Secret Negotiations End Lunch for the Poor

Peace be with you

In this age of trillion dollar bailouts, the Arcata Endeavor soup kitchen has been restricted from feeding lunch after 9:30 in the morning. They say you can tell a lot about a peoples by how they treat the least of their ranks. Though I believe that to be true, I also believe a lot can be told by how the community reacts towards mean, cold hearted, selfish politicians, and their policies.

The problem is simple as far as I can see. An elected downtown busyness owner, and her financed quisling game warden cop co-council member, has based their political careers on running the poorest Arcatians out of what they falsely believe is their town.

It saddens my heart to know that we have regressed into a town of town bosses. Compassion is not only an attribute that we lost as a society, but here in the so-called liberal emerald triangle our elected leaders actually pursue an agenda of intentional meanness towards those whose opportunities are limited. Hunger is a reality, and when you have the means to prevent hunger, and secretly vote to artificially limit those means, aren’t you council members violating human rights?

In an enlightened, progressive town Stillman and Wheatley would be immediately recalled, but its been a long, long time since Arcata was such a town. I would imagine that we will have to make this a campaign issue for the 2010 elections. In 2010 we must UNelect Stillman, and unelect Wheatley or any other candidate Stillman finances with the money she saved using tax payer funds to refurbish her high rent properties.

Between the housing crisis, the unemployment increases, and the lack of commitment by greedy politicians, we can only expect the unhoused numbers to grow. Yet these self serving fascists pick now, of all times, to make it even harder to be poor.

“When thou makest a feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind, and thou shalt be blessed.”

love eternal


3 Responses to “Secret Negotiations End Lunch for the Poor”

  1. markps2 Says:

    They say I am crazy , yet the bailout total is going to be over 7 trillion dollars. I made the joke on my blog that two million towns in USA (if there is that many?) could each buy a 3 million dollar Monorail for their town , like the cartoon town Springfeild on the Simpsons. This just gets you to 6 trillion.

  2. Ozzy Says:

    Stillman is termed out in 2010 anyway. I think Wheetly is too.

  3. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Ozzy

    No they’re not. It’s Stillman’s first term, and Wheetly’s second (actually one and a half, because he ran at half term after Conners stepped down).

    I hope you are just new around here, and not trying to spread false rumors. We need to start now talking about our local Leona Helmsley and those she gives campaign support in exchange of cooperation. Stillman made it her personal agenda to close the local soup kitchen and make the undesirable homeless go away.

    Stillman didn’t just start this agenda last week. She has been at it longer then she’s been a silly council member. The endeavor was a community grassroots endeavor. The city bought a building that cost $490,000, plus two $35,000 study grants specifically to build a soup kitchen/food pantry. As the number of unemployed reach new records daily Stillman refuses to abandon her selfish hate for the poor.

    love eternal

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