Peace be with you

There are a few views I hold that really seems to piss people off. I like to write about those things, because it is obvious to me that it is a lack of understanding that causes people to be pissed at me, simply a messenger. I’ve briefly posted some of my beliefs on capitalism, money and compromise.  I realize that all I want to leave future generations are one or two more people who see what the fundamental problem is and what we must do to fix it.

I could list hundreds of people I’ve read to better understand capitalism.  As the truth about capitalism started to become known from its results, two schools of thought flourished.  One, communism.  It was successfully implemented.  It was a disaster.  But it was only a disaster due to its totalitarian dictatorship during a supposed “implementation period.”  The real problem turned out to be that the implementation period never ended.  The reason is simple.  As John Acton said “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

The second, Anarchism.   This one was never implemented outside indigenous societies, and small communes.  Though these attempts at anarchism were highly successful, neither communists, or capitalist would allow these models of peaceful society exist.  This simple concept is so powerful an example that to allow them to flourish would mean to end of all other forms of governance.

Capitalism, which I know the most about since I am a chew toy in the “dog eat dog world,” is what I most often compare.  Occasionally I mention one of the few differences between communism and capitalism, but for the most part the only difference between the two is the monopoly which owns the government.  In the capitalist society it is the corporate monopolies, and in communistic society it is the state monopoly.

Plus capitalism is way more narcissistic than communism.  In Capitalism they treat the economy, the result of capitalism, as if it were a science.  They pretend like it is predictable – as if it followed certain  laws like real science follows the “laws of nature.”  The only law I can see it following is the law that says, “artificially manipulated  economies will always have severe downturns at completely unexpected intervals.”  Only the universal acceptance of the belief in these “economic laws” might make then act as capitalist models suggest, but even that is highly dubious.

Don’t confuse the preceding paragraph as an endorsement of the concept of “free market.”  Deregulation really means switching from government regulations to regulation by the monopolies.  When they speak of the market regulating itself they really mean that those who own a majority of the market get to regulate it.

If someone told you that science said that when you released a rock it would travel upwards, and you released a rock and it broke your toe, would you believe in that science?  When free market economists tell you that capitalism is the best of all possible system, yet you are working harder and getting poorer, it seems you would question the discrepancy between what you see and what they claim.

If you did question these discrepancies you would quickly realize that we don’t have a democratic, or even a political system, but just a capitalistic system.  Again it is only the monopolies that run the society.  These monopolies don’t run the country, or any country, for justice, liberty, or freedom.  They run the country for profits and power.

The capitalistic society’s goal is the growth of capital.  This growth is an exponential curve, meaning it grows slowly in the beginning, but eventually grows at what a Space Balls viewer might call “ludicrous speed.”  That’s where we are now.  I also should point out that resource extraction, environmental degradation, and debt are  also exponential functions approaching this ludicrous speed.

Samin Amir wrote, in his The Liberal Virus; Permanent War and the Americanization of the World, “The offensive of liberalism strives, in fact, to overcome, through brutality, the growing contradictions of capitalism, which has had its day and has no perspective to offer humanity other than that of self-destruction.”  We can see that brutality in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, the BART station in Oakland, and even here in small town Eureka.  Anyone who needs it to be explained how the police/military are in reality here to protect and serve the corporations probably won’t overcome their indoctrination and denial until the boot is actually on their face.

As far as the self-destruction goes, it should be obvious to anyone that the planet is getting more and more polluted.  Scientist now tell us that these climate changes will take over a thousand years to correct themselves.  Soon this too will approach ludicrous speed.  Today it is a thousand years, soon it will be two thousand, then four thousand, then eight thousand, etc.  Many neo-liberals will try to convence you that Obama will fix it all, but the truth is he can’t, even if he really wanted to – which he doesn’t.

History is nothing more then the chronicle of the resistance to capitalist expansion.   War, terrorism, starvation, and extreme poverty are the fruits we see fall from the capitalist tree.  Scarcity is profitable, people are not.  This is the reason most of the bail out money we are forced pay back is for the rescuing of corporations, not the US peoples.   This is why capitalism does not even attempt to create full employment.  This is why inflation exists.  And this is why we have depressions and want when no plague effects our planet.

