefore I shoot to kill………………”
    that’s why I call the cops:
    dirty cop terrorists with “police powers.”
    there is only one way to keep these shit cops honest:

    100% video taping of all arrests. period.
    I wouldn’t believe a cop if he told me that the sun
    was going to come up tomorrow morning.

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