Is Mental Health a New County?

peace be with you

I read the supes agenda late this week end, and I found Item D-8 is long confusing and very evil. Item D-8 is our County’s part in creating a State wide “California Counties Mental Health Services Authority.”

This new “Authority” will “have all of the powers common to General Law counties in California, such as Alpine County and all additional powers set forth in the Joint Powers act, and is hereby authorized to do all acts necessary for the exercise of said powers.”

The purpose of this agreement is explained under “purpose” in the agreement as: “This Agreement is entered into by the Member counties in order to jointly develop, and fund mental health services and education programs as determined on a regional, statewide, or other basis. Such programs may include, but are not limited to addressing suicide prevention, ethnic and cultural outreach, stigma and discrimination related to mental illness, student mental health and workforce training and education, as well as the provision of necessary administrative services. Such administrative services may include, but shall not be limited to, establishing a depository for research materials and information regarding ‘best practices.’”  Notice they use both the ideas that mental disorders are “illnesses” and that “best practices” is something more then pharmaceutical industry Orwellian word craft.

This agreement establishes an “authority” which has among its new powers the power “to receive and use contributions and advances from members (that’s us) as provided in Government Code section 6504, including contributions or advances of personnel, equipment, or property.”

By signing this “agreement” Humboldt County agrees to “fund all costs of that program (a program the Member county is participating in), including administrative costs,” “a development charge billed by and payable in accordance with the Authority’s invoice and payment policy,” and “annual premiums charged to the Member counties participating in the programs each fiscal year.”  That is of course unless we withdraw, or get kicked out from the Agreement where upon we owe “any charges which the board of directors determines are due from the members for expenses which were incurred during the county’s participation in any program.”

It gives this new “Authority” god like powers over the county.  The agreement claims: “Upon establishment of a program by the Board (the board of directors of the Authority), the Authority shall determine the manner of the program implementation and shall give written notice to all participants of such program, which shall include, but not be limited to: program participation levels, estimates of first year premium charges, program development costs, effective date of the program (or estimated effective date), and such other program provisions as deemed appropriate.”

Under “Responsibility of Members” the agreement requires us to commit for an initial term of three fiscal years, appoint a representative and a alternative to the board (the Authority),  pay development charges, program charges, late penalties, and any additional charges due, as determined and assessed by the board of directors, provide the Authority such other information or assistance as may be necessary for the Authority to develop and implement programs, and cooperate with and assist the Authority in all matters relating to this Agreement.

All this signing of our rights and funds over to the “Authority” without even a clue of what we might get in return, is what’s crazy.  We get unspecified “programs.” The word “programs” is bolded ever where it is mentioned in this agreement, but who has a clue what the programs actually are? They are based on “best practices,” but who knows what the fuck that means either? Aren’t we really building a medical unit with the powers of the state police, or even more? What the fuck does “provide the Authority such . . . as may be necessary for the Authority to , . . implement programs” really mean?

I don’t know yet how much pharmaceutical money is involved, but judging by their use of the phrase, “best practices” we know it is some.  The Orwellian term “best practices” has everything to do with pharmaceutical corporation financing, and nothing to do with practices which might in fact be best.

This is one of those agreements which guarantees to give us less benefit for more money.  Because prop 63 was written to earmark all its money to the treatment of mental health problems exclusively, it takes a large hiarchy of hands to spend it all before it achieves any social good.  If it sounds a lot like I’m complaining about the same type of poverty pimping I spoke of in reference to the “ending of homelessness in ten years,” it might interest the reader to know that one of the poverty pimps claiming to be the harbinger of the end of homelessness, Barbra LaHaie, is Crandall’s selection for the “alternative representative” to the board of the Mental Health Authority, the assistant director of the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services, and Co-chair of Humboldt Housing and Homeless Coalition.

We wont send our best and brightest to sit on the Authority, we will send our greediest and corruptest.  It seems that we are signing an agreement to participate in something we know nothing about, but this I can promise you: it will entail roping and doping way more of you then I care to imagine.

love eternal


2 Responses to “Is Mental Health a New County?”

  1. fig Says:

    2 ITEMS……..WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11, 2009

    FIRST ITEM, TUE-WED, 10-11 MARCH, 2009
    pharmaceutical psychiatric-drug induced killing, suicide !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    one in Southeastern Alabama and one in Germany.
    are you happy you greedy crooked pharmaceutical companies and sicko, demented, ghoulish psychiatrists,

    second item: HUMBOLDT…. from cover story
    pot growing ?

    Vol 07 Issue 10Promo Code: CITYBEAT-02/09 08 On the Cover “For the sake of this story I will posit … Writer Dave Reeves reports from the pot farms of Northern California ….. photos by nathaniel page MARCH 5-11, 2009 5 LACITYBEAT NEWS reading the … – 181k – Cached – Similar
    THE END……………..MARCH 11, WED. 2009………………

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you fig

    The rumor up here is they’re going to free the weed to balance the budget. It’s been our economy for a long, long time. We are feeling the economic crunch from Bush’ raids still.

    love eternal

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