I’ve been studying this fundamental problem of society for a long time now, and I’m sure I have more to say, but for now I’ll wait and see if some of this sinks in.  The world economy is fixin’ to get worse then any of us ever remember.  Capitalism is the reason why.  The only way to keep it hanging on a few more years is converting capitalism into fascism.  And again, that’s where we are now.

love eternal


11 Responses to “Government”

  1. stan Says:

    Dear Tad:

    Very interesting your take on theoretical principles related to both capitalism and communist based approaches to governing a people.

    Though you have left out where I believe we are headed in this country today; which appears to be a socialist state built upon capitalist principles and models (definitely not the Jeffersonian Model our founding fathers had in mind when they handed down a constitution before a people that were under callous and Tyrannical rule).

    This is not that it makes much difference; since it’s not really about the terminology, but the representation each truly provide those imposed under their rule. Even a totalitarian monarchy can be good for the whole, if the leadership has the foundation of true right, equal justice, equitable benefits, and a comment concern for those they rule over.

    So just maybe this isn’t as much a philosophical question about types or kinds of rule, but more about human nature itself. If that is the case; then humanity has a whole bunch of growing up to do in a very short span of time; because without the guidance of humane and cherished moral and ethical principles, all forms of government eventual fail to provide what is in the best interest of all and will falter and lye in ruin.

    This is a built in flaw we have to realize in each argument for one type or governance over another. History is and will always be are prudent guide in this speculative area. It has shown us even the best we have to offer seldom has a shelf life long enough to sustain the irony of our basic nature as human beings.

    Yours Truly,

  2. Lenny Barentine Says:

    Dead Plazoid Writer,

    My temptation is to try and write something profound, but I’m not very smart.
    So here is what I think. You fucking rock!
    I have been reading your stuff for about six months now and am in awe of your knowledge and insight.

    Keep the fires of discontent and reform blazing! Kick their fucking asses!


    P.S. In your reflections do you see any positive change you have brought about?

  3. Lenny Barentine Says:

    Shit I meant, Dear Plazoid Writer, I apologize.
    Like I said, I’m not very smart.

  4. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Lenny, just call me tad.

    You asked: “In your reflections do you see any positive change you have brought about?” Yes, I sleep very well. Besides that, I don’t know that anyone can casually link cause and effect in a world with so many variables. I do what I do because my heart tells me to, and that is reason enough for me. Have I brought any positive changes in you?

    Stan, you bring up a good point. Socialism is too complicated to explain in a few words, so I’ll do a post on it. You are right that with any government it all depends on the leaders, that’s why having no leaders makes sense.

    The opposite of total socialism, is total corporate control of the state. This is called Fascism, and is the result of privatization of all public services. This is what the free-market supporters want. Anything that disagrees with this neo-liberalism is automatically called “socialism.” The reason the pharmaceutical corporations were able to get control of the mental health industry was, at least in part, the privatization of many of the FDA’s responsibilities.

    love eternal


    One pitfall of capitalism is the consumers not being able to control their spending habits due to the brainwashing of society through the false inhibitions of wealth accruement. Look at all of those older generations that worked and saved; now, it is mostly all gone in a very short period of time; gone to the corporations who just get bailed out by government spoils interests. It is in my thoughts that we now live in a society of totalitarian socialists. When 90% of the wealth is controlled by 1% of the population, leaving 10% of the wealth left over for 99% of the population to fight and struggle for, then a dead society is near, imo. Public Officials taking pay raises and securing their futures knowing that what is transpiring is aweful, then this just furthers the reality of understanding that too many officials only look out for themself.

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District


    Music = The Timeless, Universal Language

    Foreclosure of a Dream

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

  7. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Jeffrey

    Yes, I believe life has a score too. Do I hear voices? Yes and it sounds a lot like a song I heard once. I wish I could find it, but once I read a beautiful essay on anarchy explained through punk lyrics. Musicians are today’s poets who speak truth to power.

    love eternal


    The Long Descent

    “a href=””>Who Needs Government

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District


    Who Needs Government



    State of War


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