tad, charged with resistance

Peace be with you

Yesterday after watching the supes give up their authority to the mental health Authority, I went to the court clerks, and learned I had an arraignment that day.   I showed up  in court room two, at 2:00 pm, in front of judge Reinholtsen.

Before leaving the clerks office I looked through the case file of Antonio Zanotti CR076157B.  My interest was how he postponed his Arraignment when charged with the malicious homicide of Cheri Moore.  There was no filing so I assumed he just asked for a continuance to review the charges.  That’s what I did, and well I’ll be arraigned on April 6th, at 1:30 in courtroom 2, maybe.  I’ll get to the maybe later, maybe.

I was charged with “resisting a cop” (148(a)(1)),  and “disturbing the peace” (415(2)).

148.  (a) (1) Every person who willfully resists, delays, or
obstructs any public officer, peace officer, or an emergency medical
technician, as defined in Division 2.5 (commencing with Section 1797)
of the Health and Safety code in the discharge or attempt to
discharge any duty of his or her office or employment, when no other
punishment is prescribed, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding
one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by imprisonment in a county jail
not to exceed one year, or by both that fine and imprisonment.


415.  Any of the following persons shall be punished by imprisonment
in the county jail for a period of not more than 90 days, a fine of
not more than four hundred dollars ($400), or both such imprisonment
and fine:  (2) Any person who maliciously and willfully disturbs
another person by loud and unreasonable noise.

First, my accuser, Jimmy Smith and I have a difference opinion of what “unreasonable” means, and as such a big difference in what equal protection under the law means.

There are also big differences between what the “witnesses” said and what I believe I can show. Their witnesses, which even I will call, are Jimmy Smith, Venessa Erickson, and Kathy Hayes. What a marvelous crowd to cross examine. I have a few witness of my own to call most friendly, but one I will probably have to declare hostile. I also have my own movie that they don’t have.

All that witness calling stuff is far off in the future though. What we learned so far is you can delay your arraignment to give yourself time to explore your options. You of course must waive your right to a speedy trial, and that in of itself is usually unwise. But in this case a) I am innocent, or more correctly the victim of an over burdensome state, and wish to prove it; and 2) these are not the charges they said I would be charged with at jail. Oh yea, and I’m not sitting in jail!

A lot of things you have to do “at time of arraignment.” I have barely looked into it yet. I will update you as more is learned and done in the case – which is CR091256 by the way for those who wish to see the file. I am going up against DA Randy Mailman. Come on April 6th for my arraignment. Its free, legal, and used to be a tradition around here. We don’t seem to have those types of traditions anymore, I guess we feel safer standing alone.

love eternal


16 Responses to “tad, charged with resistance”

  1. nightshade Says:

    Do not fear the enemy, but resist the king with your Life….for you only have one Life to give for Liberty.


    Tad is innocent!

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

  3. Joe Thursday Says:

    While I find it humorous that you got arrested for being “Tad in Public”, there’s no way on God’s green Earth that you’ll ever get convicted of anything, especially by any of the clowns working for Paul Gallegos, the head bozo.

  4. Recovering poverty pimp Says:

    I’ve worked for the megalomaniac control freak that is Phil Crandall, and I’ve seen poverty pimping at its worst. I get that a big part of the problem is that social workers and other do gooders really believe they know more than you do about who you are, or at least they are required to act that way by the system.

    Still, I’d like to know how Tad, if he were to replace King Phillip, would run social services. By the way, I’d recommend an up swell of public demand that the county get rid of Phil and anyone closely associated with him. The whole HHS agency has become so toxic and dysfunctional that people who works there should be diagnosed as “Post Phil Stress Disordered” and PUT ON MEDS!

  5. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Recovering

    I don’t think just think is a matter of getting rid of “King Phillip” (that’s his new name now by the way thanks). First thing is we need MDs in charge of our HHS departments. They must have the power to both change wrong and injurious policies, and to be held responsible for them.

    We need oversight. A mental health review board.

