Peace be with you

In a word economics is a ponzi scheme.  Since, as anyone who understands marginal reserve banking knows, money is created only when debt is accrued, the interest on that debt is always paid out of future debt.  In other words, there is not enough money in the world to pay off the world’s debt!  We are short by all the interest paid since 1913 and all the interest currently owed on all outstanding debt.

That, in a nut shell is, what is wrong with the economy.   Growth, which is required by “markets,” is an exponential function.  Like bacteria in a petri dish, it starts slow and manageable, but soon grows so rapidly that it over eats its environment.  The taking of overly excessive profits only exasperates this problem by making the needed growth so much larger to maintain non-recessional levels.  As the economy grows every single dollar, euro, or any other Roman coin has interest to Caesar’s banker added on.

When the debt we owe becomes this great the conditions of the loan become more and more demanding of our liberties, morals, and common fucking sense.  It’s a serfdom that never gets eliminated, but only grows in population, and oppression. Though the majority is getting the worst of it, we pretend the pseud-science economist have our best interest at heart. But, when corporations are making billions in profits one year, and laying off millions of workers the next why the fuck should we bail them or their damn bankers out.

The idea of an economy is that you somehow have a commodity that makes money. Buying and selling the same house, dot comness, speculative investment trading, the capture, internment, rehabilitation, and policing of behavior, etc., etc. does not create a real commodity, and are therefore temporal and risky things to base an economy on.

It is a failed system.  It can’t work, it didn’t work, and you can’t make it work more than temporarily.  It’s like letting the banker sit out ninety percent of the monopoly game, but collected a little of all paid out to the players, and owning the strip with the green properties.

You think the geniuses’ who got us into the mess are going to get us anywhere but further in debt?  If you want economic stimulus, think about shovels and seeds.   Figure out how to do it without money.  Money de facto voids the whole concept of “all persons are born equal.”

As you can imagine I don’t see benefit in having “economies.” Societies based on altruism instead of greed seems the next step in human evolution. If as a whole we worked a little each day to directly provide for the common need of food, shelter, and clothing, not only would the amount of work it would require from each person be very small, but would ultimately solve all the worlds problems. Most of the problems are a direct result of greed – the getting or protecting. Imagine the difference between that and giving and comforting.

I believe that people should invest a little time towards the mutual benefit of their society, and spending the remainder of their vast leisure time pursueing what they love. Products will rise out of this leisure time. They will be both free, and the good ideas will be generously reproduced, because there’s no gain for “copyrights.”

The concept that people need money to be “motivated,” is bullshit. It’s based on our view of the current chattel society, not a free society. Working your ass off week after week, getting further in debt every week is what’s demotivating. The subjugation, the lies, and the pace of a job, or two, you dislike are way more demotivating, then putting in an hour in the garden, pounding a few nails into a brother’s or sister’s house, and taking the rest of the day off to freely pursue you dreams.

Eliminate the entire fancy distribution system that protects billionaires from risk, and billions of new leisure hours are created. Turn the corporations over to the workers of each plant. We have no need of bean counters, only what we consume. Our wants will shrink, and our sense of community will grow, once all the advertising dollars are disincentivied. We will again learn the joys of parties, music, art, literature, and how important they are to our well being.

Everything we have as a result of this violence, greed, and manipulated economy could of been obtained infinitely less harmfully with love, compassion and honesty. Our environment would be sustained, our technology would be benevolent, our peoples educated, our time would be art, not money, and peace would abound.

love eternal

2 Responses to “Economics”

  1. SoHumNoob Says:

    Buying things on credit we don’t need, and can’t afford to impress people we don’t like.



  2. SoHumNoob Says:

    Buying things on credit we don’t need, and can’t afford to impress people we don’t like.


    Should add great post! Looking forward to reading your next one!

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