Grant whoring study reveals need for more study

Peace be with you

I apologize for beating this to death, but to ignore this fools-court-press by the Humboldt Housing and Homeless Coalition would be negligent of me. The front page of Saturday’s Time Standard has the headline “In 10 Years, no more homelessness.” Yeah right! They’re tooting their horn about finally getting a document. After eight year of denying food and other tough love “welfare reform,” they claim data, information, or menus will be the magic potion to end houselessness.

As I understood the U.S. Interagency Council on the Homeless’ recommendations they were to end “chronic homelessness” by 2011 and return the money they were no longing spending on poverty pimps and grant whores to the hungry, cold, and unemployed from which it was stolen. They sold this idea -sold is a funny way to describe something they forced on us without our consent – anyway, they sold the idea of “ending chronic homelessness in 10 years” explicitly because so few of the total houseless were Chronic. They claimed they would rap up the Chronic Homeless Initiative by 2012, and then have twice as much to spend in direct aid on the other 90% – the economic houseless. It didn’t take long for the poverty pimps and grant whores to interpret this to mean, “all the houseless are crazy, need mental health drugs, well-paid professional social workers, and a plan.” A bounty, if you will, was placed on the heads of sane houseless people.

Soon food came with conditions for houseless people. The poverty pimps started campaigns to hype the idea that if you gave money directly to a houseless person they would spend the money irresponsibly. Along with that stereotypical bigotry they also hyped the idea, “give us the money instead,” and we’ll give it to housed people, AKA, their jobocracy. The Orwellian name of this campaign was, “care not cash.” Would it have been any less cruel if they had called “case managers not food?”

I was at that “visit” to Humboldt when Philip Mangano spoke at the Wardorf building Eureka. He said, “Anti-psychotics are the best thing to happen in homeless policy.” After that Mangano said, “and after we put them (the houseless) on anti-psychotics they come back wanting work.” At that point every grant whore and poverty pimp in the county applauded. Fox Olsen and the other poverty pimps only ask “when will we see the money” at those meetings. They never address the underlying problem, its causes, or its solutions, they only discuss how much, how soon, and how little do they have to do to get it.

Believe me it is all about the money. Rob Amerman the author of the “plan” only has a job because the plan called for a study of the studies, of the plan, of the study, and on and on infinitely. First of all how many people could be fed and housed with all the money we spend to make up jobs like Rob’s? The housing first grant spoken of in the Journal that Fox brags about is only to “set up housing first.” The $82,000 information gathering machine is simply redirecting funds that are needed now for basic life sustaining necessities to a big IBM type of data bank.

The article also clearly points out that this “plan” is not the work of some “Humboldt Housing and Homeless Coalition,” as Fox would have you believe. No, it is the work of Crandall’s Department of Health and Human Services. The homeless plan is written under the same supervision as the Mental Health Services Act Plan, in which Crandall claimed 80% of the houseless were crazy.

The “plan” is total dominance – the final solution. Slowly social work was taken out of the hands of the caring public and put in the hands of a new professional class of HSU, BS-squared, “social scientist” (BS-squared – Behavioral and Social Science). These pseudo-scientists dehumanized houseless people and turn them into “cases.” These cases are then pressured, by what amounts to cruel punishment, to reform their behavior. 90% of that behavior is reformed with anti-psychotics. Again notice the similarities between changing behavior with drugs, and doing it with jails. But, with drugs your chances of dying greatly increase, your crimes are often not even really crimes, and you forgo the three hots and a cot.

What is their behavior though? It is the unavoidable behavior of being a houseless person. It isn’t their fault that jobs are almost non-existent, or that rents are outrageous, and land “lords” are mostly pricks. Their behavior is they hang out and look poor. The only jobs that can be found are jobs subsidized by the state. You can bet your sweet ass though, that when a subsidized job is created a non-subsidized job disappears. When non-subsidized jobs disappear new houseless are created. They hang out and look poor, and according to “the plan” hanging out and looking poor is a case that needs to be reformed.

But hey, why am I rattled on about jobs when really the article clearly states that after all these years of “gonna end homelessness in ten years” all’s we got is a plan, and the plan is to, you guessed it – to gather yet more fucking data! The plan has three “core strategies:”

“develop and maintain on going DATA on North Coast Homelessness”

“develop and maintain INFORMATION on existing homeless services and programs.” And

“develop and maintain “an evolving MENU” of potential funding for homeless related services.”

