What if you knew?

Peace be with you

We supposedly live in a democracy, and that entails the right to vote. Tuesday when the Supes vote to take away your right to vote for our coroner, and make the position a hire of the sheriff’s department, will you still claim we live in a democracy? Will you claim you didn’t know?

The most famous case where the coroner was involved during the last few years was the “death by cop” of Cheri Moore. Without the coroner inquest we would not have learned that Cheri got shot in the back of the head by three cops she was facing. From Tuesday on we will never know facts of any more cop killings.

Granted we don’t get the whole truth from our coroner now, but once the law enforcers get control of that office we will never have the opportunity to set things right at the ballot box again. The only semblance of freedom we have left is our right to elect, or more importantly unelect, those who control the truth.

When the Sheriff controls the coroner, who will independently investigate deaths in Humboldt County? The non-existent police review board?

It totally amazes me at how easy we make it for fascists like the supes to take away the rights that so many US citizens gave their lives to defend. Once upon a time people believed like Evelyn Hall when she said, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” It appears now though that defending rights is what’s dead, and all your rights are directly linked to defending them. Like the bumper sticker says, “Your rights: Ignore them and they’ll just go away.”

love eternal


2 Responses to “What if you knew?”

  1. fig Says:

    TUESDAY, MARCH 3, 2009,

    HERE in Los Angeles County, i just assume that the
    coroner is under the umbrella of the LOS angeles County sheriff……….. But, what people should know is that the
    9-1-1 call log system is usually the control of a police agency or the county sheriff here in California.

    Welcome to the police state- the American version,
    as opposed to a North Korea-like or Soviet-Russian-like
    police state…… The American police state is a much, much more insidious , hidden behind a facade of double-talk,
    mass-media manipulated, deceptive farce-like contraption
    hoisted upon the drugged-up masses………………….
    not much difference, result is the same…………………..
    destruction of individual liberty ending in DISASTER……
    MARCH 3, TUESDAY, 2009.


    Cotton died in a jail cell. If the sheriff were coroner, cover-ups and false causes of death could be recorded upon government documents. This is a conflict of interest issue, as well as, a destruction of the people’s right to demand autonomous and separate investigations and inquiries into a cause of death. I do not believe elected official’s have the right to take away constitutionally provided elected positions with historical significance.

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

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