Peace be with you

Here’s a topic that I can’t choose a song for. I think the first money song I remember was Argent’s “It’s only money,” but soon after that I saw Pink Floyd’s “dark side of the moon” tour. I wore that Argent album out, but then again I had “dark side of the moon” on eight track tape. I can’t decide which song I like best, but money is what I want to write about anyway.

Money is a weird thing. No, it isn’t even really a thing, just an idea. A weird idea none the less. Here is a piece of paper that has more value than any other piece of paper. The funny thing is that only 3% of our money is actually in cash, the rest is just numbers on sheets of paper.

It gets weirder though. Money is created out of nothing. One day it’s not there and the next day it is. Money used to be backed by gold, but I have my own doubts as to if it is any less immoral to put rocks above numbers on a piece of paper when it has so much control over life and death.

The cristians have the saying: “the love of money is the root of all evil.” When they tell me they don’t love money I think to myself, “I guess you ain’t been hungry enough yet.” Everybody loves money. Just give someone some and watch their face. A better test is don’t give someone some and watch how they react. I personally recommend you try this on your landlord.

30,000 children die everyday not due to lack of nutrition, but due to lack of money to buy the land, and the water, needed to grow that nutrition. Many millions of other people die early due to the same lack. The average houseless person in the USA dies tens years premature of the national average. Now that we are in a global depression the number of people who can’t afford proper nutrition will only rise. Even at 30,000 innocent children per day these numbers are not valued like the numbers on the bankers ledger.

Don’t you find it ironic that Jesus, the prince of peace, picked the money changers tables to freak out on? Of all the places we protest and put up educational tables we never pick a bank. Hell, we’re not even allowed to know who sits on the board of the federal reserve bank.

I’m sure, not so long ago in our history money was not such a life and death idea as it seems it is now. As I look back on the destruction of our Mother Earth, the oppression of her children, and the abandonment of our Spirit, I can only conclude money was at the root of it all.

On our present course with this money thing idea 99% of us will witness a rapidly declining standard of living. The iron fist of government will close around us more and more trying to prop up their idea.

The concept of useless, and inferior will again be bandied about as means to save money. The middle class will become lower class and the lower classes will be so-called “scientifically” culled. In either hyperinflation or depression food will become too expensive for probably tens of millions of Americans.

Ultimately for money we will destroy our entire Earth – the tit at which we suckle. Then it’s bye, bye silly darwin man. Homoapiens will be the first species to be the cause of their own extinction. It is the bankers who claim to be the highest form of human evolution, yet it is their false profits which is the very sword piercing Mother’s heart. How’s that play out in the whole survival of the fittest bullshit anyway?

Some believe we’re already there. We’ve passed the fail safe and are committing suicide on the grandest scale ever. All’s I know is that the grip of the state is much tighter than when I saw Floyd; and the thousands of birds I use to see daily are gone; and corporate profits have become insanely large; and the way those numbers are arranged on those pieces of paper are somehow responsible for an economic cluster fuck.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There is something that can be as valuable as money, and infinitely more beneficial to society. If we held Love in the same regard as we do those smelly pieces of paper there is no limit of the potentiality of Human evolution. If love was the standard by which we judged worth, nobody would go hungry. Technology would be used wisely. All the need for banks, police/military, and government would disappear, leaving a larger pool of people to contribute to the basic food, shelter, clothing, and entertainment needs of all Peoples. We could become lazy again. Like before machines made life “easy.”

If we worshiped Love like we do money then all would be safe. How could one rob what is given away in abundance? Love brings most families together, and money breaks the most up.

The bad news is that by having Love as the social currency we would be Anarchists. But hey, the closer you look into money the more you see that you’ve been lied to about way more than just what’s the best type of government.

Give away some love, and see if it doesn’t make a good return on your investment.

love eternal


4 Responses to “Money”


    The Darwinian Flush @>–,

    Pull the handle downwards and watch it all flush away.

    Great Post Tad, peace back.

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Jeffrey

    Thanks. It seems if we had just listened to those hippie tree hugger types we wouldn’t be in this mess. But hey, live and learn – well maybe not live so much.

    love eternal

  3. The Noble Lie Says:

    Agreed, and money really is the root of all evil.

    Actually, I call it the foundation of all evil, since most of us have forgotten how to garden and barely relate to roots.

  4. theplazoid Says:

    peace be with you noble

    Knowing how to garden was our saving grace during the “great depression.” I’m thinking we should relearn that skill, and quickly I might add.

    love eternal

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