It is strange how the more fucked up the economy gets the more they are willing to make such bold claims. They will continue calling all houseless people crazy drunks; will continue bankrolling case managers, mental health workers, cops and probation officers to manage them; will continue collecting data and making plans while claiming they’re “ending homelessness in ten years.” They will continue to ignore the decline in job growth, and buying power.

One of the saddest things I face today is when I meet a person new to the life of houseless person, and I listen to them talk about how they’re different from the rest of the houseless people and will be treated accordingly. I just smile sparing them the pain of that bubble bursting one more day. Millions of people whom once claimed “it won’t ever happen to me,” will find themselves exactly where they believed “it won’t ever happen.” When this happens they will find themselves de facto subject to this homeless plan. No longer will you be the victim of economic reality, but the sole cause of your own demise. Not to worry they got a plan to reform you, and every least bit of help you imagined was out there for you is now a condition of your surrendering to the plan. Ask a Warsaw ghetto survivor what this reminds them of.

love ertenal


3 Responses to “Grant whoring study reveals need for more study”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Rob Amerman, what a bad joke.

    He had the most inhumane attitude towards the homeless when he ran for City Council in 2004, except maybe for Fhyre Phoenix who wanted to cut off aid to those who need it the most. The idea that we the taxpayers are funding his time spent making ridiculous sweeping generalizations about the diverse assemblage of men, women and children on the streets of Humboldt County is repellent.

    Arcata sniffed out his corruption years ago when they fired him as ACAT manager, fired him as City Hall secretary and refused to elect him to City Council despite his backing from the Times-Standard, Eureka Reporter, North Coast Journal and the sickening frauds from Democracy Unlimited and the Democrat Central Committee.

    Why Humboldt County hasn’t caught on to his record of abject failure, who’s to say? His support of shill lobbyist Mark Lovelace will guarantee his continued infestation, sadly.

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Anonymous

    I too remember Rob as you do. When we had gotten houseless representatives on the EH&HS Task Force he was running ACAT. We houseless with no resources, and no equipment of our own, recorded every one of those meetings and turned them over to Rob to air. We borrowed cameras, spanged for film, overran sympathetic community members houses, and utilized the then in existence peace and justice center to make VHS for Rob to play. After about three weeks, while talking to him about how airing the films was going, he said he hadn’t aired them because he needed DVD’s. We had been bringing them to him every week, and ultimately he only aired one meeting. We filmed them all anyway.

    We houseless don’t have TVs so we didn’t know the director of the “community” TV station, Rob Amerman wasn’t airing the “communities” homeless task force meetings. To this day that tiny “arcata eye” crowd claims the we houseless ruined the task force. Yet the video record of the entirety of those meetings clearly show that only a minority of the task force was talking about “Emergency Shelter and Homeless Services” like the reason for the task force formed. The vast majority of the Task Force wanted laws, police, mandatory labor programs, mandatory case management, to run the bums out of town, and all the new restrictions we see put on the Arcata Endeavor today.

    The “grant” read that houseless must be included in the process, and even though there were forty to fifty houseless people there every meeting, and even though there were houseless representatives on the task force itself, they refused to let us be heard, let alone address our concerns. The Houseless representatives quit because we refused to put our names on a document that made the lack of housing even more unbearable for the houseless. The films have it all but about half a meeting (we couldn’t find a camera anywhere).

    Fox Olsen’s on that video/task force too. When I read that “our folks” bullshit I was thankful I wasn’t drinking anything.

    They failed thanks to heroic work by Dave Meserve and Paul Pitino we managed to shut down that process temporarily. Unfortunate Alex Stillman went from pissed off “business owner” at Task Force meetings, to reelected town boss. I believe if you take her money out of this anti-houseless campaign it will fissile away. People will stop looking at the so-called “problems” of so few and start recognizing the need of so many. Those who have eyes to perceive let them see.

    love eternal

  3. arcatahippie Says:

    What really nailed Amerfucks coffin was the outing of him recieveing under the table campaign contributions. Let’s all thank Nick Bravo for revealing that to the voters! I miss Nick.

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