Odd ends

Peace be with you

A couple of things came to my attention today and I thought they are pertinent.

First, in today’s NY Times is an article telling us that our food can not be independently tested due to patent rights of GMO crops.

Second, in Furious Seasons‘ post “The Future Of Psychiatry Sounds Spooky,” Philip links to an editorial in Current Psychiatry that clearly shows the same eugenics beliefs in today’s psychiatrists as in those of the Nazi era.

love eternal


2 Responses to “Odd ends”

  1. FIG Says:

    great post, informative and
    consistent postings are appreciated.

    the psychiatric drug peddlers need to be exposed
    24-7-365. that is the only way to make a dent
    in their evil, malodorous, corrupt, decrepit, greeeeeeeeedy,
    “mass media manipulation” to peddle their psychiatric pills.
    grammar isn’t perfect. but neither is the world.
    wake up people, what you don’t know can and does kill people
    every day……. The answer is right in front of your nose.
    Medicine is not rocket science. M.D.s – 99.99% are crooks.
    lying crooks — with silver tongues. watch out……….


    Jezebels with forked tongues is the metaphor for the Pharmaceutical Industry. People just need to get back to the basics and grow their own food if they can.

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

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