    Still with all that something must be done with that cancerious growth – mental health department. That one HHS department utilizes one quarter of our County’s budget directly, but steals grants from every other department in the County. The Jails, the Probation, the Schools, the foodstamp office, the Alzheimer Center, etc., all get money for “mental health services” that is billed to their departments.

    We are involved in a big Behavioral and Social Science experiment right now. Humboldt County is an “experimental county” for mental health stratagems. CalMAP is one example that was test run here. This was all built up slowly over the Bush administration, as part of “the new freedom initiative.” Very few people saw what was happening as it was going slow. It was all done in the name of “helping the mentally ill,” but it destroyed our peaceful communities by flooding it with ex-hippies off their meds.

    We need to stop drugging people. Those drugs should only be used in the last resort. They drive up the cost of “public health care.” Not only does CalMAP require the most expensive drugs, but they almost always cause side effects that require life long maintenance drugs. Bad interactions, stopping, starting, and changing dosages, cause a term know as “off their meds.” This leads to homicide, mass homicide, and suicide, also costly yet not billed to MH.

    We need to start “experimenting” with getting people off these meds and start seeing if we can heal some of the damage they’ve done. They spend millions to put people on these highly, highly addictive drugs, but nary a dime to get them off of them. Research has shown that over time these drugs cause measurable changes in the brain, can we ever correct that?

    I believe the goal of the Mental Health Department should be to make mental/emotional problems manageable. Any psychiatrist will tell you they can’t cure “mental illness.” If they can’t cure it, then why make people sick with drugs to manage it? There are less intrusive ways to manage 99% of these problems, but like the oil companies control the energy market, pharmaceutical companies control the mental health market.

    And the new “king” must sign a conflict of interest contract, and file a report of all non-salary income each year. I know that was a rather long answer to your question, but reality is, I can only say what I would look for. As long as that big new Behavioral and Social Sciences building is looming over Humboldt county we will probably continue to be a big experiment Crandall or not.

    It does build a busyness for BSS grads to be employed by. But isn’t social work, especially with incentive to have more “clients” then actually exist, a silly thing to base an economy on? Its an economic bubble just like the dot-com, or the housing. Policing policies never achieve their goals, always cost more and in new ways, and MH is now a policing policy.

    love eternal

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I think “Prince Phillip” would work better, especially since it’s a double reference to the Queen’s consort. He also backs eugenics policies.

  7. transient Says:

    best to you tad. have fun cross-examining – i hope to be there. but if you keep changing the date…

  8. Rick Wedge Says:

    I am a client representative and full voting member on the Humboldt county board of Mental Health. I applied for membership because I knew they are screwed up and wanted to have a say. I am bipolar and was forced into homelessness by this condition. I now survive on SSDI. I am an active member of DBSA (depression and bipolar support alliance, see dbsalliance.org) and participate in peer support groups. I hope you might think of me as OK’ if not as one of the good guys.
    Yes Phil Crandall is an autocrat. Yes Humboldt County Mental Heath is mired in red tape and antiquated health modalities.
    But there are many people inside county mental health that care and know the problems. One of their biggest problems (after budget cuts) is the adversarial relationship that has developed between administration and clients. There is much talk (I hope not just lip service) in Humboldt Mental Health branch about an ongoing process of changing from a “drug ’em and dump ’em” model (my words) to a “recovery model” (their name) of care. One of the signs of this change is the Hope center.
    Tad, I’d like to talk but don’t want to post my phone number. E-mail me

  9. transient Says:

    can the video of the event be watched on the internet? if so can you link to it?

  10. theplazoid Says:

    peace be with you transient

    Try ( around 45 minutes into it. If that doesn’t work try going here: (http://co.humboldt.ca.us/board/agenda/questys/) and clicking on “2009-01-27 – File: 001.”

    love eternal

  11. transient Says:

    thanks for linking – oh what excitement to be able to the wheels of injustice go ’round…if you hadn’t said that it was 45 minutes in, i never would have found it…kinda dry stuff, this “democracy,” or whatever they call it.

    so this is what i noticed:

    you start speaking at right about 45:45

    at 46:58 you are interrupted by whatshisface saying that he “will pay attention.”

    at 43:37 you are again interrupted to be told that you have one minute, which is not true. At that point you have a minute and at least 8 seconds left. While it might seem trifling to quibble over 8 seconds, the board was willing to have you arrested or at least intimidated out of fear that you might talk for a couple of seconds too long. The point is that 8 seconds is important, and the board tried to swindle you out of your legally guaranteed time to participate in the facade of democracy.

    at 48:27 you are yet again interrupted and told to “wrap it up,” even though you had almost a third of a minute left.

