Pregnant Mamas on Drugs

Peace be with you

Our mental health cartel traps its victims with a series of screenings for mental illness. These screenings are the result of Bush’s New Freedom Initiative, designed to “mental health test” everybody in the US of America.

Teen screen for example asks teenagers if the have every been really sad and if the have ever been really happy. When young adults answer yes to these two extremely common adolescent experiences they are permanently labeled as “bipolar,” and pressured to take anti-psychotics.

Now it seems that Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL ) has reintroduced the Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act (HR 20). This bill, which stalled in the senate last year, is probably going to pass this year. The bill forces every pregnant mother to be psychiatrically screened and medicated if they have a so-called “mental disorder.” The “mental disorder” these drug pushing quacks are looking for though, just happens to be a “mental disorder” that doesn’t even appear until Postpartum. Get it? Of course you don’t, because the pseudo-science of psychiatry has been making this shit up for sooooooo long they have totally left the realm of creditability.

These self describe psychics (psychiatrists) believe they can ask you a dozen questions and know what your mental health will be in 9 months, a year or even many years in the future. If the dozen questions were about what you eat, what pharmaceuticals you take, whether you ingest fluoride, how much exercise you get and what kinds of environmental pollutants you are exposed to, I would say we have something to work on to prevent mental and emotional problems down the road. But, the questions are designed to determine if you are a candidate to be doped with the world’s deadliest drugs.

I know this appears to not have a lot to do with local Humboldt happenings, but once Crandall gets permission to force drugs on yet another segment of our society, he will claim 90% of all pregnant mothers are nuts and need his Zyprexa penetration.

As we know thes drugs cause psychosis in those who take them, but what we don’t know is what the future outcome of subjecting unborn children to anti-psychotics. Assuming that the mother doesn’t die from one of the many life threatening side effects of the anti-psychotic, will the baby be born psychotic? Born with diabetes? Heart disease? Suicidal tendencies? We don’t know and neither do the sorcerers of darkness.

love eternal

2 Responses to “Pregnant Mamas on Drugs”

  1. fig Says:

    JAN. 25, 2009


    I believe former Today morning show anchor JANE PAULEY
    has been destroyed(healthwise) by this INSANITY called
    psychiatric drugging via the Pharmaceutical DRUG REGIMEN/////////

    that’s you never see Jane Pauley on TV anymore,
    A DEAFening silence………………………
    APPARENTLY, the masses don’t care or don’t know or
    both in combination. MASS TV Propaganda and
    mass drugging of ordinary Americans is well on its
    way to completely destroying the fabric and fiber
    of this nation’s people……………………
    I’M not optimistic…………
    People, M.D.’s and government types are the most
    crooked, dishonest, corrupt among all members of
    our current American society………………….

    SUNDAY, JAN.25 — 2009

  2. fig Says:

    today is Wed. JAN. 28, 2009

    DISASTER STRIKES AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BY A Wilmington, California family yesterday
    TUE. JAN. 27, 2009…………………
    DEAD: HUSBAND, WIFE AND FIVE KIDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHEN IS enough enough ?
    PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS are akin to Atom bombs going off in your head.

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