Is Healthy Kids a monkey trap?

Peace be with you

A monkey trap is a box, secured, with holes just big enough for the monkey to get its hands through. It is then baited with something the monkey likes, like a banana, or an apple. The monkey grabs the bait and wont let go even when humans approach. I don’t know that this works of course, but do think it makes an excellent analogy.

The Humboldt County probation department and the Humboldt County health department will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Tuesday for “Children’s Health Insurance activities.” Children’s health insurance is a very good thing, but is Crandall really trying to do a very good thing?

The intent is to give the health department $6,000 to “fund local outreach to at risk youth and their siblings through its Children’s Health Initiative,” (AKA Healthy kids). It “consists of contacting families of at risk youth, informing them of health insurance options . . . and improving access to medical, dental and mental health care for vulnerable children.”

Crandall has already stated that he believes most of the children caught up in the, damn near unavoidable, youth prison complex are in need of mental health services. What this MOU does is give the same access to siblings of youth offenders as Crandall has to the offenders themselves. Crandall also believes that anyone making twice or less of the federal poverty level is in need mental health services, and this Healthy kids program is targeted at those making three times or less of the federal poverty level.

When the parent signs up for healthy kids program their children are put through what is only referred to as CHDP program in the supes packet. What CHDP stands for is “The Child Health and Disability Prevention.” Notice the word prevention. The government will put your children through an “exam.” They will look for, among other things, “developmental and mental health problems.”

I doubt any reliable statistics exist as to how many of the “preconditions” diagnosed by CHDP are for “mental health problems,” but if mental health being half of our health department’s budget is any indicator then I’m guessing a lot. And how’s my guessing any less accurate then a quack guessing future “mental illness.”

We all want to do the right thing for our children, but ruining their lives with mental health medicines is way left of right. Parents wanting to provide their children with the best health care they can, way too often end up in nightmarish mental health scenarios. A monkey trap if you will.

love eternal


One Response to “Is Healthy Kids a monkey trap?”


    Hey Tad,

    I thought you might get a little humor out of this video. Consider Phillip Crandal and other’s the Master of Drugs and Human emotional control over the puppets (children and adults alike).

    Master of Puppets

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

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