Boil the Frog Slowly, Lest it Should Jump Out

Peace be with you

This coming Tuesday, January 20th, the Humboldt County  boring Supes have a request for a pay step increase from Phillip Crandall, for a “Psychiatric Mid Level Nurse Practitioner.” Item D-10 on the the Supe’s agenda is a short one page request, but the amount of sublime information is much greater.

The first thing that catches your eye is an ordinary mistake.  It is unclear whether the nurse in question is a step A or a step E employee right now.  Under “Discussion” it states she is a Step E, but under “Financial Impact” she is a Step A.  I bring this up first because it really doesn’t matter what the steps are called.  I mean she’s getting a $12,000 raise, and that is obvious.

I would like you to carefully read and ponder this, from the discussion, that says:

Ms. Brandon’s return to the role of Psychiatric Mid Level Nurse Practitioner will allow the Department to strengthen the current plans for rural outreach.  Included in Ms. Brandon’s role as Psychiatric Mid Level Nurse Practitioner will be the initiation and provision of medication suport services for a telemedicine program for the Willow Creek area, the Same Day Services walk-in program in Eureka; and the Rural Outreach Services (ROSE) program reaching both north and southern rural, underserved areas of the county.  Ms. Brandon, in her role of Psychiatric Mid Level Nurse Practitioner, will provide valuable extension of the Department’s ability to provide psychiatric medication support services . . .

I’ll tell you what the “current plans” Crandall wants to strengthen are, – they are the initiation, provision, and valuable extension of the Department’s ability to provide psychiatric medication.  In layman’s terms, the ability to rope and dope all of you who think you are safe in the woods.   Whenever they mention “services” along with mental health they mean DRUGS!  That is the extent of the services they provide.

I have already warned you about Mental Health’s new Mobile Drugging Units, and now they have the nurse who will be making the diagnosis, and prescribing the drugs.  Ms. Brandon will be making diagnosis over the phone, or you can just walk in in Eureka and Ms. Brandon will immediately diagnose  and commit you to a life (shortened though it will be) of anti-psychotics, or they can drive up to you anywhere with their MDU (the van used by ROSE) and force “emergency psychiatric drugs” into your body.

But it’s OK, surely they wouldn’t pick up you in their dragnet.  Go ahead, relax and sit back and let them build this mental health policing tool.  You can always state your disagreement when they have you in front of a Judge ready to dope you for life, and believes your only sane because of dope already forced on you.  I’m sure they will listen to reason.  Good luck with that, and let me know how it turns out.

love eternal

2 Responses to “Boil the Frog Slowly, Lest it Should Jump Out”

  1. Stan Says:

    Dear Tad:

    Pimp Crandall and his drug Posse will stop at nothing to get their grand plan/scheme in place where it can do the most harm; in the community directed at the Kids and Homeless! Wish I could be at the Supes meeting to hear you rail on them once more with a little wake up truth.
    You’re what they call an everyday hero Tad. Thanks for speaking out and having the people’s voice heard.

    Peace be with you,

  2. fig Says:

    2009 _______________________________________
    holy shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    STARTING TODAY,,,,,,,,,,,

    HELLO, PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    are you paying attention?
    The calif. government are KEEPING
    taxpayers’ tax refunds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    California to delay some payments
    January 17, 2009 [SATURDAY]
    Victims of the budget crisis
    Estimated payments the state plans to delay

    as of Feb. 1 include:

    Personal income tax refunds: $1.91 billion
    Developmental disability services: $280 million
    Courts – operations: $205 million

    Aid to elderly, blind, disabled: $188 million

    Counties – social service administration: $122 million

    Aid to needy families: $114 million

    Bank and corporation tax refunds: $81 million
    Counties – mental health services: $77 million [all psychiatric
    drug dispensing should be at ZERO, 000000000000000000000000000.00]

    Counties – Medi-Cal administration: $22 million

    CalGRANTS student aid: $13 million

    Source: State controller’s office

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