Crandall’s Eugenic Plan gets Praise from State

Peace be with you

In the psychiatric hospital in Bernburg in October 1940, workmen installed a gas chamber disguised as a shower room, an autopsy room, a mortuary, and a crematorium. Patients from hospitals near and far were transferred by bus groups to Bernburg, with the first patients arriving on November 21, 1940. After arrival, they were undressed, registered, photographed, and brought before a physician, who then selected suitable fraudulent causes of death from a list of diagnoses organized by age and state of health. Nurses and aides accompanied each group of 60 to 75 patients to the basement gas chamber, where the patients were asphyxiated by carbon monoxide gas. Up to 1,400 people per month were killed in this way at Bernburg.

A front page story in today’s Times Standard claims that “[t]op-level administrators from the state will be in town Thursday to get a firsthand look at Humboldt County’s success in integrating services through the consolidated Department of Health and Human Services.”

The “consolidation” referred to is just a a buzz word meaning they added mental health evaluations to everything else provided by our department of health. The State already made us an experimental mental health community. Now they are here to make “recommendations for improved court performance.” I’m not so sure their idea of improved court performance is the same as everyday peoples.

Another scary thing referred to in the story was “addressing clients’ needs earlier avoids the need for such high-end and costly services as hospitalization and placement in out-of-the-area facilities. ‘We’ve been able to provide a better safety net for those in crisis,’ Crandall said.” I believe it is called a drag net Mr. Crandall. Your “addressing ‘clients’ needs earlier” means doping people who are not even in a mental health crisis. It’s kind of like a preemptive war. Crandall thinks you’re going to go crazy so he tries to get you, or your minor child, doped for life, and thus guaranteeing you will in fact become psychotic.

According to a scenario laid out by Crandall’s under-fuhrer Barbara Lahaie if any other branch within the DHHS comes in contact with you then they will be evaluating you and your family for mental illness. The example was if Environmental Health Branch was called (say you had a non-running vehicle on your property) they would decide that because you are unemployed, or your child skipped some school, your crazy. Then they could get that “improved court performance” to force deadly drugs on you. It’s like a fashion police who have the right to kill you.

The story speaks of two of Crandall’s favorite targets – foster children and youth in detention. Crandall has claimed that both these groups contain over 90% mental illness. Crandall claims “the collaborative effort has resulted in the treatment and release of 238 youth. Of those, more than 100 have been able to return to their parents.” That’s 42%! Crandall isn’t even batting 500. My bet is that if the pigs, the courts, and Crandall’s mental health nazis stayed the fuck out of people’s lives then way more of those kids would be with their parents.

One line in the story is “[t]he proof of the county’s successful efforts is in the measurable outcomes.” Measurable outcomes like the highest rate of suicide in the state, the highest rate per capita of people forced on drugs, and the biggest mental health policing force.

Crandall, whom some believe commissioned this article to combat the negative press he got over the weekend on a local blog, ends this propaganda piece with ”[t]hese are real efforts,” Crandall said, “not boring administrative smoke and mirrors stuff. It’s a real effort to help real people.” What he doesn’t say is that the “real people” he claims he is helping are really the bothered busyness owners, and the eugenicists. Their is no proof that mental problems are an “illness,” or that this so-called illness is the result of “brain chemistery problem,” or that this so-called brain chemistery problem is effectively treated with anti-psychotics, yet even without any proof at all this is what the mental health department does. Smoke and mirrors implies that somehow they are trying to hide the truth, and Crandall’s right it is so obvious that he plans to drug as many Humboldt County residents as possible that his Auschwitz scheme is there for everybody to plainly see.

I don’t know about you, but having secret “mental health cops” in veterans services, food stamps, or environmental health, makes me not want those services. Can you imagine getting doped for life because your car broke down? If you can’t my guess is you will.

love eternal

2 Responses to “Crandall’s Eugenic Plan gets Praise from State”

  1. markps2 Says:

    Tell the story of gassing patients to a mental health professional and they will laugh. “It’s a hospital, not a prison”, they say.

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Mark

    What does a mental health professional know about the truth? If you get a chance read “The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and Psychology of Genocide” – Robert Jay Lipton you will realize that the Nazis tried very, very hard to make eugenics look like medicine. I am sure that some mental health professional laughed and said “it’s a hospital, not a prison” to a concerned family member when their relation was being shipped of to the Facility-E at the Hadamar Psychiatric Institute near Wiesbaden, Germany back in 1939. Lipton states that every one of their “mental health mercy killings” came with a medical diagnose on every death certificate, even when they were gassed.

    love eternal

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