Send your Kids to Camp for Free

Peace be with you

Slave Labor In Concentration Camps
photo courtesy of Yad Vashem

As many who read or hear me know I am strongly against prison companies, or more accurately profitizing crime. It is well established that crime goes up in direct proportion to the profitability of capturing criminals. This is nowhere better seen than in the earliest days of established police departments.  In this world of Free Market Economy we have not only the jobacracy of apprehending supposed perpetrators of crime, but now lucrative profits in the incarceration of those supposed perpetrators.

What is seldom interjected into the equation of “correctional facility companies” is the money they receive by exploiting their wards as slave labor.   Here’s how it works;  You get paid, say $3,350 a month, for each person in your custody, then you get contracts, with say the forest service, to have those prisoners do back breaking labor in exchange for lots more money.  You call it working on the prisoners “self-image, rule following, work habits, and values clarification,” but really it is just greedy slavery.  If you really want to add the most evil of twists to this, already the worst of human exploitation, you would enslave children, say as young as 13 years old.

Welcome to the real world as the spin doctors would say.  This is how Nabahood plans to make money in Bridgeville, and this is how they already do it (including the children) at Bar-O Boys slave labor camp.

You ask, what is Bar-o?  Well according to at least one lawsuit it is a place that forces children to compulsory work and exercise that was describe as “cruel and unusual punishment.”  It is a for profit “camp” in Del Norte county that wants Humboldt County Judges to keep full of “healthy” child slave laborers.   They want our permission to take our children, enslave them, and possibly, as has happened before, work them to death.

They will get your kids.  The only thing standing between your children and Bar-O-hell is the board of supes.  I guess it is pointless to tell you that the supes, even the new ones, are full fledged quislings, and they sell Humboldt county residents to any bidder every week.  All you can do is say good-bye to your kids, and believe it is only happening to you, because to do any more might resemble standing up for your community.  And, if everyone stood up for their community then where would the profits come from?

love eternal

2 Responses to “Send your Kids to Camp for Free”

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  2. theplazoid Says:

    link to wrongful death lawsuit

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