The World is Broke and Cops are the Reason why

Peace be with you

Today Yesterday a couple of days ago the NY Times wrote an article titled, “Prison Spending Outpaces All but Medicaid.” Another way of saying that could be, “Medicaid spends more than even our our expensive ass prison system!” I remember reading an article about how Governor George Bush bankrupted the State of Texas’ Medicaid Program with T-map.   When dude squatted in the white house he T-mapped the nation, and Obama doesn’t appear ready to reverse this.

If you read further in the article you’ll see, the executive director of the Association for the Advancement of Evidence Based Practice advocating prison reductions. Isn’t “evidence based practices” the same tripe where a bunch of pharmaceutical payed, psychiatrists use their ouija board to figure out who’s crazy and how to profitize them?

Go to the link and you’ll see these three real creepy quotes. “Evidence-based practice: ‘helped me overcome my past . . . Now I have a future!,’ ‘Didn’t punish me . . . It helped me!,’ and ‘gave me a second chance . . . at life!’” First of all why would someone say “didn’t punish me?” Is there something we should know here?  Secondly it is referred to as if “evidence-based” is some kind of cure.  Take two evidence-bases and call me in the morning.

What you wont find on their web site, or in any of their words for that matter, is what exactly these evidence-based practices are.  The reason is that they involve mandatory drugs.   It is good, as I believe the article eludes, to tear down the prisons, but at the cost of mass drugging, and probation?

This “kinder/gentler” oppression will increase the number involved in the punishment system, just as tazer use soared in frequency as compared to the gun use they were meant to replace.  As long as you take your pill, and pee in a cup to prove you are taking your pill, and only your pill, you will be a “free” person.  Jail ends though, and chemical lobotomies can last a life time.

The Times article referred to a Pew study which reported 1 in 31 people are currently fodder for the prison industry.  That’s 7.3 million USians (how do you differentiate between all the other Americans?).  It’s 1 in 36 Californians, but was only 1 in 69 in 1984.  Isn’t it funny that during that same period cop shop budgets doubled.

To compare those numbers consider that so-called “experts” believe one out of four USians suffer a diagnosable mental disorder, and that’s 10 times the number in prison. Those “experts” further claim 1 in 17 people suffer “a serious mental illness.” That means at a minimum we have 18 million people in pharmaceutical prison already.

The problem with the Medication Algorithm Program (the MAP in T-map) is it makes the expensive, and deadly side effect pron, a-typical anti-psychotics the first mandatory course of treatment. I’ve heard they cost in excess of $8.00 a pill.

Policing behavior is policing behavior. Whether it is cops enforcing “illegal” behavior, or mental health policing all other bothersome behaviors it is still policing. When you throw “mental health” into the Law Enforcement tool-box, then the true cost of policing becomes apparent.

Though I wax philosophically, I wish it to be known, money is not the issue I have against mental health and police imprisonment. Money is the problem, but is only fuel on which this hell bound train moves. It is the fact that both jail and mental health drugs are designed to kill the spirit. It doesn’t just kill the spirit of the captured, but think of how morally deprived one must be to be the captivator. The fact that one person could so callously harm another speaks volumes to all the other problems in our society. Its a bummer when we’re financially broke, but it’s a deadly sin when we’re spiritually so.

It seems simple to me. If we have too many law breakers, it’s because we got too many laws. Free the weed.

love eternal


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