    I didn’t notice that any of the other speakers were interrupted as much as three times before finishing their comments, even those that talked the full 3 minutes or exceeded the limit.

    In fact, I think that the speaker directly after you talked for about 5 minutes without interruption….I would like to double check to make sure that i got that right because the obvious conclusion would be that the board specifically were censoring you because of your criticism of the use of child slave-labor, but the video won’t work on the computer i’m on now (I watched the video earlier on a different computer but didn’t have time to comment)…

    You left the podium at right about 49:23, less than one minute past the allotted three minutes, and were thus deemed a threat in need of violent subdueing and whatever else happened to you.

    I don’t think that any of the other people who exceeded their time limits were arrested or threatened with violence.

    Did you watch Daniel’s comment? Blesses to him for being a true ally.

    It seems like an obvious violation of the principles of the Brown Act which you quoted in the post “The Freedom of Speech in Humboldt County story,” but then again, that is nothing new.

    Hopefully the bullying tactics on the part of the po’lice shitstem will bring attention to the “Bar-O-Hell” or whatever its called program….

    That is all for now. Wouldn’t it be wonderful though if you could sue the bastards for damages, including having them pay for your having to employ a lawyer to defend yourself in court from the natural outcome of the situation that they instigated in willful disobedience of the law (the Brown Act)?


  12. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you transient

    At 46:48 Smith is telling Crandall to go get the cops. The reason I told him to “pay attention” was so when I watched this later I would know when Crandall was sent. The po-lice report says my disturbance of the peace was talking for over three minutes, yet Crandall went to summon the cops at 1 minute and 14 seconds in to my talking. There is definitely a conspiracy to deny civil rights that went on between Crandall and Smith.

    Further if you pay attention to what I say you will realize that I was done speaking on subject within 3 minutes, but spoke over complaining about my treatment.

    Yes it is fairly obvious that Smith reacted due to my “public criticism of the policies, procedures, programs, or services of the agency, or of the acts or omissions of the legislative body.” I have never seen anyone enforce the Brown act, and I don’t believe that it is anything but rhetoric.

    There is also the question of whether speaking too long at a public meeting is in fact an arrestable offense. Can any cop arrest any person for breaking a “rule” under the guise of “disturbing the peace?” Especially in such a selective manner. Doesn’t that give the right to enforce “rules” a way to circumvent the legally required public hearing on new laws? How long before children get thrown in jail for chewing gum in class?

    I don’t think this is going to go anywhere, because it will just politically hurt Smith’s image every time I go to court and write about it. Everybody is watching this case. My detractors are hoping I lose, and my supporters are hoping I cost the county a small fortune. It goes back to the lesson Jesus taught us – “it doesn’t matter if they love you or hate you as long as they’re paying attention to you.”

    As far as the law suit goes I can’t file that until I finish my criminal case. It doesn’t matter if I win or lose either. But because Smith is not the first supe chair person to try interrupting my constitutional free speech, I am really afraid I will have to get a judgment against Humboldt County. I will not be using more than a public dumptruck in the criminal case, but will try to recruit the best and most expensive law firm if I decide on a civil suit (a second small fortune).

    Gotta go walk Griz now.

    love eternal

  13. transient Says:


  14. Wren Says:

    Hi Tad!!! I miss you, brother!

    One-pointed back toward Humboldt, even if it takes another decade… nowhere on this beautiful planet I’d rather be!

    Lots of love, my friend!

  15. transient Says:

    hey there wren! hope you are doing well!

  16. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Wren

    I think transient was talking to you on his last comment. I echo how have you been? Its exciting to hear from you. We miss you.

    love eternal

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