Peace be with you

A couple of news items about Zyprexa and atypical anti-psychotics.

The first is about Eli Lilly settling a law suit for $1,400,000,000. The suit accuses Lilly “of a scheme stretching for years to persuade doctors to prescribe Zyprexa to two categories of patients — children and the elderly — for whom the drug was not federally approved and in whom its use was especially risky.”

Lilly claimed “that elderly patients who were prescribed the drug ‘required fewer skilled nursing staff hours than patients prescribed other competing medications’ and reduced ‘caregiver distress.'”   To which the plaintiffs replied “In truth, this was Lilly’s thinly veiled marketing of Zyprexa as an effective chemical restraint for demanding, vulnerable and needy patients.”.

The second
has to do with doubling the anti-psychotic  user’s odds of dying of sudden heart failure.  Add to that the risk of weight gain, diabetes, suicide, and aggression, and it becomes easy to see that as we reported earlier people on anti-psychotics die an average of 25 years quicker then the average population.  Put this with the fact that Crandall has publicly stated he intends to dope everyone 200% or below the national poverty level and it becomes pretty clear that these drugs are intended to be  an Auschwitz in a pill.  It seems the only thing we really had against Nazi genocide was the camps, everything else we practice ourselves.

love eternal

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