Humboldt County is Broke and Cops are the Reason Why

Peace be with you

At yesterday’s boring Supes meeting Phillip Smith Hanes gave a report on the Mid-Year Budget Review. The report states “[t]he largest impact projected through the end of this fiscal year is expenditure in excess of projected revenue in the Sheriff’s office.” Phillip claims this shortfall is, at least in part due to “continued heavy usage of overtime and extra-help staffing.”

I pointed out yesterday, that a whole lot of this “overtime” is cops waiting around the court house to testify. I asked the question yesterday, “is it worth paying a cop $200 in overtime to collect a possible $54 ticket?” While every other department (except mental health) have taken drastic cuts in regular hours the last year or so, the cops are going ape shit as usual with the overtime. If the people wake up and start aggressively fighting all their charges it would bankrupt the sheriff’s department, the courts, and the jails.

Another way the county can save on overtime cop costs is to place marijuana as zero priority. Make the cops ignore pot completely. “War on drugs” crimes are half of the jail populations and cannabis is about 70% of that. This in turn represents over a third of all cop work. And as “marijuana eradication” is probably more overtime intensive than most between doughnut cop jobs, it would seem logical that simply removing this one crime from the ones we choose to enforce, would not only balance the sheriff’s budget, but save shrinking funds in many other departments as well.

I know there are those who will strongly object allowing “the heathen weed” to be used due to their strongly indoctrinated reefer madness. These idiots are wrong – plane and simple.

To take decriminalizing cannabis to the next level I will propose a theory which nobody really talks about in public. The sheople who believe regurgitating what they were told is “critical thinking” will disagree with the following statement strongly, but I would bet anyone who uses cannabis will know exactly what I am talking about. Besides being the most innoxious of all drugs, legal and illegal, marijuana has a healing quality that works on societies as a whole.

I can think of experience after experience I witnessed where marijuana made social events mellower. But to save time just imagine giving one group of people a gallon of whiskey, and another an oz of chronic instead. Which one would you want to be with after dark?

Recreational drug use as a rule is a social activity. They become problems when they become personal activities. When I first started smoking tobacco I only did it with my friends, but once I was addicted I started smoking by myself. Many drugs create such a change in behavior that when done around others, who are not doing them, you appear like an ass. This is why they are relatively rare in our society (herion and meth users combined account for less then a million people in this country). Booze is a legal drug that has bad consequences when used to excess, and tends to isolate heavy users into like groups.

Marijuana however, isn’t like that. Nonusers daily have interactions with users and they don’t have a clue. Marijuana is the most used illegal drug in the world.

Now with most drugs I would say excessive use is a bad thing, but with marijuana I have a different view. It is my view that certain people develop an addictive personality. The addictive personalities crave something to be addicted to. Many times ex-addicts turn to caffeine, sugar, or aspartame as a substitute addiction. I’ll say flatly that large amounts of marijuana is safer than any of those. In fact back in the day, before the Marijuana Tax Act, cannabis was used as medicine to treat addicts.

It wasn’t officially called marijuana until Hearst called it “marihuana” during a smear campaign trying to falsely associate Mexicans, cannabis, and violence. It started getting a bad rap at the start of the industrial age. John D. Rockerfeller, who monopolized the oil refining business, led the fight and had the most to gain by outlawing his competitor – hemp. The reefer madness is just a distraction to avert attention away from the fact that for 10,000 years we ate, smoked, fueled our lamps, wore, wrote on, pulled things with, and gave sacrament to cannabis, and now we are going to do it with oil. It is weird how as Henry Ford was going to “grow a car” pot became illegal. Looking back at where fossil oil has gotten us that was clearly a war between good oil, and bad oil.

The Christian bible starts with “the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind . . . God saw that it was good.” in the Genesis 1, and ends in Revelation 22 with “in the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. And there shall be no more curse.”

Medical marijuana for the society. I believe if we decriminalized this sacred herb we would all be better off, not just financially, but spiritually as well.

love eternal


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